Car Drives Through Tornado in Taiwan

A massive typhoon hit eastern China over the weekend, and spawned at least one tornado in Taiwan. And somebody got crazy footage of it on their dash-cam. As far as tornados go it's not massive, but it passes right over their car. Then the car in front of them gets thrown all over the road, [...]

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Dad Pranks Son With Fake Hand

This is pretty brilliant. Toddlers are always trying to inflict some sort of damage with their fake guns, fake swords, and fake saws. As a parent/other adult, it is your ABSOLUTE RESPONSIBILITY to sell the injury like a WWE wrestler. This dad went over the top and actually got himself a fake hand to fall off [...]

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Dude Hooks Parachute to SKIN For Base Jump

Some guy from San Francisco recently got his back pierced with four eight-millimeter hooks, and used them to go BASE JUMPING off a cliff in Thailand. He says getting the piercings hurt, but he had so much adrenaline going, the actual jump didn't. You know what hurts? My damn EYES after watching this jackwagon. - [...]

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1,000 Italians campaigned for the Foo Fighters to visit their hometown. Citizens from all over Italy got together to show the Foo Fighters they can rock too, performing and filming a 1,000-person version of the group's 1999 hit "Learn to Fly." The band responded to the video on Thursday, saying, "Che bello, Cesena," which translates [...]

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Woman: Cousin Started Fire Because He Can’t Get With Me

A live local news interview got weird real quick after a woman accused her cousin of setting her house on fire because he couldn’t date her. Officials are investigating the suspicious blaze, which started in a couple’s garage, then spread to a neighbor’s garage When the reporter (from WKBN 27 in Youngstown, Ohio) asked the woman if [...]

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