METALLICA’s JAMES HETFIELD On ‘WorldWired’ Stage Production: The Idea Is ‘To Make Everyone Feel As Close As Possible’

METALLICA frontman James Hetfield spoke to the WAAF radio station about what fans can expect from the stage production on the North American leg of the band's "WorldWired" tour, which launched earlier this month. He said (see video below): "It's a huge stage. [When you're] our age and you've been around for thirty-six years and you're gonna do stadiums, go big." The guitarist/vocalist added that he couldn't say for sure that it was "the biggest production" METALLICA has had so far, explaining: "I mean, when you say 'big'… I mean, we've done stuff where we've had two stages indoors and all kind sof crazy stuff. This, I would say, when you look at it, is the biggest we've done, as far as outdoors and just sheer size of it." Hetfield also talked in more detail about the "WorldWired" stage set, which includes pyro displays that include forty-foot flames that turn into fireballs and fireworks galore. "Some guy, the other day, in an interview, asked me… He says, 'Why do you have forty-foot flames?'" James recalled. "[I'm like] 'Why do you not? Why would you not have forty-foot flames if you could?' It's giant, it's big, it's huge." He continued: "The whole idea around this is to make everyone feel as close as possible. That's what we've always done from day one — trying to get people drawn in. We wanna see facial expressions, we wanna see sweat, we wanna see the expression, the joy — everything that goes into making a show. So, on these big screens, if you're way up in the nosebleeds, normally you would feel like you're not a part of something. This, you're still able to count the nosehairs in Lars [Ulrich, METALLICA drummer] — whether you want to or not. You're up close and personal no matter where you are, and that's what we've been trying to do." The summer stadium leg of the "WorldWired" tour — during which METALLICA is playing some venues with a capacity of more than 50,000 — kicked off at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore on May 10 and wraps up at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, Alberta on August 16. Hetfield recently told the New York Post that he is missing more than his family on the band's stadium tour — he is also missing his bees. Hetfield has started beekeeping as a hobby, and he said that it can turn quite painful. "I had to move a hive one time, and one bee got perturbed, and that sets them all off," he explained. "I'm in my bee suit — everything's fine except I didn't put my boots on because it was hot. One area of my ankle was exposed and, of course, I end up with about twenty bee stings. If one stings you there, they all sense it and swarm there. That was not fun. I just had to throw my foot in a bucket of ice." Later this year, METALLICA will head to Europe with a slate of fall arena dates planned through early November.

SYSTEM OF A DOWN Drummer Says ‘It’s Very Disheartening’ Band Hasn’t Released New Album In 12 Years

