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Ozzy Osbourne Says He Loves Being Sober

Ozzy Osbourne said really loves being sober, and at 66-years-old, he feels the best he has in a long time. Ozzy said if he had to give advice to his 21-year-old self he would tell him not to do drugs. He now exercises a lot, goes for regular physicals and no longer smokes or drinks. [...]

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Foo Fighters Concert To Be Streamed On Facebook

HBO has teamed with Facebook to present “Foo Fighters Sonic Highways: Live From The Cubby Bear.” The concert will air on HBO’s Facebook page. The band will be doing a concert at midnight Friday (October 17th) immediately following the first episode of the band’s documentary “Sonic Highways.” The documentary airs at 11 pm eastern time. [...]

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Silly Scarecrow Prank Will Scare the Pants Off You

It's so simple, yet so perfect. While classic pranks have grown increasingly intricate with props such as robotic devil children, this clip from YouTube jokester edbassmaster brought the prank back to a simpler time. Edbassmaster surprised his victims, who were just trying to pose for a photo with a silly scarecrow, by revealing a deadly monster beneath the mask. Needless [...]

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Zombie Toxin Haunted House Teaser

The K-Rock Crue got together to go check out the Zombie Toxin Haunted House in Junction City. We barely made it out alive, but we were given one item nobody else gets to take inside: A camera. This is what we saw. Creepy, yeah? Yeah. Now go to the Zombie Toxin Haunted House! Dark forces [...]

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Hawk Knocks Drone Out of Sky

A hawk swooping in and attacking a drone while it was flying over a park in Massachusetts Wednesday was captured on video. A man was flying is Quad Copter equipped with a GoPro camera at park in Cambridge when the hawk attacked. A software engineer at Google said the hawk decided he wasn’t happy with his drone invading [...]

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Dude Does Alien Chestburster Prank in Drive Thru

Magician Rahat Hussein (see previously) recently scared unsuspecting fast food drive-thru employees when he drove up to their window and had an Alien chestburster explode out of his rib cage. Rahat worked with Morph Costumes, a company that creates all sorts of clever costumes, to make his Alien-themed outfit. The costume is available to purchase online.

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