A series of video clips in which the members of DEEP PURPLE break down the band’s new album, “InFinite”, can be seen below.

“InFinite” was released on April 7 via earMUSIC. The disc was tracked in February 2016 at a studio in Nashville, Tennessee and was once again helmed by Bob Ezrin, who has previously worked with KISS, PINK FLOYD, PETER GABRIEL, ALICE COOPER and KANSAS, among others.

Asked about the meaning of the “InFinite” title, Glover told Metal Talk: “Well, it’s whatever you think it is, really. We couldn’t come up with a title for this album. Not that we were thinking about ending or anything, but we just left it up to the record company. And they came up with the title, mainly because [2013’s] ‘Now What?!’ had a great image on it — a question mark — and it [was] very immediate. And they were looking for something like that. And they sent us an image of the inifinity symbol. And I went, ‘That’s a pretty good image.’ I said, ‘What are you gonna call it?’ And they said, ‘‘InFinite’.’ ‘Oh, okay. Decision made.’ We don’t read anything into it. And I think, actually, the way they made that symbol work, in the ice and stuff, is brilliant. We just thought, ‘We give up. We can’t do anything better than that.'”

Glover also spoke about the band’s upcoming tour, “The Long Goodbye”, which starts May 13 in Europe and includes a late-summer North American leg with ALICE COOPER and EDGAR WINTER. He said: “It’s gonna be a long goodbye, because none of us can actually face the fact that we’re gonna end at some point. The band’s been going for a long time, and especially this lineup, and we’re happy doing what we do. It’s just the realization that… Paicey [drummer Ian Paice] had a little hiccup last year… We’re all getting into that age where we’re okay at the moment, but… ‘Fragile’ is not a word I’d like to use, although this morning I feel a little fragile. But, no, it’s the realization… it’s a wake-up call. The world tour is gonna go beyond this year, as far as we can tell, and it may go on another year. We don’t know how long it’s gonna be. We’re just putting ourselves and our fans on notice that, don’t expect us to be doing this when we’re a hundred and ten.”

In addition to Glover and Paice, DEEP PURPLE‘s current lineup features singer Ian Gillan, keyboardist Don Airey and guitarist Steve Morse. Airey joined in 2002, replacing Jon Lord on keyboards. Morse joined in 1994 as the replacement for Ritchie Blackmore.

Asked if he thinks this will be the final lineup of DEEP PURPLE, Glover told Metal Talk: “I think the last twenty-three years has been the most consistent period in the band’s history. The only one change was [the addition of] Don, and that was a friendly change. Jon left. And so, yeah, I can’t envisage… I mean, we don’t envisage anything. We don’t actually plan much for the future. The future will take care of itself — I kind of like that phrase. Steve said, ‘I may not be the first guitarist in PURPLE, but I’d like to be the last.’ Which is a lovely thing to say. And I feel the same way. I may not be the first bass player, but I’d like to be the last.”