SYSTEM OF A DOWN drummer John Dolmayan says that "it's very disheartening" that the band hasn't released a new album in more than a decade. Dolmayan revealed in a 2016 interview with Kerrang! magazine that SYSTEM OF A DOWN had written more than a dozen new songs for a possible follow-up to "Mezmerize" and "Hypnotize", which came out in 2005. Since then, there has been no further info on a new SYSTEM album, although the band will return to Europe in June and July to play summer festivals and select headline dates. During a May 19 appearance on the "Dave & Mahoney Morning Show" on the X107.5 radio station to discuss the grand re-opening of his comic book store Torpedo Comics in Las Vegas, Dolmayan was asked about the status of the long-awaited new SYSTEM OF A DOWN album. He said: "In our band, the difficulty really isn't, 'Is one of us gonna fall off the wagon or get into a bad situation?' It's really a matter of, 'Are we gonna come together and make something happen?' It's been about twelve years since we've put out an album…" He continued: "I don't know why we aren't coming out with an album. It's very disheartening… because it seems like we all get along, we all have a great time touring, we still are putting together really good music. I think that we can put out a fantastic album." When asked if there one member of SYSTEM that was standing the way of the sessions moving forward, the drummer replied: "Nobody in particular. And the funny thing is we all get into the studio, everybody's getting along great, we have a blast on the road." Dolmayan also confirmed that SYSTEM OF A DOWN has limited its touring activities in the last couple of years in order to focus on writing on new music. He said: "I know a lot of our American fans are saying, 'Why don't you guys tour the States more often?' We talked about it about two years ago. We said, 'Look, we haven't made an album' — at that point it was a decade only that we hadn't made an album — only one short decade, 'cause we have so many left… [Laughs] And we talked about it and we said, 'Look, let's make our album first.'" He continued: "We had every intention of going in the studio and working on an album. As far as the timeline, everybody had their own opinion of when that was gonna happen. For me, it was ten years ago, and then there's varying degrees of that. If I had my way, we would have put out five albums in the last twelve years. And I think we're really doing a disservice to ourselves, because you only have a finite amount of time. If anything proves anything, Chris Cornell passing away unexpectedly proves that at any given moment [it could all be gone]. It does put things into perspective, and you realize how much time you're wasting and how precious that time is." Dolmayan went on to say that he feels "really good" about the new music SYSTEM OF A DOWN has been writing — "as strong as I've ever felt." And, he added, "to be honest with you, if I didn't feel that way, I wouldn't even wanna broach putting together an album, because we do very well touring on our catalog. And, quite frankly, there's a lot of bands I wish wouldn't be putting out albums, 'cause they haven't put out a good album in a long time." He continued: "We've been in the studio for the past year and we've put together about fifteen songs so far that I think match or beat anything we've done in the past… And I don't make those kind of claims without having something to back it up. We're better than we've ever been, we're tighter than we've ever been, we know what we're doing and the songs are there. It's a matter of getting together and putting aside whatever differences, or whatever problems people have — which don't seen to surface when we're together, by the way. It's almost like there's two SYSTEM OF A DOWNs for me." SYSTEM OF A DOWN singer Serj Tankian last year downplayed the possibility of a new SOAD album, telling LA Weekly: "We're going to get together and see if that's going to be SYSTEM music or not. And who the fuck knows? If it is, great, and if it's not, then great." Tankian also defended his decision to spend most of his time focusing on other projects, including various symphonic endeavors, scoring films like "1915", a thriller that addresses the Armenian genocide; a sci-fi game called "Midnight Star" and its sequel, "Renegade"; and "Prometheus Bound", a musical production of the ancient Greek tragedy. Tankian also released two records in 2013, "Orca Symphony No. 1" and a jazz-rock hybrid called "Jazz-Iz-Christ" featuring pianist Tigran Hamasyan. "Some people are like, 'Stop it, fuckhead, go make another record with SYSTEM and stop talking politics and stop doing your art,'" he said. "There are always those boneheads — and obviously they deserve oxygen as well," he added, chuckling. "If you enjoy making the same rock record for the rest of your life, keep making the same rock record for the rest of your life," he said. "But I don't." Interview (audio):

CHRIS CORNELL’s Wife VICKY Pens Letter To Late Husband: ‘I Will Fight for You’

Chris Cornell's wife, Vicky, has penned a letter to the late SOUNDGARDEN and AUDIOSLAVE frontman, who died last week at age 52. Cornell was pronounced dead early Thursday morning after being found unresponsive in his Detroit hotel room on Wednesday night. SOUNDGARDEN had played a concert at the Fox Theatre earlier that evening. Vicky's letter, which was posted on Billboard, reads as follows: "To my sweet Christopher, "You were the best father, husband and son-in-law. Your patience, empathy and love always showed through. "You had always said I saved you, that you wouldn't be alive if it were not for me. My heart gleamed to see you happy, living and motivated. Excited for life. Doing everything you could to give back. We had the time of our lives in the last decade and I'm sorry, my sweet love, that I did not see what happened to you that night. I'm sorry you were alone, and I know that was not you, my sweet Christopher. Your children know that too, so you can rest in peace. "I'm broken, but I will stand up for you and I will take care of our beautiful babies. I will think of you every minute of every day and I will fight for you. You were right when you said we are soulmates. It has been said that paths that have crossed will cross again, and I know that you will come find me, and I will be here waiting. "I love you more than anyone has ever loved anyone in the history of loving and more than anyone ever will. "Always and forever, your Vicky." A full autopsy and results of toxicology tests are pending, although Cornell's wife has said he may have taken more of an anti-anxiety drug than he was prescribed. His family issued a statement Friday questioning whether his death by hanging was intentional and if "substances contributed to his demise." The private funeral for Cornell will be held on Friday, May 26 at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, California. Ahead of Friday's service, Cornell's remains were cremated yesterday (Tuesday, May 23), as a small group of family and friends stood by, including Vicky, his brother Peter, and his friends Linda Ramone and singer J.D. King, according to TMZ. Chris is survived by Vicky and three children, a daughter named Toni, a son named Christopher and a daughter named Lillian from his previous marriage to former SOUNDGARDEN manager Susan Silver.


