ALL THAT REMAINS vocalist Philip Labonte has confirmed to the FM99 WNOR radio station that the band has commenced the songwriting process for the follow-up to 2018’s “Victim Of The New Disease” album. Asked when fans can expect to see the disc released, he said (see video below): “We’re looking to have a record out, if not first quarter of next year, then early part second quarter, so springtime.”

During the same chat, Labonte spoke about how ALL THAT REMAINS‘ new material may be different from its previous efforts. He said: “Our guitar player, Oli Herbert, passed away a couple of years back, so this will be the first record that we write without him. He was a big part of the writing process for so long, it’s gonna definitely have some different elements, and it’s gonna sound different. Mike [Martin, guitar] and I, we’ve always been a big part of the writing as well, so it’s not gonna be completely different, but there’s gonna be some noticeable changes, I’m sure. It’s just gonna be weird. We haven’t written a record without him.”

Philip also elaborated on the songwriting process amid the coronavirus pandemic, explaining that he and his bandmates are working remotely using the Pro Tools recording software.

“There is definitely something to be said for being in the same place,” he said. “‘Cause you’ll come up with an idea and you’ll be trying something and trying to articulate what you’re thinking or trying to get someone else to understand it, and that’ll make someone else’s brain start working and they’ll come up with ideas.

“When we’re writing stuff, there’s a ‘no no’ rule — you’re not allowed to say ‘no,'” he continued. “You can say, ‘I’m not into that, but we’ll try it.’ [You] always have to try it. And the reason you have to try every idea is because even if the idea that’s trying to be related to someone else isn’t good, a third person may be, like, ‘Ooh, ooh, ooh. That made me think of this.’ So we miss out on that [by working remotely]. So I think there’s always gonna be value being in the same room. But [working remotely] does allow us to come up with ideas on our own and send them to other people and be, like, ‘Hey, this is what I’m thinking,’ and do it in real time. Everyone’s heard of the cloud. Well, Pro Tools has access to the cloud as well, so I can put an idea down, put it on the cloud, and Jason [Costa], our drummer, can grab it right after I put it up there, put some drums down on it, and then I can grab it right away. So you can literally have the ideas bouncing back and forth within minutes. And it’s even easier than e-mailing a whole project — it’s all there for everyone to access all the time.”

Herbert was found dead in October 2018 at the edge of the pond on his Stafford Springs, Connecticut property. He was reported missing by his wife and his body was found by police face down at the edge of the pond where the water was only a few inches deep. He has since been replaced by Jason Richardson, who has previously played with BORN OF OSIRIS and CHELSEA GRIN.

“Victim Of The New Disease” was released in November 2018 via Fearless in North America and Eleven Seven in Europe.