As mail in ballots continue to be counted at the local level, one legislative candidate is not ready to concede just yet.

Craig Bowser trailed incumbent State Sen. Tom Hawk Election Night in the race for Senate District 22 by 332 votes. As of Thursday that margin increased to 348, with Hawk at 14,785 and Bowser at 14,437.

Mail in ballots continue to be counted through Friday, which is the deadline for any ballots to be received at the County Clerk’s office so long as they are postmarked no later than Nov. 3. Ballots postmarked after that will not be counted.

Bowser, in an email to News Radio KMAN, said Thursday he remains cautiously optimistic, with votes still being counted. He adds that he wants to make sure everyone’s voice is heard. He goes on to say he and his wife Erin thank everyone who supported the campaign as it afforded them the opportunity to meet some wonderful people and make many new friends.

Sen. Hawk has not officially claimed victory in the race, telling KMAN Wednesday that votes still need to be counted. He says he remains humble through the process. Hawk leads Bowser in Riley County votes by 2,600. Bowser maintains comfortable leads in Clay and Geary counties.

Provisional ballots won’t be counted until the canvasing, which will take place Nov. 16.

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