KORN guitarist Brian "Head" Welch says that Chris Cornell's death hit him hard, explaining that he can't stop thinking about the SOUNDGARDEN frontman's children. The 52-year-old Cornell was pronounced dead early Thursday morning after being found unresponsive in his Detroit hotel room on Wednesday night. The band had played a concert at the Fox Theatre earlier that evening. A full autopsy and results of toxicology tests are pending, although Cornell's wife has said he may have taken more of an anti-anxiety drug than he was prescribed. His family issued a statement Friday questioning whether his death by hanging was intentional and if "substances contributed to his demise." Speaking to the Z93 radio station at last weekend's Rock On The Range festival in Columbus, Ohio, Welch stated about Cornell's passing (see video below): "I've struggled with suicidal thoughts, I've struggled with depression for years, and so it just hit me hard and I can't shake it, thinking about it and his kids." He continued: "I was talking to [fellow KORN guitarist] Munky earlier, and we have to communicate, man. We have to talk to people — to family or stranger or whatever, whoever, hotline, whatever we have to. 'Cause we all have to fight through this life, and it sucks sometimes to live — sometimes it's not easy." Welch also acknowledged that Cornell's death affected him even more deeply because of his own battles with depression and suicidal thoughts. "I think all of us in KORN, to some degree, have struggled with those kinds of things — at least depression," he explained. "I never met any of the guys in SOUNDGARDEN, but the other guys in the band have," he added. "And our management is close with some people that really… like, ALICE IN CHAINS and stuff like that. It' just so close to home. But we're gonna honor him, we're gonna look to the future and we're gonna celebrate him and make some positive out of it." The private funeral for Cornell will be held on Friday, May 26 at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, California. Ahead of Friday's service, Cornell's remains were cremated yesterday (Tuesday, May 23), as a small group of family and friends stood by, including his brother Peter, his wife Vicky, and his friends Linda Ramone and singer J.D. King, according to TMZ. After 3 p.m. local time on Friday — following the private ceremony — the public is welcome to visit the gravesite, Cornell's attorney told Variety. Chris is survived by Vicky and three children, a daughter named Toni, a son named Christopher and a daughter named Lillian from his previous marriage to former SOUNDGARDEN manager Susan Silver.

GOATWHORE: Lyric Video For New Song ‘Chaos Arcane’

