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BUSH Releases ‘Lost In You’ Video

"Lost In You", the new video from BUSH, can be seen below. The song is taken from the band's seventh album, "Black And White Rainbows", which was released on March 10. Written, recorded and produced by Gavin Rossdale, "Black And White Rainbows" is the...

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Listen To Previously Unreleased STONE TEMPLE PILOTS Song ‘Only Dying’

A previously unreleased STONE TEMPLE PILOTS song called "Only Dying", taken from the upcoming 25th-anniversary expanded reissue of the band's debut album, "Core", can be heard using the SoundCloud widget below. The track was demoed early in STP's career and the band had planned to re-record in 1994 for "The Crow" soundtrack. The idea was later scrapped after the star of the film, Brandon Lee, was killed during production. "That song was a little bit of a different direction for us," bassist Robert DeLeo tells Rolling Stone. "It was based more off jazz-type chordings. As a songwriter, I wanted to spark people into different directions." "I remember Scott [Weiland, vocals] really wanted to redo the song and quite honestly, the guitar tone we chose on that ... I don't know what I was thinking," guitarist Dean DeLeo says. "Maybe I was listening to too much Robert Smith or something. It's a song where I don't think we reached our full potential as songwriters quite yet. But honestly, it really is a beautiful song." "We wrote it maybe nine months after Dean joined the band, and we recorded it in a studio in north Hollywood before we got signed," drummer Eric Kretz says. "It's cool to hear it now. You can hear all the STP elements in there. You could tell it needed to be reworked a little bit, but you can really hear Scott's voice taking on its character and the band delving into the sound of the guitar, the special effects and everything. It's a great early indicator of where the band was heading. It was trying to dig into our emotions." STONE TEMPLE PILOTS roared on to the scene 25 years ago with "Core". A breakout success, the album peaked at #3 on the Billboard charts, dominated radio waves with hits like "Sex Type Thing" and "Wicked Garden", and has been certified eight times platinum by the RIAA. The band also took home the 1994 Grammy Award for "Best Hard Rock Performance" for their smash single "Plush". To mark the legendary album's silver anniversary, Rhino will release two versions on September 29, which is 25 years to the day of the album's original debut. The first is the "Core: Super Deluxe Edition" ($79.98), which includes four CDs featuring a newly remastered version of the original album, plus more than two hours of unreleased demos and live performances, including the band's performance on "MTV Unplugged". Also included is the original album on vinyl and a DVD that contains a 5.1 Surround Sound Mix of the album along with videos for the album's four singles. The set, limited to 15,000 copies worldwide, comes packaged in a richly detailed hardcover book (12 x 12) with rare and unseen photographs. The music from the Super Deluxe version will also be available via digital download and streaming services. Fans can pre-order a limited edition bundle of the "Core: Super Deluxe Editon" at which includes a bonus replica 7-inch vinyl single of "Plush" that was originally released in the U.K. in 1993. This exclusive bundle is limited to 1,000 copies. Also available on the same day is a 2-CD "Core: Deluxe Version" ($19.98) containing a newly remastered version of the original album expanded with rare b-sides and