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Real Metal, Real Radio, Since 1995!  With more than 20 years of programming Metal radio shows, Drewcifer delivers 2 hours of Pure Metal each week with The Pit Sundays 9 – 11pm.  Active since 1995, The Pit continues to fly the flag for all Metal genres.  From Sabbath and Priest to Opeth and Ghost B.C., Testament and Gojira to High On Fire and C.O.C., The Pit covers the entire underground as well as some area bands too.  Concert announcements and ticket giveaways every week, along with the “Mandatory Maiden” track and the Hall Of Fame album.  The Pit with Drewcifer, accept no substitutes!

THE PIT Playlist Aug 23, 2015
IN FLAMES Bullet Ride 2000
BLACK FAST Tongues of Silver 2015
DIO Stand Up & Shout 1983
GHOST From The Pinnacle To The Pit 2015
THE SWORD Empty Temples 2015
SOULFLY We Sold Our Souls For Metal 2015
CONTINUUM Hypothesis/Evolution 2015
OPETH Cusp of Eternity 2015
GOATWHORE Alchemy of The Black Sun Cult 2006
PENTAGRAM Dead Bury Dead 2015
MANDATORY MAIDEN Speed of Light out Sept 4!
BODINE Black Star Rising 1983
SAVATAGE Hall of the Mountain King 1987
DEMON LUNG Deny The Savior 2015
LAMB OF GOD Overlord 2015
PANTERA Psycho HOliday 1990
TIAMAT The Sleeping Beauty 1992
Hall of Fame Album: ALICE IN CHAINS Facelift 1990
Songs: We Die Young, Love Hate Love
SYMPHONY X Nevermore
CHILDREN OF BODOM Morrigan out Oct 2!
ICED EARTH Iced Earth 1990

THE PIT Playlist Aug 16, 2015
SOULFLY We Sold Our Souls To Metal 2015
LAMB OF GOD 512    2015
MANDATORY MAIDEN Speed Of Light out Sept 4
SOILWORK The Ride Majestic 2015
BLACK FAST Tongues Of Silver 2015
QUEENSRYCHE The Lady Wore Black 1983
LAAZ ROCKIT Holiday In Cambodia (Dead Kennedys) 1989
AMORPHIS Death Of A King
CATHEDRAL Autumn Twilight 1992
RAVEN Destroy All Monsters 2015
GOATSNAKE House of The Moon 2015
S.O.D. Sgt D / March of the S.O.D. Live 1992
SLAYER When The Stillness Comes out 9/11
NIGHT DEMON Curse of The Damned 2015
MOTORHEAD Thunder & Lightning out Aug 28
GHOST Cirice out Aug 21
PARADISE LOST Punishment Through Time 2015
PIG DESTROYER Terryfier 2005
PESTILENCE Out Of The Body 1989
PRONG The Bars (Black Flag) 2015
OVERKILL Skullcrusher 1989
OPETH Face of Melinda Live 2009




Goatwhore KC

the skull


The “about me” section…

AMORPHIS Elegy 1995
C.O.C. Blind 1992
JAG PANZER Ample Destruction 1984
MOTORHEAD – Rock N’ Roll 1987
HELLACOPTERS – By The Grace of God 2002
BOB SEGER Night Moves 1976

6 KILLER 80s MOVIES: The Fog 1980, An American Werewolf In London 1981, Funhouse 1981, Repo Man 1984, Trick Or Treat 1986, Near Dark 1987
FIRST ALBUMS DREWCIFER OWNED: Given to: The Monkees G/H, Purchased: KISS Alive II
FIRST RATED “R” MOVIE: The Shining 1980
6 UNFORGETTABLE CONCERTS (Excluding Festivals): AC/DC & Yngwie Malmsteen (Kemper Arena – Kansas City 1985) Anthrax & Metal Church (Uptown Theater – Kansas City 1987) Cheap Trick (Praline Connection – New Orleans 1997) The Hellacopters & Zen Guerilla etc (CBGBs – NYC 1999) Social Distortion (Wiltern Theater – Los Angeles 2004), BUDDY GUY (House Of Blues – Hollywood 2003)
BEER OR WHISKEY? Tallgrass or Buffalo Trace?
IF I WASN’T A DJ I WOULD BE A: Lot more willing to indulge in deep discussions about the latest album from your favorite band.
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