German death metallers DAWN OF DISEASE will release their fourth studio album, “Ascension Gate”, on August 11 via Napalm Records.

Since 2003, DAWN OF DISEASE has rumbled its way to the top as heavyweights of Germany’s death metal scene. Hailing from Osnabrück, DAWN OF DISEASE indulges some old-school Swedish groove and raspy riffs: BLOODBATH and AT THE GATES provide modern inspiration for aural inclinations of the band. However, their newest production won’t enjoy the well-tried manginess of long forgotten death metal days; the brand new album goes a different way with enthralling guitar work, enchanting management of melodies and brilliant tone. A hurricane of blastbeat drumming and the gigantic voice of Tomasz Wisniewski spark a fire that forges their spirit.

Says the band: “‘Ascension Gate’ was created and given birth within a comparatively short lapse of time. Thus it embodies pure energy and raw intensity. In comparison to our former releases, our fourth full-length album is different in many ways as it modifies and expanses the musical elements we used to employ before. Besides the typical DAWN OF DISEASE trademarks, you will find more elaborate melodies that carry the listener through an atmospheric journey. Inspired by gloomy autumn days and the sheer endless darkness of winter, ‘Ascension Gate’ adds more depth and catchiness to our sound than ever before without neglecting a huge portion of blastbeating brutality. Regardless of this dark and melancholic leitmotif we can promise you one thing: ‘Ascension Gate’ will bring you a very hot summer!”

“Ascension Gate” track listing:

01. Passage
02. Perimortal
03. Leprous Thoughts
04. Beneath The Waters
05. Ascension Gate
06. Akephalos
07. Fleshless Journey
08. The Growing Emptiness
09. Lucid
10. Mundus Inversus


Tomasz Wisniewski – Vocals
Lukas Kerk – Guitar
Oliver Kirchner – Guitar
Christian Wösten – Bass
Mathias Blässe – Drums