GEOFF TATE On QUEENSRŸCHE Legal Battle: ‘People Were Saying Horrible Things About Me’

Don De Leaumont of The Great Southern Brainfart recently conducted an interview with former QUEENSRŸCHE and current OPERATION: MINDCRIME frontman Geoff Tate. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. The Great Southern Brainfart: The last time we talked, the whole QUEENSRŸCHE name debacle was still unresolved. You have since moved forward with OPERATION: MINDCRIME, and, I'll be honest, the output has been so stellar, especially the "Resurrection" album. Did getting past all of that finally make it easier for you to get back to being creative on your own terms again? Tate: "Yeah, very much so. It was a slow kind of feeling that took a while to really become reality for me. Once it happened, I could recognize it. I don't know if somebody could imagine this, but at the breakup point, there was so much negative energy and people saying horrible things about me and questioning everything I did. Sort of like [the first time somebody asked me for my autograph when we first started out]. I felt uncomfortable about it but they turned it around like I was being an asshole because I didn't want to give them my autograph. That's what I felt was going on with me during that court case. People just had the complete opposite opinion of me and they would say it. [Laughs] It makes you feel very self-conscious for a while and you start analyzing and looking at yourself saying, 'Are they even close to being right? Am I this way? Is this the way I come off?' It's like a process you have to go through to come to terms with who you think you are versus who people say you are." The Great Southern Brainfart: There was such a chemistry between you and [former QUEENSRŸCHE guitarist] Chris [DeGarmo] on and off stage. Do you miss that connection? Not so much in just the terms of QUEENSRŸCHE, but just sitting with an old friend, working on songs, and just playing. Tate: "Honestly, I'm just not that nostalgic about it, really. Don, there's just been so much water under the bridge, so to speak, but it's hard to even find something about it that was pleasing to me. Even though it would be in my best interest to sit here in an interview and say, 'Oh yeah. We were really great together. I miss that. I wish everybody would get back together and be all hunky dory again.' Honestly, I'm enjoying what I'm doing now. I like my life. Looking back on that period of my life with the band, there was so much stress all the time and so many personalities that didn't click. We just tried to make it work for so long. Once you're away from that scene and you're breathing easily and your blood pressure goes down, you wonder, 'Why in the hell did I put up with that for all those years?'" The Great Southern Brainfart: What is one misconception about Geoff Tate that you would love to put to rest? Tate: "Well, I don't really know what a misconception is, because I rarely read about myself, so I don't always know what people think. [Laughs] I've heard people call me arrogant and I don't agree with that. I think I'm confident in what I do and I'm confident in my ideas. Maybe people aren't used to that. I think often times people mistake confidence for arrogance. Another thing, Don, that's kind of unusual is that when I performed the 'Operation: Mindcrime' 1 and 2 albums several years ago, it was kind of like a stage play presentation. I was acting the character. That character is not me. That character is a fucked-up individual whose life has been completely tormented. He's a victim, he's killed people, and he's an addicted personality. He's nothing like me. I think people in the audience sometimes thought that was me, so, yeah, who would like that character? [Laughs] I think it can be confusing for people and I can see how that would happen."

TRIVIUM’s GREGOLETTO, BEAULIEU Name Their ‘Top Three’ Albums, Movies, Books, Drinks (Video) recently met bassist Paolo Gregoletto and guitarist Corey Beaulieu of Florida metallers TRIVIUM on their current tour and asked them to name their top three favorites in a number of categories, including records, drinks, movies and books. Check out the responses below. Drummer Alex Bent made his live debut with TRIVIUM on February 11 at the Academy in Dublin, Ireland. Bent has played with BATTLECROSS and DECREPIT BIRTH in the past and has filled in for Gene Hoglan in TESTAMENT at a number of shows. He is also a member of TESTAMENT guitarist Eric Peterson's DRAGONLORD project, whose long-awaited third album, "Dominion", is expected to arrive later this year. Alex was recruited by TRIVIUM last November after the band fired its drummer of eleven months, Paul Wandtke. TRIVIUM frontman Matt Heafy later said in a Metal Insider interview that the band's last three drummers were merely "session" musicians. Wandtke made his live debut with TRIVIUM in December 2015 at Knotfest in Mexico. A short time later, he appeared in an official promotional photo with the three core members of the band. Paul joined the Florida outfit on the recommendation of DREAM THEATER's Mike Mangini and replaced Mat Madiro, who departed due to reasons of "creativity." Madiro was the featured drummer on TRIVIUM's latest album, "Silence In The Snow", which was released in October 2015 via Roadrunner.


