Flint Hills Christian School is currently undergoing construction for a new expansion.

Board Member Dr. Moni El-Aasar and Director of Advancement Jordan Candido, spoke with KMAN about the latest for the project.

Dr. El-Aasar says the scope of the project is to have two classrooms per grade from pre-k to 6th grade.

      Moni El Aasar 1

Overall, the project is expected to be around 28 thousand square feet for all of the expansion. Candido says the need for this expansion comes from the increase in enrollment at the school.

      Jordan Candido 1

Candido says they anticipate having the ability to rent out the gymnasium area to the public.

The current plans for the project and the Capital Campaign to raise the funds have been going on since 2020, according to Candido.

      Jordan Candido 2

Traffic has been changed around the school to change the pickup and drop-off is in the back of the school rather than the front. The new route was tested on Monday and only took 15 minutes.

Dr. El-Aasar says they are working with Pottawatomie County to add safety measures near the school.

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Both of these projects are part of the 2022 Green Valley Road Improvement Project.

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