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JOE LYNN TURNER Finally Has ‘True Love’ In His Life

Chris's Juicebar recently conducted an interview with legendary hard rock singer Joe Lynn Turner (RAINBOW, DEEP PURPLE, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN). You can now watch the chat below. A couple of excepts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). On his motto in life: Joe: "You put me on the spot with that one. I used to think I had a motto. You caught me with that one. I guess it would… just try to be yourself. Try to open up. Try to love everyone and love yourself, because I think most hatred in the world comes from people not loving themselves. And my father, thank God, he always told me, he said: 'Know where you come from, know where you're going.' He goes, 'Keep your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds and be yourself.' And if I said, 'Well, I don't know who I am,' [he'd say], 'You'll find out, my son, so be yourself, no matter what they say.' "I don't know. It's difficult to have one motto, because the mantra changes, and at time you need a different mantra, and then you must operate under that mantra as well. So I wouldn't tell anybody that you can only have one thing. You must find the love. It's all about love; it's what it is. If you can just open yourself, become vulnerable to people and not be afraid, you'll find that not only will they love you, but you might love you too, you might love yourself. And I think that can change the world." On his most valuable personal experience and memory: Joe: "What a great question. I think finding true love. I think that was it. It just completely gave me a second chance on life. I mean, I can think of… all the fame and fortune and all the things… Nah! None of it means anything without this. So I think it's true love — finally having true love in my life, and knowing it, the beauty of it and all. Because I had never really known it. I'd write about it, I'd sing about it, I'd scream about, but having it…. Oh! How blessed. Incredible. I think that's it. That's gotta be it." Turner is reportedly married to Maya Kozyreva (pictured below with Joe), a lawyer from Minsk, the capital of Belarus. "She is my greatest asset in life. She's my angel," he told Guitar World in 2012. Joe was the singer of RAINBOW between 1980 and 1984 and he sang on the album "Difficult To Cure", which featured the band's most successful U.K. single, "I Surrender". During Turner's time with RAINBOW, the band had its first USA chart success and recorded songs that helped define the melodic rock genre. 1990 saw reunited Turner with RAINBOW leader Ritchie Blackmore in a reformed DEEP PURPLE for the "Slaves And Masters" album.

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METALLICA’s ROBERT TRUJILLO: ‘We’re Always On This Roller-Coaster Ride With Our Fans’

METALLICA bassist Robert Trujillo spoke to the Los Angeles Daily News about the success of the band's latest album, "Hardwired… To Self-Destruct", which came out last November. "The great thing about this whole journey is that, for me, being the new guy after fourteen years, each album sort of takes on its personalty and different experience," he said. "We're always on this roller-coaster ride with our fans, but they're very loyal at the end of the day. "One thing I can say about METALLICA is that it's all about taking chances, trying new things and even just stylistically with the music, we just go with the flow and what we're feeling and play what makes us feel good," he continued. "We try to have as much fun as possible and sometimes that connects and sometimes it probably doesn't. But it seems to be working right now, and we're happy about that. It's always nice to feel like you've been well-received." Asked why it took METALLICA so long to release the follow-up to 2008's "Death Magnetic" disc, Trujillo said: "We toured pretty hard in between. You gotta write the record, record the record. We also made an album with Lou Reed, and that took some time, and then we made a 3D movie called 'Through The Never', which also took a couple of years. So it's not like we took a break for eight years; we definitely were working... On the album itself, we spent a couple of years recording and writing, so it's not as bad as it seems, but it does take a long time regardless of the different sidebar projects that we did." Trujillo added that METALLICA is "having a great time" and "having fun" touring in support of "Hardwired" and revealed that the band is already working on material for possible inclusion on its next effort. "There's no shortage of creativity, no shortage of ideas or grooves," he said. "In fact, the other night we came up with about three things in our jam room before we went onstage." The North American leg of METALLICA's "WorldWired" trek will hit stadiums in eight more cities before ending in mid-August. The next stop on the tour is Pasadena, California on Saturday, July 29.

