BLACK SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi has told Spain’s La Heavy magazine that he recently collaborated with PINK FLOYD co-founder and drummer Nick Mason.

“A few weeks ago, Nick and I recorded a song for a charity album that will raise funds to fight cancer,” Tony said. “They asked me to go and provide some riffs for it. Of course, I gladly agreed.”

Iommi went on to say that other rock royalty is involved with the project, including possibly THE ROLLING STONES guitarist Ronnie Wood.

Iommi was diagnosed with lymphoma in early 2012, shortly after SABBATH announced a reunion tour and album. He underwent treatment throughout the recording of the disc, titled “13”, and the subsequent tour to promote it.

Iommi said in 2016 interview that “the lowest moment” for him was being diagnosed. He explained: “You automatically wind yourself up saying, ‘That’s it then,’ but that is not always the case. When they tell you, you think, ‘Oh God.’ That was a low time. I have had a few low times in my life like everybody has, but that was one that stuck in the head.”

The BLACK SABBATH guitarist successfully underwent an operation in January 2017 to remove a noncancerous lump from his throat.