Intersection at 14th St. and Laramie St. (Photo by Derek Simmons/KMAN)

The intersection at 14th St. and Laramie St. will be closed for a few weeks starting next Wednesday, April 7.
Ken Hays, Public Works project coordinator, says the upcoming closure is due to utility work associated with the ongoing parking garage and street-work projects in Aggieville.
“The closure will hopefully not be anymore than about three weeks,” Hays said. “At that point, we will start going into some work on 14th Street. At this time, at least, we will not be closing the street completely. We’ll be keeping one lane of traffic open during that portion of the project.”
Hays says there will be designated detours in place while the intersection is shut down.
“The plan is to route the normal 14th Street traffic to either 17th Street (now known as Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.) or 11th Street with clearly marked detours,” Hays said.
Work on the Aggieville parking garage is expected to be completed by March 2022.

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