The official lyric video for the song "Chaos Arcane" from GOATWHORE can be seen below. The track is taken from the band's new album, "Vengeful Ascension", which will be released on June 23 via Metal Blade Records. The band's seventh full-length was captured at Earth Analog in Tolono, Illinois with longtime soundman and comrade Jarrett Pritchard (1349, GRUESOME), breaking a four-album tradition of working with Erik Rutan. "Working with Rutan was awesome," says GOATWHORE frontman Ben Falgoust. "We did some great records with him. But you come to a point where you're like, 'All right. Let's try something new.' It was part of trying to remove ourselves from a comfort zone and a risk thing we needed to take. Plus, we really wanted to hit the essence of where we are live and what better way to harness that than by having our live sound guy involved. Jarrett is knowledgeable with the studio stuff. He also knows how we sound coming out of a PA and we really wanted to get closer to that." The resulting ten-track, forty-one-minute production — mixed by Chris Common (TRIBULATION, PELICAN) and mastered by Maor Applebaum (FAITH NO MORE, HALFORD, TODAY IS THE DAY) — marches in, clutches its listeners by the throat and refuses to loosen its grip until the abrupt conclusion of "Those Who Denied God's Will". A sonic manifestation of war, chaos, desolation, and emotional conflict, seamlessly bridging twenty years of the band's signature brand of audio venom, it's a record that finds its members at their most accomplished both individually and as a cohesive unit. Guitarist Sammy Duet's dense, sub nuclear riff work and possessed solo blitzes are at their most devastating, spiraling flawlessly and instinctually around drummer Zack Simmons's and bassist James Harvey's hammering rhythms, while Falgoust's distinctly commanding roar, his acidic prose, more enunciated than ever before, complimenting the apocalyptic proceedings. "Each song is a representation of GOATWHORE. From day one until now. It really shows our evolution as a band," the frontman reflects."I don't think that this band has reached its peak yet. I mean, I think we're closer now than ever but we're still growing; we're still evolving." "Vengeful Ascension" will be available on CD, vinyl (in multiple limited color variations), and digital formats. Various pre-order options are currently available at: Stay tuned for the official "Vengeful Ascension" video clip, directed by James Foster, to be unveiled in the coming days. While hardly a concept record in the traditional sense, "Vengeful Ascension" loosely revolves itself around Luciferian notions in title and spirit where the symbol of Lucifer serves not as a fiendish, all-destroying demon but rather an emancipator or guiding light. It's a theme of struggle and transcendence derived from John Milton's "Paradise Lost" epic, and one that has appeared, whether directly or indirectly, within GOATWHORE works of the past. "There's that whole idea of Lucifer being the anti-hero," elaborates Falgoust. "He's cast out from this place in Heaven to the depths of nothing. He keeps trying to ascend to the top again but no matter what, there's always this significant force trying to destroy him at any point and banish him back to Hell. If you look at it from an everyday aspect in life, it's the idea of people, hitting the bottom of the barrel or you know, things just aren't going right in life... emotion plays a huge part in how people react. Whether it's based on love or hatred or sadness or whatever, there's always an aspect of emotion that drives people to an extent. So the whole idea of a 'Vengeful Ascension' is built on being at the bottom, working your way to the top, and realizing along the way that there are other facets to the journey aside from just pure retribution. Within negativity there can exist a positive angle as well." "Vengeful Ascension" serves as the soundtrack to that luciferious rise straight off with the combative, ritualistic drum onslaught of opening hymn, "Forsaken". Wholly immersive, each track is alarmingly palpable in subject and corresponding execution. The tense, clandestine battery of "Chaos Arcane", based on HP Lovecraft's book "Nyarlathotep" — a story which attempts to recount the inexplicable sense of fear in expectancy of an unknown evil — conveys that sensation of impending doom through sound in a way only GOATWHORE can. "Mankind Will Have No Mercy", a pseudo tribute to BOLT THROWER, seethes under the weight of its own wartime sentiment, while the rapid-fire, punkish urgency of "Under The Flesh, Into The Soul", a first-person account of irrepressible resentment, sounds utterly enraged. And with an average runtime of just four minutes, no one song ever overstays its welcome. "Vengeful Ascension" track listing: 01. Forsaken 02. Under The Flesh, Into The Soul 03. Vengeful Ascension 04. Chaos Arcane 05. Where The Sun Is Silent 06. Drowned In Grim Rebirth 07. Abandon Indoctrination 08. Mankind Will Have No Mercy 09. Decayed Omen Reborn 10. Those Who Denied God's Will
goatwhorevengefulcd2 goatwhorevengefulcd

