Internationally recognized solo artist and songwriter Mike Tramp has released his brand new single “Everything Is Alright” — an honest number written directly from the heart — and announced that he will take part in the competition to find the Danish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest.

“Everything Is Alright” will battle seven other songs in Denmark’s national final “Dansk Melodi Grand Prix” on March 6, with the winner going forward to represent Denmark in the Eurovision finals, due to be held in Rotterdam this May.

The winner of “Dansk Melodi Grand Prix” will be decided solely by televote this year. Due to the pandemic, the contest will be performed without a live audience as it was in 2020, although an orchestra will be present. It will be the first time since 1999 that “Dansk Melodi Grand Prix” will be held in a TV studio.

Having won the Danish song contest in 1978 with MABEL and represented Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest later that same year, Mike will return just over four decades later on the same stage and in the context that kick-started his career with his message for Denmark and all countries of Europe in these dark times. After all the years and a lifetime of experience, it feels right to be back.

“In 2021, I can be 100% true to myself and not have to put on any mask – I am who I am,” Mike says. “All eight songs are there to win, but the moment you deliver and sing a song without compromising on yourself, only in that moment can you leave the stage as a winner — no matter what the jury thinks.”

Songs and lyrics continue to pour out of Mike under lockdown and the release of this brand new previously unreleased track continues the tradition of two decades of heartfelt and personal work which also reaches out and connects on a human level with others. These troubled times have caused everyone to look both at the world and inwards to assess where we have come to and who we are.

“As far back as I remember, my focus have always been to be the best me, and not a bad copy of someone else,” Mike says. “With each song I write, each album I record and the many shows I play. I come closer and closer to that goal, and today I feel I can honestly say, I have arrived. ‘Everything Is Alright’ confirms that in every way.”

Following in the footsteps of artists like Bob Dylan, THE BEATLES and Tom Petty, Mike deeply cares about the message of his songs and allowing his true voice to be heard. An acoustic folk rock troubadour, Mike is unafraid to tackle the difficult subjects in life including loss, betrayal, death, family difficulties and responsibilities and relationship problems. Recognizing the importance of the human condition and, that he has, himself, learned more through suffering that joy, Mike creates albums and songs that explore human emotions and life situations and seeks to make sense of man’s existence with old-fashioned values refusing to be seduced or suffocated by superficial considerations. With the recent troubles caused by the pandemic which has affected so many on a global scale causing humans to look both at the world and at themselves with a critical eye and to appreciate the real things that matter, no time more like the present has been more suited to appreciate Mike‘s work which has always questioned the world and personal existence and sought to make the world a better place.

Tramp shot to worldwide fame in the 1980s as the singer of WHITE LION, one of the only bands to tackle important issues in songs like “When The Children Cry” and “Little Fighter” (about the Greenpeace ship the Rainbow Warrior).

The “Everything Is Alright” single has been released via Target. It heralds the issue of a new best-of compilation album of the same name, which will follow on May 21.

In 1978, Tramp‘s then-group MABEL placed 16th in a field of 20 at the Eurovision Song Contest final in Paris.