Danko Jones has blasted fellow Canadian rockers MONSTER TRUCK for appearing in Kid Rock‘s latest video, saying “it’s tantamount to standing in solidarity” with “a racist piece of shit.”

On Friday (November 19), Kid Rock released his latest single, “Don’t Tell Me How to Live”, in which he rants against “woke” culture and the mainstream media at a time when “every opinion has a millennial offended.”

The first new music from the Michigan-bred rap-rocker since 2017, which was recorded with MONSTER TRUCK and plays off that band’s 2015 song of the same title, was accompanied by an official music video which features Kid Rock telling his critics to “kiss my ass” and “suck a dick sideways” while wearing a white fur coat, a nod to his “Devil Without A Cause” days, along with basketball shorts, tube socks, chains and a fedora. Rock and MONSTER TRUCK‘s Jon Harvey trade vocals, smoke cigars and generally seem to be having a good time as Rock compares himself to some of the greatest icons of our time in what Rolling Stone calls, “the most offensive verse in the terrible song.” “I’m like Reverend Run or David Lee Roth / Like Springsteen bitch, I’m the motherfucking Boss,” Kid Rock declares. “James Dean, shit / I’m more like Brad Pitt / A little less pretty but I slang more dick.”

On Saturday (November 20), Danko Jones, who was born and raised in the eastern-Toronto borough Scarborough, took to his Twitter to offer his scathing opinion of Kid Rock‘s new song as well as to call out the members of MONSTER TRUCK for choosing to align themselves with the conservative rocker, saying it gets them “a lifetime membership in the douchebag hall of fame.”

“Disappointed to hear of a certain band on a song with a certain musician who has been so public with his MAGA politics, including uttering the phrase ‘Fuck Colin Kaepernick‘ during a live performance,” Danko wrote. “It’s tantamount to standing in solidarity with him. Gross. And the video of them posing as rednecks in fur coats is FUCKING EMBARRASSING Disappointed and embarrassed FOR that band.

“I think it’s fitting that Kid Rock‘s piece of shit song, ‘Don’t Tell Me How To Live’, is released on the day of the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict,” he continued.

“Just so you know, I DON’T FUCK WITH bands that buddy up next to a racist POS. Wearing fur coats, sporting guns and smoking cigars in the music video gets that band a lifetime membership in the douchebag hall of fame. Embarrassing.

Kid Rock said ‘Fuck Colin Kaepernick‘ during a concert,” Danko added. “Colin Kaepernick sacrificed his career to draw attention to racial inequality. If you stand alongside Kid Rock in a music vid calling out ‘snowflakes’, sporting fur coats & guns, you’re as big a piece of shit as Kid Rock.”

Kid Rock, an ardent supporter of former president Donald Trump, made headlines earlier this year when his Nashville bar hosted Morgan Wallen for his first performance since being caught on camera saying the N-word back in February.

Back in November 2019, Rock was removed from the stage of the Honky Tonky bar in Nashville when he went on an explicit tirade against Oprah Winfrey, saying she could “suck a dick sideways.” And in 2018, the rocker was fired as the grand marshal of the Nashville Christmas parade after calling Joy Behar, then-host of ABC‘s “The View”, a “bitch” in an interview on Fox News.