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RAINBOW Recorded More New Music In January, Says Singer RONNIE ROMERO

RAINBOW singer Ronnie Romero has revealed to Spain's MariskalRock that the band recorded fresh material earlier in the year, with plans to make it available in the coming months. Back in May, the revamped version of RAINBOW released its first new music in more than two decades. Two tracks were made available on iTunes: an instrumental song called "Land Of Hope And Glory", which is is a reworking of the 1902 British patriotic song of the same name from Edward Elgar's "Pomp And Circumstance March No. 1", and a re-recording of the RAINBOW classic "I Surrender", which was written by Russ Ballard and was first released by RAINBOW in 1981. The latter song features vocals recorded by Romero, who is originally from Chile but is now settled in Madrid. Asked by MariskalRock if there are any plans for RAINBOW to record and release more new tracks, Romero said (see video below): "As a matter of fact, we recorded some stuff back in January. Actually, there is a new track scheduled to be released, though I don't know when. Ritchie [Blackmore, RAINBOW leader] is constantly trying new stuff just to see how it works out. That's why he released the new version of 'I Surrender' and the instrumental version of 'Land Of Hope And Glory'." Blackmore stepped away from his Renaissance-inspired brand of music with BLACKMORE'S NIGHT last year to perform a handful of shows with a brand-new lineup of the band he had formed after quitting DEEP PURPLE. Although Ritchie initially said that he had no plans to make a new RAINBOW album — explaining in early 2016 that he wanted to "just get back to playing the old songs one more time" — he revealed to Japan's Burrn! magazine that he changed his mind. In addition to Blackmore and Romero, the current incarnation of RAINBOW includes STRATOVARIUS keyboardist Jens Johansson, BLACKMORE'S NIGHT drummer David Keith, bassist Bob Nouveau (a.k.a. Robert "Bob" Curiano, ex-BLACKMORE'S NIGHT), and backing singers Candice Night and Lady Lynn. The two shows RAINBOW played in Germany in June 2016 were caught on camera to produce "Memories In Rock - Live In Germany", which was released in November via Eagle Rock Entertainment on DVD+2CD, Blu-ray+2CD, and digital formats. After Ritchie left DEEP PURPLE for the final time in 1993, he reformed RAINBOW for one album (1995's "Stranger In Us All") and one tour, ending things in Denmark in 1997. RAINBOW completed a three-date U.K. tour last month.

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GLENN HUGHES Says BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION Is ‘Hoping To Do Some Shows’ In Support Of New Album

Glenn Hughes spoke to Promoportal-Germany about BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION's much-anticipated fourth album, which is tentatively due this fall. The supergroup, which features Hughes alongside drummer Jason Bonham (LED ZEPPELIN, FOREIGNER), keyboardist Derek Sherinian (DREAM THEATER, ALICE COOPER, BILLY IDOL) and blues-rock guitarist/vocalist Joe Bonamassa, recorded the follow-up to 2012's "Afterglow" at a Hollywood, California studio after a near-four-year split that was caused by tensions between Bonamassa and Hughes. Speaking about how he reconnected with his BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION bandmates, Hughes said: "The beautiful thing is when we kind of separated four years ago, we knew we were coming back, we knew we would have a reunion. So, a year ago, I was getting inducted into the [Rock And Roll] Hall Of Fame with DEEP PURPLE, and Joe called me to congratulate me and ask when I would be coming back to Los Angeles, where I live. And I said I'd be home on Wednesday, and we had dinner on Thursday, and we talked about getting the band back together to do another album." Asked if BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION is planning on hitting the road in support of the upcoming disc, Hughes said: "We're gonna announce something soon. I'm not sure what's going on right now, because it's impossible to talk about it until it's planned. But we're hoping to do some shows. I would hope so. We really wanna play." Hughes also talked about the chemistry between the BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION members, especially since all the musicians have had successful careers prior to launching the group. "This band was meant to be," Glenn said. "It was formed out of a friendship with Joe and I. We got the [other] guys to come in, and it's always been a strong brotherhood. And we're just very lucky and fortunate to have met. I've known Jason since he was [a kid]. I just think that these four guys in this band are the right guys to play in the band." Helming the new BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION album once again is Kevin Shirley, a man known for his production work with artists such as IRON MAIDEN, JOURNEY and Bonamassa. Shirley has worked closely with Joe on every album that the guitarist has recorded since 2006's "You & Me", a period of time that has seen the artist's success and popularity grow massively. Hughes previously told Icon Vs. Icon that the the new BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION material would sound like "a combination of [the first] three albums. It will sound like BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION. When you hear the first few bars of the song, you will know it's us! We are not making any severe left turns or opening up any new doors of trying to do something that is different from the way we started. We are very focused on what we should do. We are making a rock album for rock fans. We're not making anything different than pure rock music in the tradition of what BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION set out to do in 2010."