previously unreleased demos. A single disc remaster of the original album will be available as well. STONE TEMPLE PILOTS (guitarist Dean DeLeo, bassist Robert DeLeo, drummer Eric Kretz, and vocalist Scott Weiland) debuted with "Core" in the fall of 1992 and by the following summer were one of the biggest rock bands on the scene, powered by exhilarating live shows and a string of now-classic songs from the album, remastered here for the very first time. Nearly all of the music on the second disc of both versions is making its commercial debut. Of the nine demos included, four were recorded between 1987 and 1990 when the band was known as MIGHTY JOE YOUNG. The disc also includes five unreleased demos from their original Atlantic sessions and concludes with four b-sides, including the jazzy "Swing Type Version" of "Sex Type Thing", as well as two acoustic versions of "Plush" — the "Acoustic Type Version" recorded with the full band and the rarely heard "first take" that was recorded by Weiland and Dean DeLeo for MTV's "Headbanger's Ball" in 1993. The third disc contains two fiery live recordings from the summer of 1993, the first an unreleased performance at Castaic Lake Natural Amphitheater near Los Angeles and the second from the Reading Festival, making its U.S. debut here. These high-energy shows feature performances of all but two songs from "Core" as well as an early live version of "Lounge Fly", a song the band has just written a month earlier that would appear the following year on the band's second album, "Purple". The band's iconic appearance on "MTV Unplugged", recorded in November 1993, gets its first official release on the final CD in the set. This would be their last performance in support of "Core" and includes reworked, acoustic versions of "Wicked Garden" and "Sex Type Thing", the debut performance of "Big Empty", which would later appear on "Purple", and a cover of David Bowie's "Andy Warhol". "Core: Super Deluxe Edition" also features the original album pressed on vinyl, and a DVD that presents a 5.1 Surround Sound Mix of "Core" together will all four of the videos made for the album: "Sex Type Thing", "Plush", "Wicked Garden" and "Creep". "Core: Super Deluxe Edition" track listing: Disc One: Original Album Remastered 01. Dead & Bloated 02. Sex Type Thing 03. Wicked Garden 04. No Memory 05. Sin 06. Naked Sunday 07. Creep 08. Piece Of Pie 09. Plush 10. Wet My Bed 11. Crackerman 12. Where The River Goes Disc Two: Demos And B-sides 01. Only Dying – Demo * 02. Wicked Garden - Demo * 03. Naked Sunday - Demo * 04. Where The River Goes - Demo * 05. Dead & Bloated - Demo * 06. Sex Type Thing - Demo * 07. Sin – Demo * 08. Creep – Demo * 09. Plush – Demo * 10. Sex Type Thing – Swing Type Version 11. Plush - Acoustic Type Version 12. Creep - New Album Version 13. Plush - Acoustic from MTV Headbanger's Ball (Take 1) Disc Three: Live 1993 Live At Castaic Lake Natural Amphitheater (July 2, 1993) 01. Crackerman * 02. Wicked Garden * 03. No Memory * 04. Sin * 05. Plush * 06. Where The River Goes * 07. Sex Type Thing * 08. Wet My Bed * 09. Naked Sunday * Live At The Reading Festival (August 27, 1993) 10. Wicked Garden 11. No Memory * 12. Sin 13. Lounge Fly * 14. Dead & Bloated 15. Sex Type Thing 16. Naked Sunday* Disc Four: MTV Unplugged (November 17, 1993) 01. Crackerman 02. Creep * 03. Andy Warhol 04. Plush * 05. Big Empty * 06. Wicked Garden * 07. Sex Type Thing * Disc Five: (DVD) Original Album 5.1 Mix, 24/96 Stereo Audio, And Music Videos * Previously Unreleased Bonus "Plush" 7-inch Included with preorder, limited edition of 1,000 units Side 1 01. Plush (Edit) Side 2 01. Sin

