On February 17, BUTCHER BABIES vocalists Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey spoke with Darren Paltrowitz — host of the “Paltrocast With Darren Paltrowitz” — about their new “Yorktown” music video, regularly churning out high-quality video content, future recording plans, television and more.

Asked if the BUTCHER BABIES are planning to continue to put out new singles going forward after the release of three songs — “Bottom Of A Bottle”, “Sleeping With The Enemy” and the aforementioned “Yorktown” — over the course of a four-month period, Carla said (see video below): “I think that we’re still kind of navigating that territory of what to do in a situation like this when we don’t know how long this is gonna last, we don’t know how long it’s going to be before we actually get back out on the road. So I think we’re gonna really sink our teeth into our new stuff, but kind of leave it up to destiny — how we’re gonna release it, whether it’s gonna be singles. I personally really love this whole single thing — I think it gives us something to look forward to. It’s kind of like watching your new favorite TV show. You can watch ’em all back to back, or you can wait for the new episode to come out every Friday, which I’ve been doing that with [the Disney+ American television series] ‘WandaVision’, and it’s been nice not to binge something; it’s been nice to have something to look forward to. So I kind of like this right now, especially [since] I think that everyone in the world needs something to look forward to.”

Added Heidi: “One thing I do love about releasing singles is we really put so much time and energy into every single one of these songs. There’s not a lyric in one song that wasn’t triple thought, and we worked really hard together on it. And I think that it has been beautiful to give each of these songs the life that they deserve. And I wish that we could have done that with ‘Lilith’. There’s some songs on our last album, and I’m, like, ‘Oh, that deserved a music video. That deserved a little bit more.’ But we’re doing it now. And we do have a ton of stuff recorded. We recorded, actually, in May of 2019, so these songs are old to us. And we are also going back in the studio and recording more. So we’ll see how it comes out. But, as Carla stated, we’re having fun kind of the way it is at the moment. These all will be on an album together, but we don’t have all that info just yet.”

“Yorktown” features a guest solo from guitarist Andy James (FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH). The track was produced and co-written by Matt Good (FROM FIRST TO LAST).

In July 2019, longtime BUTCHER BABIES bassist Jason Klein announced his departure from the band. He has since been replaced by Ricky Bonazza.

More than a year ago, BUTCHER BABIES parted ways with their longtime record label, Century Media, which released the band’s first three albums, including “Lilith”. That effort reached No. 11 on the Billboard Independent Albums chart and No. 15 on the Hard Rock Albums chart.