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RICHARD FORTUS Says ‘Everyone Is Excited’ About Possibility Of New Album From Reunited GUNS N’ ROSES

GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Richard Fortus has told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in a new interview that he is looking forward to recording a studio album with the partially reunited classic lineup of the band. "Everyone is excited about it," he said. "There's a really magical thing now with the band. It feels like a new band. It feels like the best version since I joined, and it's the most fun for me. There's so much excitement around it." Since it began in April 2016, the tour has grossed $230 million and counting. "It's bigger than anything I've ever experienced," Fortus said. "Doing multiple nights at a stadium is a mindfuck. It's hard to get your head around that level of craziness. Fans are just so rabid for it." Fortus said in another interview that the current lineup of GUNS N' ROSES — which features classic lineup members Slash (guitar), Duff McKagan (bass) and Rose backed by Fortus, Ferrer, keyboardist Dizzy Reed and new second keyboardist Melissa Reese — has begun "assembling ideas" for a new studio album. Fortus, who joined GUNS N' ROSES in 2001 and became the band's longest-serving post-Slash guitarist, spoke about the possibility of new music from GN'R during an interview with the new "StageLeft" podcast. He said: "We haven't started recording anything. I mean, when I say that, as far as in the studio, doing an album… We've been recording a lot of stuff, just ideas, sort of assembling ideas, but not going into a studio and actually tracking a new record." Asked if he thinks a new GN'R album will happen, Fortus said: "Yeah, I do. It's sort of too good not to happen at this point — that's how I feel about it. This band is really a force right now, and I definitely hope that we do, and I think we're all sort of counting on it, and we're also planning on it." Fortus was also full of praise for GUNS singer Axl Rose, saying that "the genius of Axl is his ability to assemble songs from different parts and make them feel cohesive as a song. And I've never seen anybody able to do that in the same way." A St. Louis native, Fortus got his big break when his band PALE DIVINE opened for THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS. This led to Fortus forming the band LOVE SPIT LOVE with PSYCHEDELIC FURS frontman Richard Butler and future GN'R drummer Frank Ferrer. In 2000, Fortus and Ferrer became touring members of the reformed PSYCHEDELIC FURS before Fortus hooked up with GUNS N' ROSES. Ferrer himself joined GN'R in 2006. GUNS kicked off its long-rumored and long-awaited reunion tour in April 2016 with a club show in Hollywood and appearances in Las Vegas and at California's Coachella festival.