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BEAST IN BLACK To Support W.A.S.P. On European Tour

BEAST IN BLACK, the Helsinki, Finland-based metal band led by former BATTLE BEAST guitarist and main songwriter Anton Kabanen, will support legendary heavy metallers W.A.S.P. on the European leg of their "Re-Idolized: The Crimson Idol 25th Anniversary" tour. Anton stated: "It's a great pleasure and honor to go on tour with the legendary W.A.S.P., which is not only one of the best heavy metal bands of all times but also one of the main musical influences of BEAST IN BLACK!" W.A.S.P. with BEAST IN BLACK tour dates: Oct. 28 - B - Antwerp - Trix Oct. 29 - F - Paris - Élysée Montmartre Oct. 30 - F - Strasbourg - La Laiterie Nov. 01 - E - Pamplona - Auditorio de Burlada Nov. 02 - E - Murcia - Sala Gamma Nov. 03 - E - Madrid - La Riviera Nov. 04 - E - Barcelona - Razzmatazz 1 Nov. 05 - F - Limoges - CC John Lennon Nov. 07 - F - Lyon - Le Transbordeur Nov. 08 - I - Bologna - Estragon Nov. 09 - I - Milan - Live Club Nov. 10 - CH - Lausanne - Les Docks Nov. 11 - CH - Pratteln - Z7 Nov. 12 - NL - Tilburg - O13 Nov. 14 - D - Hamburg - Markthalle Nov. 15 - D - Hanover - Capitol Nov. 16 - D - Saarbrücken - Garage Nov. 17 - D - Oberhausen - Turbinenhalle Nov. 18 - D - Geiselwind - MusicHall Nov. 20 - D - Frankfurt - Batschkapp Nov. 21 - D - Stuttgart - LKA Longhorn Nov. 22 - D - Munich - Backstage Nov. 24 - CZ - Hluk - Sports Hall Nov. 25 - PL - Warsaw - Progresja Nov. 26 - A - Vienna - Arena BEAST IN BLACK's debut album, titled "Berserker", will be released on November 3 via Nuclear Blast. The disc was produced by Kabanen and recorded primarily at his studio, Sound Quest Studio. The cover artwork is a collaboration between Anton and Roman Ismailov, who was the original illustrator and graphic artist for BATTLE BEAST. BEAST IN BLACK was formed by Kabanen shortly after he exited BATTLE BEAST in early 2015. By the end of that year, his new group had played its first gig as opening act for NIGHTWISH. The recording process for "Berserker" took more than a year and was completed this summer. The Nuclear Blast deal was inked almost immediately after BEAST IN BLACK put the finishing touches on the album. According to a press release, "Berserker" "continues in the style of Anton's previously composed works which include the first three BATTLE BEAST albums. One of the essential themes on this debut album is the Japanese manga and anime Berserk." Kabanen was dismissed from BATTLE BEAST in February 2015 due to what was described at the time as "insurmountable disagreements" with the other members of the band. In a 2016 interview with Hungary's Hard Rock Magazin, Anton stated about his split with BATTLE BEAST: "To be honest, I'd prefer not to go into the truth how I see it, because probably it would only start an ugly and endless war of words. But at least to squeeze it into minimum without going into details, I can tell that hypocrisy, lying, opportunism and blackmailing was the name of the game. The whole thing was just wrong and twisted and there is no more BATTLE BEAST, if you ask me." Kabanen admitted that it was "hard at first" to move forward after his departure from BATTLE BEAST "but the only solution was just to keep going." He added: "I got support from many dear people; fans, friends, colleagues, family and etc. I'm grateful to everyone who stood by my side. My passion is to create music and I always do it with full heart and uncompromised. So I kept writing new songs and tried to focus in forming a new band/project that would consist of people whose musical professionalism matches — or surpasses — my expectations and of people who would be honest and loyal friends." Regarding why he chose to keep the word "beast" in the name of his new band, Anton said: "I want to continue my vision which I originally started with BATTLE BEAST. Basically, it means writing my own songs with freedom, and the beast has already become an essential part of my life. It's something like Eddie of IRON MAIDEN." Asked how he would compare the music and the overall vibe of his new band to that of BATTLE BEAST, Anton said: "The feeling in this group is totally different. And only in a good way. Everyone can be themselves and we enjoy each other's company and I believe people will feel and see it. In BEAST IN BLACK, the level of musicianship is much higher than in BATTLE BEAST. The band rehearsals, the album recordings and the communication is so much smoother. The music itself is not gonna be so different, but it's gonna be more powerful and heavy." BATTLE BEAST singer Noora Louhimo told Metal Assault earlier this year that the band parted ways with Anton because he "wanted to do all the songs and make decisions on everything, and we weren't willing to do that. We wanted this band to be involved, and have everyone write songs if they want to." BEAST IN BLACK is: Anton Kabanen (BATTLE BEAST) - Guitar, Vocals Yannis Papadopoulos (WARDRUM) - Lead Vocals Kasperi Heikkinen (U.D.O.) - Guitar Máté Molnar (WISDOM) - Bass Sami Hänninen (BRYMIR) – Drums

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DRAGONFORCE: ‘Midnight Madness’ Video Released