STEVEN ADLER Would Like To Play ‘A Few More Songs’ With GUNS N’ ROSES

Steven Adler says that he would like to play a few more songs with GUNS N' ROSES than he got to perform with the band when he reunited with GN'R for the first time in 26 years during the 2016 leg of the "Not In This Lifetime" tour. Adler appeared with GUNS N' ROSES onstage last November in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as well as on three separate occasions during the U.S. leg of the "Not In This Lifetime" tour last summer. This marked Adler's first appearance with GUNS N' ROSES since 1990, although he performed with members of the band at their 2012 induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. During a May 7 interview with Argentinean rock journalist Lucas H. Gordon at the Ride For Ronnie motorcycle rally and concert in Encino, California, Adler stated about his reunion with GUNS N' ROSES (see video below): "That was so great. It was really, really amazing and a dream come true. 'Cause for twenty-five years, all I've been doing was praying that I would be able to do it. I just wish I could play more songs, 'cause I wanna do more with them. It's really hard… it's heartbreaking and hard on me to be standing on the side of the stage and watching somebody else [current GUNS N' ROSES drummer Frank Ferrer] play my songs. Which, he is great, but it's hard for me. It's, like, I'd like to play a few more songs. But I'm thankful I got to do anything at all, so my dream came true. But I do wanna do more. I hope… We'll see what they say." Adler performed two songs with GUNS N' ROSES on the U.S. leg of the "Not In This Lifetime" tour: "Out Ta Get Me" and "My Michelle". Back in February, Adler revealed that he was originally supposed to appear at more than just a handful of shows on the GUNS N' ROSES reunion trek. He told the "One On One With Mitch Lafon" podcast that he expected to sit behind the drum kit for all the "Appetite For Destruction" material during the entire tour, only to be told he was out after he hurt his back during rehearsals. "[Bassist] Duff [McKagan] called me and said, 'Dude, you're not gonna play with us anymore,'" Adler said. "'You're not gonna do these shows.' And I was, like, 'You're the worst fucking person in the world.'" Adler was thrown out of GUNS N' ROSES in 1990 due to his heavy drug use, a problem he struggled with for years after his dismissal.

SHAGRATH ‘Feels Sorry’ For Fans Who Only Watch DIMMU BORGIR Videos On YouTube

Kyle McGinn of Dead Rhetoric recently conducted an interview with vocalist Shagrath (real name: Stian Tomt Thoresen) of Norwegian symphonic black metallers DIMMU BORGIR. A few excerpts from the chat follow below. Dead Rhetoric: Do you feel that the new DVD ("Forces Of The Northern Night") was a milestone for the band, being able to do the live recording with a full orchestra and choir? Shagrath: "It's definitely a career highlight so far. Especially if you check out the earbook edition, it comes with a huge 48-page booklet with both of the shows. For me, this is a power statement of what we are able to do. I'm really glad it was released so we can share it with the rest of the world. So that the people who were not a part of the shows are able to see it in their living room and be a part of it. I'm very proud of it." Dead Rhetoric: In one of the press releases, I believe the term pinnacle was used to describe the release. In that regard, where do you go from here? Shagrath: "To the moon, I guess. [Laughs] I think 'Forces Of The Northern Night' puts an end to an era for the band. There were a lot of songs on there related to the 'Abrahadabra' album. So now we are starting with a blank page — we have a new album, and it has a different approach. We did not use an orchestra for the new record. So it's a new start with different things… Where we take it from here? Only time will tell, you know." Dead Rhetoric: You mention a new album — how much progress has been made at this point towards it? Shagrath: "We have completed the new album. I've spent almost three years creating it. It is done and complete. Right now, we are focusing on the other aspects around the release. We hope that it will be out in the fall." Dead Rhetoric: So it's completely done and finished. What are you working on going towards its release? Shagrath: "We are focusing on all the details. There's a lot of work that needs to be done in the future… music videos and preparation for live shows, and world touring [plans]. All sorts of different aspects around the release. There's a lot of hard work in front of us." Dead Rhetoric: Can you give any sort of hints as to the direction outside of having no orchestra this time around? Shagrath: "It's still really grand and epic, of course. I can't reveal too many details since it's so early, but what I can say about it is that it includes a lot of elements DIMMU BORGIR is known for. You can hear references from 1993 up to today. It's been 25 years and it's a tribute to DIMMU BORGIR, so to speak. It has all the elements we are known for, and the song structures are really well arranged. The production is nice, it's very atmospheric and there is a huge choir on the record. It also has more primitive elements — straight-forward, primitive black metal elements. It's quite catchy, and each song is different from each other but it all has a riddle between them. We are very happy with the results and can't wait to share it with everyone." Dead Rhetoric: That's great, I'm really looking forward to hearing it. It's been a long time since there's been new material… Shagrath: "It's been a long time, and I know a lot of people have been complaining about that. But it's not like we've been lazy or anything like that. We can only do one thing at a time. It's been seven years since the last record, but we don't want to be that hamster-wheel-type of band where we release albums every year. We want to give the fans an honest, authentic, great product and this takes time. On top of that, we have toured the world in connection with the previous album. There's a lot of things happening behind the scenes that people don't realize." Dead Rhetoric: Going back to the live album, YouTube is a major source where people watch things at this point. Do you feel when you create something like this, do you feel you need to do something extra or make it spectacular in some way so that you don't just have people viewing a stream of different clips on YouTube? Shagrath: "If [they] watch DIMMU BORGIR on YouTube, I just feel sorry for them. They don't have the right sound quality, the right picture quality. If you want something real, you should buy the real product and support the artists. Buy physical editions — it's very important for the survival of bands for the future. I know that things have changed a lot because of the Internet, but watching music videos on YouTube is not the right way to experience DIMMU BORGIR. If you want to maximize the experience, buy the real product." Read the full interview at Dead Rhetoric. "Forces Of The Northern Night" was released on April 14 via Nuclear Blast. The set contains two of the band's live performances: their legendary show in Oslo, presenting DIMMU BORGIR on stage with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and a bombastic choir, as well as their entire performance at Wacken Open Air festival in 2012 in Wacken, Germany with almost a hundred musicians on stage. DIMMU BORGIR's most recent touring lineup included Geir Bratland (APOPTYGMA BERZERK, THE KOVENANT) on keyboards and Terje Andersen (a.k.a. Cyrus; SUSPERIA) on bass.