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DISTURBED Guitarist Is Disgusted By Negative And Disrespectful Comments About CHESTER BENNINGTON

DISTURBED guitarist Dan Donegan has slammed people who are making negative comments about Chester Bennington and his music following the death of the LINKIN PARK vocalist. Bennington's body was discovered Thursday morning (July 20) by an employee at the musician's Palos Verdes Estates home. The Los Angeles acting chief coroner recorded the singer's manner and cause of death as suicide by hanging. The news has shocked the music world, with thousands of fans and celebrities coming out to share their sympathy and tributes for Bennington and his wife and three sons. But some have used the opportunity to criticize Chester and his music — and Donegan says he finds some of the online comments disgusting. The guitarist writes on Facebook: "I'm trying to figure out if the fucking Internet trolls either haven't been hugged enough as a kid or not smacked in the mouth by their parents and taught RESPECT!!!!!! How sad is it that we live in a society of so many hate-filled people! Every day we wake up and turn on the TV or go on social media to hear or read comments on politics or people's battles against their personal demons and everyone is so quick to pass judgement. "I can't believe how fucking disgusting the insane comments or rumors regarding Chester or his wife and people's hateful remarks towards the band. Where is your fucking compassion? A man died and left behind a lot of people who loved him. Forget about if you were a fan of their music or not. Six children lost their father, a wife lost her husband, his parents lost a son, his band lost a brother, his colleagues lost a friend, his fans lost someone that inspired them and they looked up to. "I am sick to my stomach reading the negative comments dissing him and the band. Where is your fucking heart? "I admit that when I was younger, I would think how can someone be so selfish and take their own life, especially someone who appeared to have it all. Success, money, fans, love from all around the world. "I'm sure a lot of people think, 'How bad is your life? At least you're not shoveling horseshit for a living.' Now I've grown to realize that depression does not discriminate against anyone — rich or poor, it does not matter. Money doesn't erase whatever demons someone is battling. "Most of us may never really understand why someone makes that choice to end it all, and I'm glad and hope that those thoughts never enter your mind. "Most musicians, comedians, actors that i know have come from a very dark past and turn to their craft as a way of dealing with those demons and healing through their work. Unfortunately, not everyone can beat that struggle. "I'm sure that probably everyone I know has had some pain in their life and we all look for the inspiration to give us reason to keep pushing forward and hope that tomorrow brings a better day! "Life is full of challenges and money will not solve all your problems. "Please, people, show some humanity and respect for one another. "I'm tired of seeing so much hate on a daily basis in this world. I'm also guilty of fueling the fire with political debates and opinions, but there is so much division that we ALL seem to have lost a bit of our hearts these days. "I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend and don't forget to hug the ones you love a little bit tighter and maybe smile at a stranger today. It just may make their day!" Bennington struggled with drugs and alcohol for years. He had said in the past he had considered committing suicide because he had been abused as a child by an older male.

I'm trying to figure out if the fucking internet trolls either haven't been hugged enough as a kid or not smacked in the...

Posted by Dan Donegan on Saturday, July 22, 2017

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KIX Guitarist RONNIE YOUNKINS Opens Up About His Drug Addiction: ‘My Disease Has Gotten Worse’

