The Riley County commissioners looked at some of the documents related to the Resilient Riley County plan during their meeting on Monday.

Planning and Special Projects Director Monty Wedel presented the  memorandum of understanding and the request for qualifications to the commission that were drafted by the City of Manhattan.  This plan will deal with future flood prevention efforts.

Commissioner Ron Wells asked Manhattan Assistant Director of Community Development Chad Bunger if he though the 50/50 split between the county and city was fair. Bunger replied saying that the people who were affected in the city were still Riley County residents.  He also added that the percentage was agreed upon to be 50% for both the city and county during the last joint city/county/county meeting.

Commissioner Ben Wilson also commented on the plan saying not much has been done since the 2011 flood and wanted to move forward with this plan as soon as possible.

The commissioners approved the documents.

Also during the meeting, a public hearing was held for the 2018 budget amendments that were approved by the commission last week.  However, there was no public in attendance to comment on the amendments and the commissioners moved forward with the amendments.

Public Works Director Leon Hobson presented the full highway use permit requirements and procedures.  Hobson said the current system only has a summed up page and a half of information for the guidelines, so it doesn’t cover everything in full detail.  He added that the Road and Bridge Advisory Board wrote the guidelines over several months and finish them last year.

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