SOUNDGARDEN’s Front-Of-House Engineer Says CHRIS CORNELL Seemed ‘High’ And ‘F**ked Up’ During Last Concert

Chris Cornell seemed to be under the influence of drugs during his last-ever performance, says his longtime front-of-house engineer and tour manager. The 52-year-old SOUNDGARDEN frontman was pronounced dead early Thursday morning after being found unresponsive in his Detroit hotel room on Wednesday night. The band had played a concert at the Fox Theatre earlier that evening. Ted Keedick, who worked with Chris for the last decade, told TMZ: "Chris was out of character from note one of the show. I've never heard or seen him that way before, at least if we did not cancel a show… I'd never heard his voice that way before. He was having serious control problems." Keedick told TMZ that he was positioned in the middle of the audience with his mixing board, and at one point during the concert he was so concerned he phoned someone backstage and asked what was wrong with Chris. Keedick added that Chris seemed "high" and "fucked up," but not depressed. As previously reported, the Detroit Police Department revealed some of the details of Cornell's final moments. A police report obtained by The Detroit News revealed that Cornell went to his hotel about fifteen minutes after the band's concert on Wednesday night. His bodyguard, Martin Kirsten, had worked on Cornell's computer for a bit and gave him two doses of the prescription anti-anxiety medicine, Ativan. At 11:35 p.m., he was on the phone with his wife. Then at 12:15 a.m., concerned because he was slurring his words and sounded groggy, she called and asked Kirsten to go check on her husband. After talking to Cornell's wife, Kirsten walked two doors down and found the room door locked. Hotel security stated they could not let him into the room because he was not registered to that room. At this time, Kirsten kicked in the door and went to the bedroom door and had to kick that door open as well. He found Cornell on the bathroom floor with blood running from his mouth and a red exercise band around his neck." Hotel medic Dawn Jones was on the scene by 12:56 a.m., she untied the band from around Cornell's neck and began CPR on the singer, who was not breathing. A short time later, an EMS Unit arrived on the scene and an emergency medical technician also tried to perform CPR. By 1:30 a.m., Cornell was pronounced dead by a doctor on the scene. Homicide detectives also arrived to investigate while an officer called Vicky Cornell to report on her husband's death. Later that day, the medical examiner pronounced his death a suicide. The family believes that if Chris took his life, he did not know what he was doing, and that drugs or other substances may have affected his actions.

