The official lyric video for the song “Black Veils” from EARTH CRAWLER — the new San Francisco Bay Area metal band featuring former FORBIDDEN and TESTAMENT guitarist Glen Alvelais — can be seen below. The track is taken from EARTH CRAWLER‘s debut album, “From Below”, which was released on May 5. Recorded at the Blue Room Recording Studio by mix and mastering engineer Eric Hill (XEROSUN, PLENTY HEAVY, GRAVEL, SOCOTRA), the effort “features six tracks of punishing riffs, melodically emotive and furious leads, dynamic vocal interplay that reaches into uncomfortable territory, and will show you that EARTH CRAWLER isn’t afraid to wear their classic Bay Area Thrash influences on their sleeve,” according to a press release.

EARTH CRAWLER‘s music doesn’t concern itself with the confines of any subgenres. Since their inception in 2016, their goal has been to write songs that incorporate any and all influences from every corner of the musical world they have experienced, while challenging themselves to reside outside of each member’s comfort zone. By not having a preconceived niche to fit in, EARTH CRAWLER creates songs whose journey is devoid of staleness or redundancy. Without rehashing concepts from song to song by bringing in elements of death metal, thrash, hardcore, post-metal, doom, and stoner metal to the table, nothing feels foreign to the world that EARTH CRAWLER lives in.


Ryan Reynoso – Vocals
Glen Alvelais – Lead Guitar
Kimo Sanborn – Guitar, Vocals
Nick Benigno – Drums