Image by Anders Alexander via flickr

Put a fork in Gary, he’s done.
KROCK and Prairie Band Casino gave you a chance to get your old high school, college or BFFs together for a mini-reunion last week, and Elsa from Manhattan came through with a story that made us all snicker.

She told us of her beach adventures with college friends from way back. We’re not sure if Gary is his real name, but he was certainly the main character… in more ways than one.

“On one occasion, we were on a beach party, dancing all night, when one of our friends, Gary, passed out drunk. So we let him rest on the sand next to a bonfire while we kept dancing. It started to drizzle, so I pointed out that Gary would most likely catch a cold. So we took turns and every so often, we would turn him over so the bonfire would dry him off. Because, you know, we are drunks but we are also good people!”

Elsa, you’re a life-saver… and probably pretty good on the grill.

Now Elsa and her friends can spend a night at the Prairie Band Resort, indulge in some great chow at the Ember’s Grill and Bar, and hit the links at the Firekeeper Golf Course.

A big thanks to all who entered, we heard from a lot of you with stories ranging from drunk streaking to strip club follies to bodily fluid fog. You don’t wanna know.