Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan was on Alex Jones’ radio show, Infowars.

Billy said the social justice movement’s biggest threat is a lack of tolerance of other view points. He says social justice warriors are looking to get offended and every word is a “landmine” to them.

Billy Corgan has criticized the “social justice mob mentality”. Terms like “this hashtag generation”/”hashtagging” and “technocracy” came up. Corgan agreed these social justice warriors are a cult and compared them to the KKK:

“If we could transport back to … a time where racism was accepted. It was institutionalized. OK? If you could go back to Selma, 1932 and the Klan member spitting in some person of color’s face, don’t you think that guy thought he was right too? OK. So how is this any different?”