Now in its 21st year, Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp has announced its next camp, featuring Nancy Wilson of HEART along with special guests Steven Adler (GUNS N' ROSES) and Gregg Bissonette (DAVID LEE ROTH). It will take place June 29 - July 2 in Los Angeles, California. Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductees Ann and Nancy Wilson first showed the world that women can rock when their band, HEART, stormed the charts in the '70s with hits like "Crazy On You", "Magic Man", "Barracuda", "Straight On" and so many more. Not only did the Wilson sisters lead the band, they wrote the songs and played the instruments too, making them the first women in rock to do so. HEART continued topping the charts through the '80s and '90s with huge hits like "These Dreams", "Alone", "What About Love", "If Looks Could Kill", "Never" and a string of other hits that showcased the sisters' enormous talents as musicians, singers and songwriters. From four Grammy nominations, a Lifetime Achievement award from the Grammy Foundation, to the Hollywood Walk Of Fame and the unforgettable Kennedy Center Tribute to LED ZEPPELIN, HEART is one of the most recognized and awarded rock and roll bands of all time. "I'm excited to be part of Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp this year. Some of my rock brothers have already been involved and really enjoyed the experience!" said Nancy Wilson. Nancy is currently working on a new project, ROADCASE ROYALE, with Liv Warfield and Ryan Waters (both former members of Prince's NEW POWER GENERATION) and other members of the HEART band. Steven Adler is best known as the former drummer of the hard rock band GUNS N' ROSES, and has played on such mega-hits as "Welcome To The Jungle" and "Sweet Child O' Mine". Gregg Bissonette has become known as one of the most versatile drummers in the business, from being part of the David Lee Roth band, touring with Ringo Starr, recording with SANTANA and many more. Attendees come for four days and are placed in a band with other musicians and mentored by professional touring musicians. They will rehearse, jam and perform with the incredible Nancy Wilson as well as the amazing rock star musicians who participate as the mentors such as Vinny Appice (BLACK SABBATH), Joe Vitale (JOE WALSH), Joel Hoekstra (WHITESNAKE) and many more. The finale takes place at the legendary Whisky A Go Go on the iconic Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California, where all of the camper bands will perform on this infamous stage. Also available is The Ultimate VIP fan package-for the non-musician man or woman who always wanted to come to Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp! Attendees will participate in the question-and-answer sessions and watch the amazing jams and performances with Nancy Wilson along with the incredible rock star counselors. Attend master classes; attend the opening night party and all-star counselor jam as well as the live performances at Lucky Strike and the Whisky A Go Go on the legendary Sunset Strip plus much more! This amazing experience is on sale now at

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE Frontman: ‘The Creative Juices Never Stop’

On November 25, Morgan Richards Interviews conducted an interview with guitarist/vocalist Matt Tuck of Welsh metallers BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE at the first show of the band's recent U.K. headlining tour. You can now watch the chat below. A couple of excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). On BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE's latest song, "Don't Need You", which was released as a standalone single last November: Matt: "The creative juices never stop, really; it's just getting opportunities during a touring cycle to put them down. So that three-week window that we had before we recorded 'Don't Need You' was the only time we had off this year where we were able to do anything. So, yeah, the creative juices never turn off; it's just finding the time to capture them and release them, let alone just demo them somewhat. But we had three weeks, we knew the tour was coming up, we thought, 'Let's do something cool to get everyone excited and refresh the vibe.'" On BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE's previously announced plans to release an EP before the end of 2016: Matt: "'Don't Need You' is the EP. We used up every single hour of every day we had off in that three-week window, and that's what we came out with. We had expected to do more than one song, but it started to take on such a good vibe that we wanted to spend all the time on making sure that this track was just killer. So that's what we did, instead of writing a bunch of stuff for the sake of it, and we're so glad we did, 'cause it's such a quality track now. And we just gave it the time and attention it deserved." On being masters of their own destiny: Matt: "We've been very lucky that we have achieved everything we set out to do. We've always done it by our rules, not having anyone dictate what we should do, how we should sound, what to do next. Everything we do and everything that's come out from this band has been purely us. So that's kind of the way we roll, and that's the way we will continue to roll. It's just kind of enjoy every moment, really." BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE recently signed a worldwide deal with Search And Destroy/Spinefarm Records. The band's last studio album, "Venom", was released in August 2015 via RCA. The CD marked BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE 's first release since the departure of longtime bassist Jason James and addition of Mathias (formerly of REVOKER). BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE drummer Michael "Moose" Thomas took a temporary leave of absence from the band last year to spend time with his wife, as they awaited the birth of his first child. He has since been replaced on the road by Jason Bowld (PITCHSHIFTER, AXEWOUND).

