We couldn’t ask for a more heart-warming Valentine than finding out our main squeeze from Netflix’s Stranger Things is alive. Forgive us if we ‘squee’ a little.

Dropped early morning on February 14th, the teaser for Season 4 opens on a bleak wintery landscape and slowly gives us a spine-tingling run-up shot to reveal our lost hero from the Season 3 finale. Now we’re wondering just how the hell Hopper survived the big blow-up that left us all with a broken heart?

Did he fall into a crack in the Upside Down and come out on the other side of the planet? Was he saved at the last minute by some other force? Is Grigori still alive and moved in at the clutch to save him for a punishment worse than death?

Wait… is this how he becomes the Red Guardian in the new Black Widow movie???

Your theories are welcome…