Photo by Steven Shaffur/KMAN

Hundreds of furniture pieces found new homes Friday during the 12th annual Furniture Amnesty Day at City Park.

The annual event, put on by the City of Manhattan, Hands On K-State, The Staley School of Leadership and Konza United Way, is held every summer as a way for residents to donate old furniture. Many residents, like Brandie Feehan, came out looking for that one missing piece for their own home.

      Brandie Feehan 2

Hands on Kansas State program administrator Kait Long says it’s as much about re-purposing furniture, as it is keeping said items off the curbs.

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Photo by Steven Shaffur/KMAN

Photo by Steven Shaffur/KMAN

Close to 200 households donated their furniture Friday. Feehan says events like this are great for the community.

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The event usually has several hundred items for shoppers to browse from. Long says this year was no different, with plenty of variety.

      0801-Kait Long

The event was not held in 2020, due to the pandemic. Many K-State students take advantage of the event each year ahead of moving back to Manhattan for school.

Brandon Peoples and Garrett Menees contributed to this story. All photos by Steven Shaffur.

Photo by Steven Shaffur/KMAN

Photo by Steven Shaffur/KMAN



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