A First: Cat Saves Human

A surveillance video taken outside a home in California shows a cat saving a boy from being brutally attacked by a dog. In the video, you see a young boy on his tricycle sitting in his driveway when the neighbor’s dog runs over and sinks his teeth into the boy’s leg, dragging him down the [...]

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Whoops: Anchor Calls a FireTruck a F–k Truck on Live TV

Alison Bologna, an anchor for Providence, Rhode Island's NBC 10, earned a spot in every future YouTube news blooper compilation for her coverage of a fuck truck—er, a fire truck—that overturned near Charlotte, N.C., last Thursday, injuring four. Bologna plowed through the story without acknowledging her mistake, although she was much more deliberate about pronouncing [...]

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House Explodes on Live TV

Holy crap!  It's not like this house just spontaneously combusted, as it had been burning for about 15 minutes before this.  The cameras were just there because of a shots fired incident. But still.  This is awesome.  Sorry about your house, though.  

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