"Midnight Madness", the new video from international metal superstars DRAGONFORCE, can be seen below. The song is taken from the band's latest album, "Reaching Into Infinity", which was released on May 19 via earMUSIC on CD, LP and a special-edition CD and DVD. The follow-up to 2014's "Maximum Overload" marks the band's third full-length studio release with singer Marc Hudson, who joined the group in 2011 following the departure of original frontman ZP Theart (now in SKID ROW). DRAGONFORCE guitarist Herman Li says: "Many fans have asked us over the years what's it like working in the studio on an album. The music video from the latest song to be released from the 'Reaching Into Infinity' album, 'Midnight Madness', has the perfect vibe to take the fans behind the scene and see what we get up to!" The bulk of the recording sessions for "Reaching Into Infinity" took place at Fascination Street studios in Örebro, Sweden with producer Jens Bogren, who has previously worked with OPETH, THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT, AMON AMARTH, KATATONIA, SOILWORK and SYMPHONY X, to name a few. The band also laid down tracks while touring their "Killer Elite" best-of album, utilizing Lamerluser Studios in London, U.K.; Dark Lane Studios in Witney, U.K.; as well as the band's own Evil1 Studios in Charleville-Mézières, France and Shredforce One Studios in California. "We were flying out, playing a festival, then back into the studio, then back out again," explained DRAGONFORCE bassist Frédéric Leclercq, who also handled the majority of songwriting on this album. "It was very intense and very tiring. I obviously played bass but also a lot of rhythm guitar, electric and acoustic, and lost my temper a few times. I think we all did at some point, because we wanted to deliver nothing but the best." For their seventh studio album, DRAGONFORCE have opened up their sound like never before, capturing the fierce, forlorn and fun with both menace and melody. "I think we have proven that playing fast was something we were good at, so this time I wanted to bring even more diversity into our music," Frédéric continued. "It's great to challenge ourselves instead of staying in a comfort zone, and I really wanted to experiment with Marc's vocals. I think people are going to be surprised at his brutality." "Reaching Into Infinity" is DRAGONFORCE's first album to feature Gee Anzalone, the Italian drummer who has laid down an insanely impressive performance to provide the perfect backbone to the DRAGONFORCE sound, which, of course, still boasts the bands trademark crazy-fast solos, courtesy of guitarists Herman Li and Sam Totman. "The title of the album explains pretty much what we are trying to do with our music," Frédéric concluded. "Today's world is really crazy — there is fear of the future, uncertainty. But the power of music is infinite, and it can give strength and hope to people."


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GENE SIMMONS And ACE FREHLEY Perform Together For First Time In 16 Years At ‘The Children Matter’ Benefit Concert (Video)

Gene Simmons and his former KISS bandmate Ace Frehley performed together onstage for the first time in over sixteen years last night (Wednesday, September 20) at The Children Matter benefit concert to support the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The even...

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GENE SIMMONS And ACE FREHLEY Perform Together For First Time In 16 Years (Video)

Gene Simmons and his former KISS bandmate Ace Frehley performed together onstage for the first time in over sixteen years last night (Wednesday, September 20) at The Children Matter benefit concert to support the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The event at CHS Field Stadium in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota saw the two musicians sharing vocal duties for three classic KISS songs: "Parasite" from the 1974 album "Hotter Than Hell"; "Cold Gin" from KISS's self-titled 1974 debut; and "Shock Me" from 1977's "Love Gun". "Before you were born, 1973, in New York City, this guy and I — and two other guys — put together a band we'd never seen onstage," Simmons said while introducing his former bandmate. "Let's hear it for Ace Frehley! He still looks great, goddamn it — doesn't he?" Video footage of the reunion can be seen below (the clips were shot and uploaded by Mike Brunn). All proceeds from The Children Matter benefit concert will be directed to the hurricane relief efforts of the nonprofit Matter. The nonprofit works in partnership with on-ground relief organizations to source and ship the items needed most, such as: Matterbox Meal Kits, sanitation and contamination prevention supplies and more to the children and families affected displaced by the hurricane. The Children Matter is a collaborative initiative created by Simmons and the nonprofit Matter on the simple belief that the lives of children matter. Regardless of race, income, gender, religion, or location, every child deserves the same access to a full and healthy life. Frehley told StarTribune that he approached Simmons about being a part of the St. Paul concert. "I just did four shows on the East Coast, and I looked at my calendar and I noticed I was off today," Frehley said."I had to head back to San Diego eventually where I live, so I figured I could make a pit stop here. I called Gene, and he was really excited about me being involved, and it's that simple." Ace recently collaborated with Gene on two songs for the former KISS guitarist's next solo album. Rumors about Frehley's return to KISS gained strength last year after he teamed up with KISS lead singer Paul Stanley on a cover of FREE's "Fire And Water", marking their first collaboration since 1998's "Psycho Circus". Frehley's version of "Fire And Water" appears on his covers collection "Origins, Vol 1", which received great reviews and landed in the Top 25 on the Billboard album chart. Even though Frehley reached out to Simmons a couple of years about contributing to "Origins Vol. 1", the bassist/vocalist ended up not appearing on the record because "either [Gene] didn't get the message or he was just too busy," Frehley told the WPDH 101.5 FM radio station last year. Stanley told Billboard earlier this year that he had no interest in a reunion of KISS's original lineup.

