Manhattan City Commissioners discussed, during their Tuesday work session, revisions to resolutions and bylaws for the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.

City staff received feedback from the advisory board before presenting the proposed changes to the commission.

One such change includes the addition of a term limit, something the board currently does not have.

City Commissioner Usha Reddi, with agreement from a majority of commissioners, said this change is too restrictive.

      Reddi 1

Parks and Rec Advisory Board Chair Karla Hagemeister spoke during public comment and said she and the board believe there is some merit to adding a term limit.


Another proposed changed that sparked conversation was the alteration of the board’s purpose statement in its bylaws.

The proposed statement was shortened to a single sentence which says “The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board shall make recommendations to the governing body on all matters referred to it by the governing body, related to public parks and recreation facilities or programs.”

Reddi also had concerns about the interpretation of this new statement.

      Reddi 2

Assistant City Manager Jared Wasinger said this language is included to prevent the board from taking action the commission disapproves of and explained how it won’t necessarily create formal limitations for the board.


After hearing the commission’s feedback, city staff will create a final draft for the changes and present it to commissioners for approval at a later meeting.

The changes must be in effect before October 1st, when the new Policy Manual Resolution for External Boards and Committees goes into effect.

Additionally, the commission discussed a solution proposed by the Aggieville Business Association to help alleviate revenue loss seen by many businesses after construction in the district began.

The ABA proposed a promotional gift card giveaway and requested the city financially reimburse the district for the funds on the cards. Deputy City Manager Jason Hilgers provided more details.


City Commissioner Wynn Butler said this suggestion appears to be an efficient and cost-effective way to boost business in the district.


City Manager Ron Fehr suggested possibly utilizing excess sales tax funds for the event, but he plans to work out specific details and present them to the board at a later time.