Horrific Hookup

Horrific Hookup 2016-10-13T08:03:26-05:00



Update: Now that the Horrific Hookup is over and done, here are all the scenes, we re-shot!  After trying out horror movie scenes, we learned a few things:  Shooting horror can get real awkward, real fast.  You can never have enough blood. Shawn and Cate need to scream more.

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All you gotta do is watch our (terribly?) recreated iconic scenes from some great horror movies and tell us what movie the scene is from!

Text the word ‘chat’ followed by the movie title and your name to 88474 to enter.

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Scene 1: The Shining

Scene 2: Night of the Living Dead

Scene 3: Scream

Scene 4: The Blair Witch Project

Scene 5: Psycho

Scene 6: Children of the Corn

Scene 7: Misery

Scene 8: American Psycho

Scene 9: Child’s Play