Manhattan City Commissioner Linda Morse will not seek another term.

Morse confirmed her decision in a Tuesday news release, meaning at least two seats will turn over after the November general election, following the resignation of Usha Reddi earlier this month.

In a statement, Morse noted she decided to “term-limit” herself, noting she’s “not a politician, but rather a citizen who stepped forward to serve the community for a few years.”

Morse noted several highlights during her tenure, including the Wildcat Creek flood and recovery, NBAF groundbreaking and the attraction of Scorpius, as well as improvements in the city’s North Campus Corridor and development of a massage therapy licensing program to reduce human trafficking.

An ongoing regret she says is the failure of the city commission to adopt a rental inspection policy and program.

The two time mayor has served on several boards and committees, including the Flint Hills Regional Council, the Manhattan Housing Authority, Manhattan Library and Chamber of Commerce boards.