British heavy metal vocalist Blaze Bayley, who fronted IRON MAIDEN more than 20 years ago, spoke to Rocking With Jam Man about when fans can expect to see him return to playing live concerts. He said (see video below): “That is an unknown. What’s happening right now is something — it’s the first time that this has ever happened in the history of the world, as far as we know it,” referring to the coronavirus pandemic which is sweeping the globe. “So we don’t know the future; we can’t judge it from the past. So I don’t know.

‘Some people say when things get back to normal, there will be a new normal,” he continued. “I don’t think we’ll ever go back to the way things were. And people of my generation will look back and feel truly lucky that we were able to experience that.”

Asked what he thinks touring will look like post-pandemic, Blaze said: “Nobody can say. I don’t know what it will be like. I don’t even know if it will start. The future is unknown. What we have to do is listen to what the World Health Organization say, because in March of last year, the World Health Organization said in a statement if anybody thinks we’re gonna have live concerts and performances this year, they’re dreaming. And that’s exactly what happened. Live events kept getting postponed — ‘Oh, maybe we could have it later’ — but no, nothing happened.

“I think it’s a different reality,” he explained. “And I don’t think it’s healthy to look at the future, and I don’t think it’s healthy to guess about it. We’re not in the future, we’re not living in the future — we’re right here right now, and all the time that we try to live in the future and think about something better, we’re not living right now. And this is when we have to live, and the decisions that we make each day and each moment right now, that will dictate our lives in the future. We have to live now. We have to rise up, we have to get up, take responsibility for our lives and try and do the best we can right now every day.

“Forget about the future — it’s not coming, it’s not here. Live now, and that way we might get to a future.”

Blaze will release a new studio album, “War Within Me”, on April 9. All songs were written and produced by Blaze and guitarist Christopher Appleton.

“War Within Me” finds Blaze moving forward from the success of his “Infinite Entanglement” trilogy released in consecutive years 2016-2018. The 10 brand new songs draw influences from Blaze‘s experience with IRON MAIDEN (1994-1999), plus his extensive solo career which started with his “Silicon Messiah” album in year 2000.

“War Within Me” is not a concept album but does include a positive thread throughout. The LP was recorded during 2020 with work split between Blaze‘s studio at home in the West Midlands and Christopher Appleton‘s studio in Greater Manchester. The now-very-consistent lineup, chosen from British metal band ABSOLVA, played on the album — Christopher Appleton (guitar, backing vocals), Martin McNee (drums), Karl Schramm (bass). Blaze and Appleton shared the work mixing and producing, while Ade Emsley (IRON MAIDEN, TANK, BRITISH LION, VOODOO SIX) handled the mastering. The striking and detailed artwork is provided by Akirant Illustration (IRON MAIDEN, “Star Wars”).