KIX guitarist Ronnie Younkins has opened up about his drug addiction, saying that his "disease had gotten worse" after he relapsed several years ago following two decades of sobriety. Younkins missed a KIX concert in Pennsylvania in March when the rest of the group was unable to reach him. He was eventually found "not in great condition and very upset," according to TMZ. A month later, his bandmates revealed that he was "headed to a rehab facility" and promised that his spot in KIX would be "waiting for him" once he was ready to resume playing with the group. While Younkins was in rehab, he took time out to join his KIX bandmates for a performance in early June at the Sweden Rock Festival, where he gave a wide-ranging interview to Metal Rules that also touched upon his continued battle against substance abuse. Speaking about his current status, Ronnie said: "I'm living at a rehab now. I miss my daughter, and my son, and my home, but I've been there for almost two months now, and I'm going to move into a recovery home soon and stay there for a while." Regarding the circumstances that led him to check himself back in to rehab, Ronnie said: "My disease has gotten worse. I had 21 years of sobriety at one point. Got sober and cleaned up in 1989, but I'd get on… A long story short, what led me back out was complacency in my program. I wasn't doing enough of my work for the AA program like I did in the early years. Then,I went on Hepatitis C treatment, or they should call it punishment, the old one that has many side effects, in 2010. One of them being insomnia, and the doctor put me on Ambien, and it fucked me up. It's a sleep drug, and I got hooked on it, and then I wasn't working the program, like with my mom's death — I worked through that at ten years sober. I worked through that with my sponsor. [My] dad died, like, in 2012. Some other shit had happened, and I worked through [it], and some serious things happened. "We all have issues," he continued. "We all have shit happen in our lives and, you know, I worked through them in the program, but my when my father died, and I was complacent in the program, and I was already high on this fucking Ambien. I said, 'Fuck it.' And, I went out, and I started doing heroin and cocaine again within a month after my dad's death, and it's been nothing but downhill since. I've been through two rehabs, [in] 2014 [and] 2015." Drug and alcohol rehab statistics show that the percentage of people who will relapse after rehab and even a period of some recovery ranges from 50% to 90%. Most people do not manage to quit their addiction with their first attempt. They may try and fail a number of times before they manage to secure lasting sobriety. "My disease… The disease of alcoholism and drug addiction keeps progressing even while you're sober and clean," Ronnie said. "So, now it's even… It got even worse than it was back when I was 31. I went to a great rehabilitation when I was 32, and I only spent 30 days there, and I got it. Well, I didn't get it, you never get this, but I understood what I had to do. Let me clarify that. I took all suggestions, and I applied them in my life on a daily basis for 21 years, but once I started putting other things in front of that program and when I was on this Hep C treatment, I had all these side effects, crazy side effects. My teeth rotted out, I got freaking rashes all over my face, cramps, and it fucking made me feel like I had the flu for 11 months, my fucking hair fell out, all kinds of crazy shit, but I couldn't sleep. That was the worst part. So, they put me on this Ambien. I don't think they knew how dangerous that drug is, and it lit me up. I mean, I knew I was high. I was going to meetings. I used to [sit] in the back going, 'Fuck, I relapsed.' So, then I… This is the disease talking to me going, 'Hey man, you can't go back and say you relapsed on Ambien. Let's do this right and go get some heroin, some cocaine, and some marijuana and fucking go off to the races.' And, then when my wife found out and I went to rehab… She had a little bit of money we had left, and then I hadn't been drinking, and I'm not minimizing or maximizing, that's just a fact that once she gave me $30, $20 a week, I was off to the liquor store and I became fall-down drunk within six months. That's how I noticed the disease had gotten worse — blackouts, shakes, DTs [delirium tremens], all kinds of craziness." For addicts that fall back into drug use, there is no guarantee that they will ever be able to stop again; their relapse may turn out to be a death sentence. Over time, the life of the addict tends to deteriorate. This means that when people relapse, they may be going back to a life that is even worse than before. "I can see the progress on of the drug use, how bad it got," Ronnie said. "I honestly can tell you that it got bad. It was nightmarish. So, I'm grateful to be sober and clean, and I've got… I'm not even counting the days, but I've been in the rehab, but it will be about like two months in a couple of weeks or something. So, I've just been there since the middle of April, and now in a couple of weeks, I'm going to go to a recovery house." Younkins added that he was "grateful" to his bandmates for standing by him through all his problems. "I thought about it when I was playing [at Sweden Rock] today, like, 'Fuck! I mean, I'm here playing with this band, and I'm not dead, and I'm not high, and I'm not drunk, and these guys let me come over here to play.' "I love those guys in the band," he said. "They've been my brothers, all of them, and [KIX guitarist [Brian's [Forsythe] been a big help, because he's in the program as well, and yeah… So, I just want to get my shit together once and for all on a daily basis." Last October, KIX released the "Can't Stop The Show: The Return Of Kix" two-disc DVD/CD set via Loud & Proud Records. The 71-minute film was an in-depth look into KIX's decision to record their first new album, 2014's "Rock Your Face Off", in almost twenty years.

