As the coronavirus has us stuck at our homes, there is no better time to adopt a furry friend. T Russell Reitz Animal Shelter will be holding a “Clear the Shelter” event on Saturday, August 29 beginning at 11 AM.

Deb Watkins, T Russell Reitz Animal Shelter Director, tells KMAN that adoptions are only $25 during this event. She also says that there is an easy way to get a head start on the adoption process by going online to the pet finder.

“Go ahead and look on pet finder, but you need to check it everyday because absolutely everyday we put new animals on the adoption floor,” Watkins said. “And so just keep looking if you don’t see something you are looking for or a certain type of breed or mix, just keep looking.”

This is the second “Clear The Shelter” event in the past month with over 30 animals adopted during the first event. Watkins talked about how pets make a great companion to those who just started classes online.

“We are seeing a lot more K-State college students adopting animals, and I get that. You know they are doing a lot of their classes online, at home and in their apartments and we’d love to have them come in and adopt.”

Watkins also mentioned that there will be an even larger selection to choose from on the 29. Masks will be required at the shelter for this event.

After adopting an animal it is important to take a few other steps. Watkins talked about how important vaccinations and licensing are for your animals. She also mentioned how helpful micro chipping your animal can be. She said it is one inexpensive way to protect your animal.

“The microchip is very important because what if your dog loses the tag or the collar. The microchip is in your pet for the pets life and we can just scan it and know exactly where you live and what the emergency numbers are and who your veterinarian is, all that information is in that little microchip.”

It is important to remember to keep your animals vaccinations up-to-date to keep your pet healthy. Vaccinations are also required in many of the city dog parks.

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