The fourth episode of Psycho Schizo Espresso, a brand new podcast from IRON MAIDEN‘s Bruce Dickinson and Oxford University psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Kevin Dutton, has just been launched across all podcast platforms.


In this episode, Dutton and Dickinson chat to STATUS QUO founder and frontman Francis Rossi about how to survive in the shark pit of rock and roll. They talk egos, personas, and the psychological dynamics of being in an enduring, iconic rock band. Oh, and does it really make sense for Spotify to have over 4000 different music genres?

Dutton explained how the idea for the podcast came about: “Not long after meeting Bruce, it became instantly clear to me that we shared a number of wide-reaching interests and that we should channel that into a podcast. ‘Psycho Schizo Espresso’ is certainly a journey of exploration for the both of us, and we are sure our listeners are going to learn a lot from our guests. Whether from the music industry, academia or elsewhere — you may, for instance, share our interest in psychopaths, both good and bad — this is certainly a podcast that we feel everyone will enjoy and should go and subscribe to straight away.”