Guitar makers EVH has announced a slate of new products designed to honor and continue the legacy of the late Eddie Van Halen including new models for the 5150 Series, Wolfgang Special and Wolfgang WG Standard.

EVH brand products are the embodiment of Eddie Van Halen‘s legendary sound-crafting abilities created in partnership with Fender, one of the world’s leading musical instrument manufacturers, marketers and distributors.

The industry saw record guitar-playing interest in 2020 but also sadly said goodbye to one of the most innovative and influential players of its time. Eddie Van Halen‘s singularly inventive style inspired an entire generation of players. He innovated not only in how he played but what he played and what he played through by creating some of the greatest guitars and amps the world has seen and heard.

Engineered for speed, comfort and full-throttle attitude, the reimagined EVH 5150 Series models are an iconic blast from the past that blend both throwback and modernized features, including the all-new addition of a kill switch for high-velocity rock. They feature a modified Strat-style basswood body with deeper upper body curve, bolt-on quartersawn maple neck carved and rolled to Eddie Van Halen‘s specifications

Road-tested in arenas around the world, the EVH Wolfgang Special models are purebred music-making machines, designed with stunning style, giant sound and high-speed playability.

Wolfgang WG Standard boasts the same style and massive sound Eddie Van Halen created — at a price the everyday musician can afford.

EVH accessories for 2021 include new gig bags, a Frankenstein reflector kit, skateboard, clothing, collectibles and more.

Two of the most important and recognizable names in rock ‘n’ roll joined forces in 2005 to develop and launch the EVH brand of guitars, amplifiers and musical products. Guitar icon Eddie Van Halen combined his unparalleled instinct and innovation in instrument and amp design with the expertise of the craftsmen and engineers at Fender to create some of the highest-quality, best-sounding and most durable musical instrument products available today.