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Kids react to Metallica

There's a new "Kids React" video, where little kids listen to METALLICA for the first time. Some like it . . . some hate it . . . and some are annoyed that they can't understand the lyrics. But the best part is 45 seconds in, when one kid thinks it's THE ROLLING STONES.

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Dude takes a bath in hot sauce

Some idiot on YouTube filled a bathtub with 1,250 bottles of hot sauce . . . got in while wearing a bathing suit . . . and dunked his HEAD under.  Then the rest of the video is him freaking out about how much it hurts. Some people think he faked it though, because you [...]

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WATCH: Dee Snider Sings “We’re Not Gonna Take It” As A Ballad

Dee Snider turned Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It" into a piano ballad, to help raise awareness for magician Criss Angel's HELP (Heal Every Life Possible) charity. Criss Angel directed the video in the deserts outside of Las Vegas, with images of young people shaving their heads and footage of hospitalized children battling cancer. [...]

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