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GWAR to Open Restaurant

GWAR has announced plans to open a restaurant later this summer in the band's hometown of Richmond, Virginia. GWAR has joined forces with Richmond's restaurateur of the year 2013 (Travis Croxton) to bring to life one of the last dreams of their fallen singer, Oderus Urungus… the GWARbar!

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Action Moves vs. Reality

Action movies are fun to watch, but they really take things too far. Everything, from a chase to a fight, is over dramatized until it’s not even realistic anymore. Ryan Higa takes viewers on a trip into the world of action movies, and demonstrates the difference between the movie world and reality in this new extended clip.

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Three Kids Shocked In Pool

Turns out Shawn's irrational fear of pool pumps isn't so irrational. Three children were shocked by an improperly wired swimming pool pump in Hialeah, Florida. Video showing footage shows one little girl make her way over the metal hand rail and when she touches it, her head goes back and she freezes. Her muscles were [...]

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There Are No Happy Endings With Python Massages

Who needs women with meaty hands when Burmese pythons are available for massages? FEARLESS tourists are relaxing with massages – dished out by four giant Burmese pythons weighing a combined 250kg. Visitors to Cebu City Zoo in the Philippines can undergo the ssspa treatment from the snakes, which measure up to five metres long. Each [...]

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