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COREY TAYLOR Performs Acoustically At Studios Of Boston’s WAAF (Video)

On July 20, Corey Taylor stopped by the WAAF studio in Boston, Massachusetts to perform acoustic versions of STONE SOUR's "Song #3" and Tom Petty's "You Got Lucky". Check out video footage below. STONE SOUR has announced details of its highly anticipated fall headline tour which begins September 24 at Omaha, Nebraska's Sokol Auditorium and then travels through mid-October. Support comes from special guests STEEL PANTHER, BEARTOOTH, MAN WITH A MISSION and CHERRY BOMBS on select dates. The tour will also include stops at a number of upcoming festivals, including Englewood, Colorado's High Elevation Rock (September 23), Janesville, Wisconsin's JJO Sonic Boom (September 30), Louisville, Kentucky's Louder Than Life (October 1), Houston, Texas's Houston Open Air (October 15), and Sacramento, California's Aftershock (October 21). STONE SOUR's new album, "Hydrograd", rocketed on to the charts, debuting at No. 1 on three Billboard lists: Top Current Albums, Top Rock Albums and Top Hard Rock Albums. "Hydrograd" also debuted at No. 8 on the Billboard 200, marking the band’s fifth consecutive Top 10 debut on that chart. Furthermore, "Hydrograd" debuted at No. 5 in the U.K. (the band's highest debut ever in that country), No. 2 in Australia (highest debut ever), and was Top 5 in Germany, Japan and Switzerland. "Hydrograd"'s lead single, "Song #3", spent a fourth straight week at No. 1 at Active Rock Radio, marking the Grammy-nominated band's fourth No. 1 single and eighth Top 5 single at the format. "Song #3"'s Ryan Valdez-directed video has received over three million views on the band's official YouTube channel while garnering more than four million streams on Spotify, including placement on Rock This and Rock Hard playlists. STONE SOUR is currently on an epic summer trek alongside fellow Roadrunner recording group KORN. Dubbed "The Serenity Of Summer Tour", the trek is set to continue through early August.

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LINKIN PARK Music Streams, Sales Soar After Death Of CHESTER BENNINGTON

According to, LINKIN PARK's music was streamed more than seven times more in the U.S. on the day of singer Chester Bennington's death as compared to the day before he committed suicide. In total, there were 12.6 million on-demand audio streams of the band's catalog of songs on July 20, versus 1.5 million a day earlier. Among the most streamed tracks on July 20 were "In The End" (923,000 streams, up from 107,000 a day earlier, "Numb" (740,000 streams), "Heavy" (684,000 streams), "One Step Closer" (480,000 streams) and "Crawling" (439,000 streams). also reported that LINKIN PARK's music sales grew 5,332 percent following Bennington's passing. In total, the act's albums and songs sold 111,000 copies on July 20, versus 2,000 the day before. In the two days since Chester's death, fans shared their favorite music lyrics, photos of Bennington and some even posted pictures of their LINKIN PARK memorabilia and photos with the late singer. Linkin Park tour canceled as fans pay respects at home of frontman Chester Bennington

— Palos Verdes Post (@PalosVerdesPost) July 22, 2017

“Gone But Never Forgotten”
Chester Bennington @ Palos Verdes, CA

— ( ¨̮ ) (@HeMeleNou) July 22, 2017

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SONY MUSIC And EXPERIENCE HENDRIX Announce Renewal Of Licensing Agreement For JIMI HENDRIX Catalog