I AM MORBID Feat. Former MORBID ANGEL Members: Video Of First-Ever Concert

I AM MORBID, the new band featuring former MORBID ANGEL members David Vincent (vocals, bass) and Tim Yeung (drums) alongside guitarists Bill Hudson (CIRCLE II CIRCLE, TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA) and Ira Black (METAL CHURCH, LIZZY BORDEN), made its live debut last night (Tuesday, May 23) at Zvezda in Samara, Russia. Fan-filmed video footage of the concert can be seen below. I AM MORBID, which plays material from MORBID ANGEL's "Altars Of Madness" (1989), "Blessed Are The Sick" (1991), "Covenant" (1993) and "Domination" (1995) albums, is performing five shows in Russia in late May, followed by fourteen dates in the rest of Europe. The tour, which is presented by The Flaming Arts Agency, features NECROPHAGIA as direct support. Vincent recently told Ghost Cult about I AM MORBID: "It's been discussed off and on for a few years now, but, as they say, actions speak louder than words. While it was exciting to discuss, it was held off for a few years until I decided to go through some personal changes in my life, and really absorb the possibility of it happening. I went ahead and focused on my roots music, but this kept lingering, and now it's time for I AM MORBID to finally happen." Regarding the I AM MORBID setlist, Vincent said: "Like everything I do, I want to make this special. This is very different from MORBID ANGEL. If you want to see a MORBID ANGEL show, you know where to go, but this isn't it. I'm only going to be performing songs that I wrote on this tour. If I didn't write it, we aren't playing it. We are going to throw in things, here or there, to make things more unique, but it's going to be one brutal show. I can promise you that." MORBID ANGEL's controversial 2011 album, "Illud Divinum Insanus", marked the group's first CD to feature Vincent since "Domination". The band recently recorded a new studio album with a lineup that includes Steve Tucker on bass/vocals, Scott Fuller (ANNIHILATED, ERRORGEIST) on drums, and Dan Vadim Von (guitarist/frontman of the American death metal group VADIMVON) on second guitar.


"After The Rain", the new video from ALL 41, can be seen below. The song is taken from the band's debut album, "World's Best Hope", which will be released July 7 via Frontiers Music Srl. ALL 41 is not just another project born of Frontiers president Serafino Perugino's imaginative A&R mind, but is a project very close to the hearts of each musician involved. With none other than the amazing Terry Brock (GIANT, STRANGEWAYS) on lead vocals, Robert Berry (THREE, ALLIANCE) on bass and lead vocals, Gary Pihl (BOSTON, SAMMY HAGAR, ALLIANCE) on guitar, and Matt Starr (ACE FREHLEY, MR. BIG) on drums, ALL 41 is a project born of passion and fire. Pihl says: "It started with some great-sounding songs in a rough 'demo' form, but every time I got a new version with each musician's real performance on it, I got stoked! We're all bringing our 'A' game to the band. I can't wait to do some gigs with these guys! Robert and I go way back, and Terry and Matt are, like, the best players ever!" Berry adds: "So many times musicians get together and struggle to find common ground in style and substance. When Serafino, president of Frontiers, called me with the lineup for ALL 41, I had no idea that he had put together perfectly matching musical pieces. From playing bass to Matt's solid drums, trading vocals with Terry's soaring voice, to the warmth and feel of Gary's own style of powerful-yet-melodic guitar playing, this band came together like missing puzzle pieces. I can't wait to get it on to the concert stage." "What a great bunch of musicians to work with and such talented, classy guys. I am proud to be associated with this project and I am so proud of my great friend and collaborator Alessandro Del Vecchio for his incredible work!!!! Thank you Serafino, Mario and Frontiers for ANOTHER amazing opportunity....GRAZIE MILLE AMICI," says Brock, with drummer Matt Starr adding, "I had a lot of fun making this record. There are some amazing songs and everybody really played great!" Musically, these guys gel incredibly well and have come up with a superb debut album which mixes MR. BIG's most melodic moments together with the more keyboard-laden years of VAN HALEN along with obvious nods to STRANGEWAYS and ALLIANCE. The dual lead vocals are an amazing plus for this absolutely beautiful record, not to mention the excellent production which highlights the unforgettable melodies. Track listing: 01. After The Rain 02. Cyanide 03. Down Life's Page 04. Mother Don't Cry 05. Show Me The Way 06. Walk Alone 07. Don't Surrender (To Love) 08. Hero In Your Life 09. Never Back Down Again 10. Who Knows 11. The World's Best Hope