KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons called it “justice” that a bowhunter in Oregon was killed when an elk he had wounded charged at him and gored him in the neck with its antlers.

A 66-year-old man shot the elk Saturday while archery hunting on private property just outside Tillamook but was unable to locate the animal. When he returned the next morning, he found the wounded elk and attempted to kill it with his bow, but the animal charged and impaled him in the neck, killing him instantly, according to police.

Earlier today (Tuesday, September 3), Gene shared an article about the incident and he included the following caption: “JUSTICE!!!…Elk Gores Oregon Hunter To Death, Day After He Shot It With Arrow”

After one of Gene‘s followers reacted with, “Come on Gene. The man was hunting ethically. Don’t be one of those guys”, Simmons responded: “But in my view, the elk was likewise acting ethically, if that’s your point. Shoot something with an arrow, and it has the right to fight back. Right?”

Another person then chimed in, writing: “Lots of elk never really feel the arrow more than a little tap. They often continue to feed until they bleed out.” A few minutes later, Gene replied: “You believe an Elk feels no pain when an arrow pierces it? I’m not buying it! The elk defended itself, as any animal would.”

Simmons is a well-known animal lover whose dog Snippy was lovingly displayed on the reality TV series “Gene Simmons Family Jewels”.

Back in June 2018, Simmons and his wife Shannon Lee Tweed Simmons made a surprise visit to local Los Angeles dog rescue Wags & Walks to help raise awareness about dog rescue and deliver hundreds of toys and treats to loving dogs in need of homes.