Sony Music Entertainment and Experience Hendrix L.L.C. have agreed to renew their historic licensing partnership — first announced in 2009 — which covers the ongoing curation and distribution of the Jimi Hendrix catalog and archives, making the artist's music and film materials available to fans around the world across all media formats and platforms. The Jimi Hendrix catalog and archives encompass the recordings made by the guitarist/singer/composer during the meteoric four-year period (c. 1966-1970) across which the artist evolved from a little known itinerant sideman to such R&B legends as Little Richard and THE ISLEY BROTHERS into an international icon and archetypal pop-rock superstar, a visionary genius and force of nature whose effect on music, fashion and culture is still palpable fifty years after "Are You Experienced" changed how the world hears music. In addition to the groundbreaking albums and singles released during his lifetime, the Jimi Hendrix catalog has since been expanded to include definitive presentations of legendary live performances at such historic events as the Monterey Pop Festival and Woodstock, recordings made for the BBC, and the many extraordinary studio recordings he made at Electric Lady Studios, his state-of-the-art Greenwich Village recording facility. Led by Experience Hendrix L.L.C. president/CEO and catalog director/producer John McDermott, audio-visual titles such as the Grammy Award-winning "Band Of Gypsys" and the acclaimed 2014 Emmy Award-winning PBS "American Masters" documentary "Jimi Hendrix: Hear My Train A-Comin'" have helped broaden the global appreciation and understanding of Hendrix's success and continuing appeal. Since the beginning of the partnership, Legacy Recordings, SME's catalog division, and Experience Hendrix have released a range of essential Hendrix titles including definitive editions of the JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE canon, "Valleys Of Neptune" (2010, 12 previously unreleased studio recordings, debuted at #4 on Billboard 200, #1 Top Hard Rock Albums, #1 Top Rock Albums, #1 Top Tastemaker Albums and earned Top Ten ranking in fifteen countries around the world), "West Coast Seattle Boy: The Jimi Hendrix Anthology", "Winterland" (live performances from the legendary San Francisco venue), "People, Hell And Angels" (2013, debuted at #2 on Billboard 200, contains 12 previously unreleased studio and featured "Somewhere"Jimi Hendrix's first #1 Billboard single — and revelatory live recordings including "Freedom: Atlanta Pop Festival" (recorded July 4, 1970 in front of Jimi's largest-ever U.S. audience, a DVD/Blu-ray edition of the performance was released as "Jimi Hendrix Experience: Electric Church" and aired on Showtime and other broadcast outlets throughout the world) as well as the debut performance of Hendrix's fabled BAND OF GYPSYS trio via "Machine Gun: The Fillmore East First Show 12/31/69". Dagger Records, Experience Hendrix's "official bootleg" division, now in its nineteenth year, will continue to offer recordings of great historical significance for deep Jimi Hendrix fans. The company continues to celebrate Hendrix's multi-generational appeal by way of their celebrated Experience Hendrix Tour. These tours that have showcased contemporary artists performing the music of Jimi Hendrix in concert to underscore the never ending vitality and inspiration of Hendrix's music. Participating artists on these tours have included Carlos Santana, Paul Rodgers, Buddy Guy, Susan Tedeschi, Jonny Lang, Eric Johnson, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Beth Hart, members of PEARL JAM, AEROSMITH, THE DOORS, LOS LOBOS and many others. The renewal of the SME/Legacy Recordings/Experience Hendrix partnership will provide additional support for the Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation, which will allow the Foundation to continue its commitment to cultural diversity and the legacy of Jimi Hendrix and his music. The Jimi Hendrix Park in Seattle celebrated its grand opening on Saturday, June 17, 2017. "Jimi's life and legacy are precious to us and, quite naturally, we could only entrust it into the hands of those who share our love and enthusiasm for his amazing work. Sony, through Legacy Recordings, has proven their dedication to preserving Jimi's life work with integrity. Being with Sony is like being at home with family. We are comfortable with our partnership and excited about the future of Jimi's catalog," said Janie Hendrix, CEO/president, Experience Hendrix L.L.C. "As a musical, social and cultural icon, Jimi Hendrix is among the most profoundly influential and important artists in the history of recorded music," said Adam Block, president, Legacy Recordings. "Sony Music and Legacy Recordings are proud and honored to continue working with Experience Hendrix to bring the sounds of Jimi Hendrix to future generations of musicians and fans. Over the course of his all-too-brief career, Jimi Hendrix altered the DNA of popular music and the effects of his presence can still be felt in the recordings he left behind. We are lucky to be able to hear and experience the power of Jimi Hendrix and his music."

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