DREAM THEATER fan club Dream Theater World recently conducted an interview with the band’s lead singer, James LaBrie. You can now watch the chat below. A couple of excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On how it feels to be performing the entire “Images And Words” album on the current European tour to celebrate the LP’s 25th anniversary:

James: “It feels a little surreal at times. It’s funny, ’cause when you’re in that moment, when we were recording that album, if someone had said, ‘You know, before you know it, twenty-five years from now, you’ll be out celebrating the twenty-fifth [anniversary] of this album,’ I’d be, like, ‘Dude, what the fuck? That’s so far down the road. Why are you even bringing that up?’ But, you know, as things tend to be with time [snaps fingers], it was like that. I think it’s also allowed me to really reflect on everything that we’ve gone through and everything that we’ve done, musically, as a band and as friends, and our trials and tribulations along the way, our growing pains. A lot has gone on, and to keep a band together even for five years is extremely difficult, let alone twenty-five, thirty years. Yeah, it’s pretty amazing. So it is an achievement. It also acknowledges the fact that it was something that left an impression and [was] very impactful on fans around the world.”

On whether he finds it vocally difficult to perform the “Images And Words” material in its entirety live:

James: “Oh, yeah. Vocally? Oh, fuck yeah, man. I mean, it’s twenty-five years ago. Absolutely. It’s a challenge. And, you know, I got really sick on this tour; I got very, very sick. And I almost thought I had bronchitis at one point, but the doctor said, ‘No. But you are sick.’ And so, because of that, it’s been a challenge for me to really keep my voice where it is, so I’m just doing what I can to make it through. And I think, for what I’ve been dealing with, it’s still coming off pretty cool.”

DREAM THEATER‘s European tour in celebration of “Images And Words”‘ twenty-fifth anniversary kicked off on January 30 in Rome, Italy. Each performance sees the iconic progressive rock band delivering an unparalleled live set of “Images And Words” in its entirety along with fan favorites from their renowned catalogue.

DREAM THEATER recently completed the second leg of its extensive North American headline tour which found the group performing its widely acclaimed double concept album “The Astonishing” in immersive and interactive settings for a unique and unmatched live experience.