The Riley County Appraiser’s Office presented the 2019 agricultural land use values to the Riley County Commission at the board’s meeting Thursday.
Appraiser Greg McHenry told the commission that values are set to increase again this year, despite a sluggish agricultural economy. He says the state of the economy has some people wondering why that’s the case.
      McHenry 1
McHenry says the advantage to the this setup is that it spreads out the major peaks in values that can occur and minimizes the valleys.
      McHenry 2

They are expecting values to increase 8 to 10 percent this year, the same increase as the past three years.

      McHenry 3
McHenry said this is the fourth year of increasing values that are reflective of a better farm economy than the current one. He added that they can expect the values to start decreasing over the next few years after this year’s rise.

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