American rock legend Alice Cooper is gearing up to bring his fans a different type of release this fall, something a little spicy. The beloved godfather of shock rock announced today he has partnered with the world’s largest specialty hot sauce distributor, Hot Shots. In collaboration with his publishing company, Primary Wave Music, Cooper is releasing three different hot sauces based on his hit songs, “Welcome To My Nightmare”, “No More Mr. Nice Guy” and “Poison”. All three hot sauces are now available and can be found at select stores and online globally.

Alice‘s “Welcome To My Nightmare” hot sauce is the mildest of the three. With the great taste of the medium heat of Serrano chiles, the sauce also brings an early flavor of lime. Fans nervous of heat shouldn’t be scared off, the robust flavor of garlic and a hint of cumin will leave them feeling right at home with this southwestern sauce.

The “No More Mr. Nice Guy” sauce tells a different story. This medium level heat contains aged red habanero peppers that create the perfect balance of heat and flavor so good you’ll find it obscene. With a few drops of this, you’ll be swinging back at the good Reverend.

Rounding out the three sauces is the hottest of them all, “Poison”. The intense heat of this sauce will put you in Alice‘s straitjacket. Your senses will tell you to stop when you feel the reaper chiles running through your veins with Poison!

Cooper said: “In general, I don’t believe food should be painful. But in the case of my hot sauces, it is PAIN, PLEASURE, PAIN, PLEASURE! Just repeat until satisfied!”

Of the partnership, Matthew Heald, president of Hot Shots, said: “We are honored to partner with Alice Cooper to develop his line of sauces. These sauce recipes were developed by the godfather of the hot sauce industry, CaJohn, and they are sure to be fan favorites — if they can handle the heat!”