In a new interview with the “Three Sides Of The Coin” podcast, former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley was asked if there is any chance of him revisiting and recording updated versions of his previously unreleased demo songs like “The Girl Can’t Dance”, “Audio Video” and “Backstage Pass”. He responded (hear audio below): “I don’t see ‘The Girl Can’t Dance’ ever being revisited. I didn’t write that; that was given to me by one of my early managers. ‘Audio Video’ has a chance of possibly being revisited. Sean Delaney turned me on to that song, and I thought it was a little reminiscent of ‘Deuce’, to an extent. A very powerful song.

“There are several demos that I’ve heard on the Internet that have leaked out over the years, and I may revisit some of them and rewrite them,” he continued. “For example, I rewrote the song ‘Pursuit Of Rock And Roll’. I recorded that song three separate times, but I was never fully happy with the end result. But on my last album, ‘Spaceman’, when I rewrote it, I ended up changing the chorus, because on the original chorus, every chord was descending. And I came up with the idea, on the last version of ‘Pursuit Of Rock And Roll’ to change the lyric and go up on every other chord — the first run of chords descends, and then the second line goes up. And I think that’s what made the chorus more interesting for me and not as mundane. And [there were] a couple of other changes — I think I rewrote the bridge on that. So that’s why that song ended up on a record finally. But there’s so many songs that I worked on that have made it and haven’t made it. You never know. I mean, the chorus for ‘Rockin’ With The Boys’ I wrote 25 years ago, but I could never get the verses right until this last record, ‘Spaceman’. [Laughs]”

Ace‘s “Origins Vol. 2”, the sequel to his 2016 collection of cover songs that inspired the former KISS guitarist, will be released on September 18 via eOne.

Frehley has released two songs from “Origins Vol. 2” thus far: a cover of the classic THE BEATLES track “I’m Down”, featuring a guest appearance by ROB ZOMBIE guitarist John 5, and a rendition of DEEP PURPLE‘s “Space Truckin'”.

“Origins Vol. 2” also features cover versions of LED ZEPPELIN‘s “Good Times Bad Times”, THE ROLLING STONES“Jumpin’ Jack Flash”, THE KINKS“Lola” and THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE‘s “Manic Depression”, among others. A cover of the 1975 KISS tune “She” also appears as a bonus track. Guests on the set also include CHEAP TRICK‘s Robin Zander, Lita Ford and former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick.

Frehley‘s last collection of original material, “Spaceman”, was released in October 2018 via eOne. KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons co-wrote two tracks on the disc, “Without You I’m Nothing” and “Your Wish Is My Command”, the latter of which also features Simmons‘s bass playing.