It’s been ten years since the Game of Thrones TV series debuted, and despite mixed feelings about the final season, the show is still celebrated by many, including HBO, which is commemorating the series with a month-long “Iron Anniversary.”

As Americans remember their favorite moments from the show, GetCenturyLink wanted to find out which Game of Thrones characters each state searched for most frequently.

Interesting things the crow told us:

Daenerys Targaryen was the most searched Game of Thrones character nationwide, with 16 states searching for the Mother of Dragons. Probably because of the numerous racy and stunning images of Emilia Clarke that permeate the interwebs.

Minnesotans search for Ned Stark more than any other character—something about his competent rule of Winterfell on the edge of an icy wasteland seems to have struck a chord with fans… Or it may just be that being in a state of perpetual tundra, they’re sharing the famous “Winter Is Coming” meme all year round.



The unconventional, independent residents of Alaska were the only ones to favor the unconventional, independent Brienne of Tarth.

According to our research, Kansans obsessed on Sansa Stark when it comes to Google searches. Is it because she represents the wholesome, confident and bold legacy of Carrie Nation and Amelia Earhart?

Learn more about the characters your neighbors can’t stop googling to see if you have allies or enemies in the full report.