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Watch FOO FIGHTERS’ Appearance On ‘Carpool Karaoke’

The FOO FIGHTERS' appearance on "The Late Late Show With James Corden"'s "Carpool Karaoke" can now be seen below. Watch as James and the FOO FIGHTERS take a drive through Los Angeles, singing the band's classics before dropping into a music store for a...

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Ex-WHITE LION Singer MIKE TRAMP: ‘I Would Not Wanna Play With VITO BRATTA For Anything In The World’

Ex-WHITE LION singer Mike Tramp says that he has no interest in reuniting with guitarist Vito Bratta. The Danish-born singer hasn't played with his former songwriting partner and bandmate since WHITE LION performed its last concert in Boston in September 1991. In the twenty-six years since WHITE LION broke up, Bratta's public profile has been virtually nonexistent, while Tramp has remained active, recording and touring as a solo artist and with the bands FREAK OF NATURE, THE ROCK 'N' ROLL CIRCUZ and, more recently, BAND OF BROTHERS. Tramp also attempted to revive WHITE LION with the 2008 album "Return Of The Pride", featuring new members. Two years later, Tramp ceded ownership of the name WHITE LION to Bratta in an out-of-court settlement. Although Tramp continues to be asked about a possible WHITE LION reunion in almost every interview, he says that he would not want to resurrect the band that made him famous. "The thing is that I would not wanna play with Vito Bratta for anything in the world, I wouldn't wanna spend any time with him," Mike told "Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon" (hear audio below). "We have not talked for many, many years. There's nothing to talk about. He has nothing to add to the table, and I will let him rest in peace. Because I don't need him and I will not go back and do that." He continued: "I'm performing a major amount of WHITE LION songs with the BAND OF BROTHERS in a modern version, and the fans are embracing it because they feel it's real and they understand that this is Mike Tramp up on stage — fifty percent of the WHITE LION songwriting [team] — performing the songs in 2017 his way. And that makes sense. It's not Mike Tramp up there being WHITE LION and stuff like that. "I have finally gotten to that moment where I really cherish and enjoy playing those songs — it just feels like it's real and it's natural in where we are today," he added. "This is not a rehashed version of a band featuring the bass player and the logo." Tramp, who is currently promoting a solo box set, "This & That (But A Whole Lot More)", believes that the reason so many people felt a personal connection with WHITE LION's music had to do with the quality of group's songwriting. "I don't know what was so special [about the musical chemistry between Vito and me], except for when you listen to the songs, of all the bands we were competing against in the '80s, if you can call it that, when you now go back to the catalog and you listen… And the fans will do this, and they will say, 'WHITE LION has its own place,'" he said. "I don't think you can compare WHITE LION to WARRANT or RATT. They have their own place, except for maybe the look and the hair and how we all got boxed together. "Vito Bratta and Mike Tramp had no friendship together except for [the fact that] we played in the same band," he continued. "We had nothing that we shared except for the songwriting we accomplished when we sat down and looked at each other, like almost two chess players or something like that. But when that song was written, Vito went home and I went out into the real world and shared my life with people — [whether] it was riding my Harley, playing baseball… whatever it was. So we had nothing, absolutely nothing in common except for we knew when we had written a great song." Mainly active in the 1980s and early 1990s, WHITE LION released its debut album, "Fight To Survive", in 1985. The band had its breakthrough with the double-platinum-selling "Pride" album, which produced two Top 10 hits: "Wait" and "When The Children Cry". The band continued its success with the third album, "Big Game", which achieved gold status. By the time WHITE LION released its final album, 1991's "Mane Attraction", alternative rock was in the ascendancy, leading to a swift decline of the so-called "hair metal" scene in terms of sales, popularity, radio play, and most importantly, relevance.

