The Riley County commissioners on Thursday approved a resolution  determining a treatment lagoon project at the Bridgeview Heights sewer benefit district to be not feasible.

Deputy County Counselor Craig Cox says the sewer district was created in June 2017 and the commission at that time authorized construction of a multi-residential lagoon. Now, the property owners qualify for a private sanitation system which would make the current project obsolete.

“Now each property owner will have their own on site sanitary system on their property,” said Cox,” I’m asking the commission to make the determination that the lagoon system is no longer feasible.”

Cox mentioned that according to a sewer district statute, the commission has the power at any point during the project, to find the project no longer feasible.

Planning and Special Projects Director Monty Wedel stepped in to clarify some things before the commission made its decision. He said that even though the property owners qualify now, there could still be some potential additions the district needs to make. However, they spoke with the residents and they want to move forward with the private system.

The commissioners decided to approved the resolution unanimously.  Cox then added that they will need to determine what to do with the project funds of approximately $13,000 in January.  He said the commission could disperse the funds to the property owners.

Also during the meeting, the commissioners approved the lease renewal for the Aggieville substation for the Riley County Police Department.

County Counselor Clancy Holeman told the commission that the lease is exactly the same as it has been in previous years, with the exception of a $25 a month increase.

Another item on the agenda included a work session to review preliminary drafts in the new proposed land development regulation.  Wedel presented article 3 to the commissioners which outlined the development process and includes a flow chart with the basic process for citizens.

Some of the changes included in the draft are a site plan process taking the place of PUDs and an administrative adjustment.

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