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Guy Throws Python Snake Into Restaurant

A man allegedly threw a 13-foot python into a Studio City, Calif. sushi restaurant, after getting into an argument. The guy had been dining while holding a small snake at the restaurant. Witnesses said he became angry and got into an argument after showing the small snake to several customers. He later returned to the restaurant with [...]

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How to send an e-mail in 1984

So. Many. Wires. A video was recently unearthed by Thames TV from a British tech show called Database. It’s essentially a techie time capsule to show kids what it was like back in the olden days of computing. Originally aired in 1984, the year the first Macintosh computer was released, the video is the ultimate [...]

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Bye Felicia, Yoda are running for president… As Are Deez Nuts and Donald Tramp

According to the Federal Election Commission website there are 1,661 'candidates' running for president. Some of them include: Dot Com A Wanderluster Trippycup AK AKA The Prophet AKA Earl Santa The III Anna The Antichrist Lil Based God KC Matzo Balls Osama Bin Liftin 9/11 Bushdid Underage Candidate Eric Cartman Fidel Ruz Castro Buddy The [...]

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