Bus Explodes on Live TV

A bus carrying 47 people caught fire on the side of a highway near Newton, Massachusetts yesterday . . . then EXPLODED on live TV. The actual bus stayed intact, but the explosion blew out all the windows. Luckily everyone was out by then, so no one got hurt.

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And now… People Who Have Sex With Cars

Our first carf%#@er has high-end tastes. He likes a car with elegant features; one that has been maintained with the utmost care, painstakingly crafted by the top auto engineers over years. Can we blame him? No way. You saw the way that car was dressed with its leather top and those huge... headlights. It was [...]

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Video of Grapefruit-Sized Hail Crushing Windshield

The storm chasers of Live Storms Media have seen some serious weather. But the hail storm in Stephenville, Texas on 4/26 was unlike any storm they had experienced. In this dramatic viral video, giant grapefruit or softball sized chunks of ice pelted the storm chasers’ car and literally shattered the windshield. 'This is the biggest hail I’ve ever seen! I’m covered in [...]

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