DOPE is hinting at its upcoming album, “Blood Money Part 2”, by releasing a brand new video for their cover of MINISTRY‘s industrial metal classic “Thieves” featuring Andy Leplegua of COMBICHRIST.

The two bands are currently co-headlining the Black Craft Whisky-sponsored “Blood Lust Death” tour.

“To celebrate the release of ‘Thieves’, we are inviting our fans to rob us,” says DOPE frontman Edsel Dope.

The pointed-yet-hilarious video takes shots at a number of leaders throughout our history and ultimately climaxes with a ridiculous parody of Donald Trump grabbing Hillary Clinton by the pussy, followed by the two having sex while chugging wine and eating a well-done steak..

“Like many people, I wasn’t pro Hillary, nor was I pro Trump,” says Edsel. “I’m pro America and all of the politicians appear to be crooked in one way or another. As a result, we had a good time throwing all of them under the bus in this video.”

Released In October 2016, DOPE‘s “Blood Money Part 1” debuted at No. 27 on The Bilboard 200 chart.

The release date for “Blood Money Part 2” has yet to be announced, but this new track is a sign that it might be coming sooner rather than later…

“I’m not a fan of cover songs,” says Andy. “When Edsel reached out to me about doing ‘Thieves’ together, I was really skeptical — but in the end, I think we do the mighty MINISTRY justice… and I’m sure Uncle Al will love the video!”