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SCORPIONS guitarist Matthias Jabs says that his band "deserves a spot" in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. The German hard rockers, who been eligible for the honor since 1997, had been the decade-long international long shot when their 1982 album, "Blackout", blew up Top 10 in the U.S., powered by the No. 1 rock radio track "No One Like You". The band's follow-up LP, "Love At First Sting", two years later soared to No. 6 on the Billboard album chart with triple-platinum sales while delivering a blitzkrieg of rock anthems, including "Rock You Like A Hurricane", "Big City Nights" and the signature power ballad "Still Loving You". Asked for his thoughts on the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and whether he thinks SCORPIONS should finally get the nod, Jabs told Tigman of the Q103 radio station in Albany, New York (hear audio below): "I've been, I think, at least to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland. I've heard many times, 'The SCORPIONS should be in there.' Especially if you see who else is in there, we would fit right in. And I think we've done enough over the last fifty years to deserve a spot. And it's not the time yet, but maybe one day. And, yeah, I wouldn't mind." There haven't been that many metal or hard rock acts inducted into the Rock Hall: BLACK SABBATH, METALLICA, AC/DC, DEEP PURPLE, GUNS N' ROSES, VAN HALEN and LED ZEPPELIN, to name a few. Rock Hall rules state that artists become eligible twenty-five years after their first records were released, but the Hall also claims that other "criteria include the influence and significance of the artists' contributions to the development and perpetuation of rock 'n' roll," which is, of course, open to interpretation. Despite being eligible for induction since 1999 — twenty-five years after the release of its first disc — KISS didn't get its first nomination until 2009, and was finally inducted in 2014. DEEP PURPLE was eligible for the Rock Hall since 1993 but didn't get inducted until last year. SCORPIONS kicked off their North American tour with MEGADETH on September 14 at Santander Arena in Reading, Pennsylvania. The sixteen-date trek, dubbed the "Crazy World Tour", celebrates SCORPIONS' 1990 LP of the same name. Two of the SCORPIONS' best-known songs, "Winds Of Change" and "Send Me An Angel", both appear on "Crazy World". SCORPIONS have just finished recording a couple of new songs for a forthcoming compilation album that will collect the most popular of their ballad-type material.

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QUEENSRŸCHE To Begin Recording ‘Eclectic’ New Album In October

Shut Up & Rock On conducted an interview with QUEENSRŸCHE singer Todd La Torre prior to the band's August 5 performance at the Clearfield County Fair in Clearfield, Pennsylvania. You can now listen to the chat below. Asked about the progress of the songwriting sessions for QUEENSRŸCHE's next studio album, Todd said: "We're just kind of finishing up the songs that are there. And due to some scheduling issues, we had to push recording back from… Originally, we were gonna start in September, but it'll be October now. So not far off. After this, we've got shows all month, fly dates all month in August, and then some stuff in September. And then October we'll start doing pre-productiong and recording. We still have some shows throughout the year, but just kind of tidying up what's there now, the music." Regarding the musical direction of the follow-up to 2015's "Condition Hüman" album, Todd said: "It's still a little early, because a lot changes in pre-production. So you say, 'Okay, well, let's take this out and change this and swap that,' and you come up with new ideas. I think it'll be a little more uptempo than the last one — probably some more faster-paced songs. Kind of eclectic, but hopefully once it's all done, it'll have a more uniform sound." La Torre also talked about the status of his debut solo album, which he has been slowly putting together for the past few years with his "lifelong friend" Craig Blackwell. "That is still in the works," he said. "A lot more material has developed [in recent months]. It's kind of hard because QUEENSRŸCHE, that takes all my time." Todd said that his solo project will "be pretty heavy. In fact, [Craig] just sent me some other stuff the other day that has some elements of black metal," he added. "It's just gonna be probably just a very power-groove thrash metal album." He added: "QUEENSRŸCHE is very special and very unique. This is definitely much heavier. I would say along the lines of… if I had to categorize it, somewhere between FIGHT and PANTERA — like, the riffs — and maybe a little bit of BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, but with my vocal stylings." According to Todd, his solo record will provide him with an opportunity to explore other vocal styles that he hasn't been able to utilize in QUEENSRŸCHE. "I'm gonna have a mixture," he said. "Some stuff is very deep gutturals, some of it will be a lot more of the raspy, scratchy side of my voice. Some clean melodic stuff too, but overall, it'll be just very aggressive, I think — very aggressive." Helming QUEENSRŸCHE's next record once again will be Chris "Zeuss" Harris, who previously worked on "Condition Hüman". The upcoming disc will be QUEENSRŸCHE's third to feature La Torre who joined the group in 2012. "Condition Hüman" debuted at No. 27 on The Billboard 200 chart, having shifted 14,000 equivalent album units in the week ending October 8, 2015. KAMELOT's Casey Grillo made his live debut with with QUEENSRŸCHE on April 1 at Sycuan Casino in El Cajon, California. He is filling in for regular QUEENSRŸCHE drummer Scott Rockenfield, who is taking time off from the band's touring activities to spend time with his newborn son, appropriately named Rockson.

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