ALL THAT REMAINS Announces ‘Madness’ U.S. Tour

Massachusetts metallers ALL THAT REMAINS will embark on a U.S. tour at the end of April. The band will be supporting its eighth studio album, "Madness", which is due out on April 28. The effort was recorded at West Valley Studios in Woodland Hills, California with producer Howard Benson, who has previously worked with such acts as MOTÖRHEAD, PAPA ROACH, THREE DAYS GRACE, FLYLEAF, P.O.D. and HALESTORM. Tour dates: Apr. 29 - Jacksonville, FL - Welcome To Rockville Apr. 30 - Ft. Myers, FL - Fort Rock May 03 - Richmond, VA - Canal Club May 06 - Concord, NC - Carolina Rebellion May 07 - Silver Spring, MD - Fillmore (with KORN) May 08 - Pittsburgh, PA - Mr. Smalls May 09 - Louisville, KY - Mercury Ballroom May 11 - Milwaukee, WI - The Rave (with THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, FOZZY, KYNG, SONS OF TEXAS) May 12 - Ringle, WI - Q & Z Expo Center (with THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA) May 14 - Kansas City, MO - Uptown Theater (with KORN) May 16 - Hidalgo, TX - Pharr Events Center (with FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH) May 17 - Corpus Christi, TX - Concrete Street Amphitheater (with FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH) May 19 - Baton Rouge, LA - The Varsity Theatre May 20 - Mobile, AL - Soul Kitchen May 21 - Knoxville, TN - The Concourse At The International May 23 - Baltimore, MD - Baltimore Soundstage May 24 - Lancaster, PA - Chameleon Club May 25 - Patchogue, NY - The Emporium Vocalist Phil Labonte told Revolver magazine about ALL THAT REMAINS's approach on the new disc: "We wanted to mix it up a little bit and write from a vocal perspective this time. So I went to L.A. and came up with vocal ideas and melodies and then sent those chord progressions back to Oli and he wrote riffs in response to that. [Doing it this way] turned the record into a vocal album as opposed to a guitar album. And that affected some things. Like, there might be less intricacy in the riffs because they were written in response to my voice." Labonte added that the majority of the new ALL THAT REMAINS songs feature "significant programming and electronic sounds. And that's something we wanted to have flowing through the entire record. So you're gonna hear that kind of influence on most of the tracks." Asked by Ryan Daniels of of Rock 105.5, Carolina's Pure Rock radio station, about the "sellout" accusations that have been leveled at ALL THAT REMAINS for the more radio-friendly sound of "Madness", Labonte said: "If you're doing something — making music — and specifically catering to an audience that you have catered to or that has found something to attach to, is it a sellout to try and change and do something different? Or is it a sellout to be, like, 'Okay, this is the safe play where I know I can make my money?' It's, like, I know I that I can cater to this narrow group of people, and if we don't stray, these people will keep buying our records, these people will keep coming to our shows. Is it a sellout to be, like, 'I'm gonna try something different?'" He continued: "People have been saying 'sellout' about us since 2006, since we put out 'The Fall Of Ideals'. We started doing clean choruses, and people were, like, 'Oh, sellout!' And it's, like, gimme a fucking break. We've always tried to push [the envelope] and change." Labonte also stressed that fans of the more aggressive ALL THAT REMAINS material have plenty to look forward to on the follow-up to 2015's "The Order Of Things". "People forget that every single record ALL THAT REMAINS puts out has heavy stuff on it," he explained. "It's, like, people focus on the stuff that's not as heavy, but every record. I mean, on 'The Order Of Things', there was 'No Knock', there was 'Criticism And Self-Realization', there was 'Pernicious'. These are heavy songs. And it's almost like because you've done something that's outside of the lines, 'cause you colored outside the lines, we're not gonna even pay attention to all the stuff you colored inside the lines. This record, there's five songs on the record that are exactly what you would expect from ALL THAT REMAINS. There's some songs where we kind of were, like, 'All right, let's push this and maybe change what ALL THAT REMAINS can do, or what ALL THAT REMAINS is allowed to do.' But it ain't like we're not heavy anymore. And if you're just, like, 'Oh, they're not heavy anymore,' then you're just not listening." allthatremainsmadnesstourspring2017

NIKKI SIXX Weighs In On AXL ROSE Fronting AC/DC, Partial GUNS N’ ROSES Reunion

MÖTLEY CRÜE and SIXX:A.M. bassist Nikki Sixx has weighed in on AC/DC's decision to use Axl Rose as the the lead singer of the band's recent tour, saying that it was "pretty cool." Rose replaced Brian Johnson last year for U.S. and European AC/DC dates after the longtime AC/DC singer was ordered off the road by doctors due to hearing issues. In an interview conducted last year but only now posted on YouTube, Neon Sunsets asked Sixx for his opinion of the Rose-AC/DC pairing. He said (see video below): "I'm pretty much about the original band as much as possible. AC/DC, for me, growing up with Bon Scott [late AC/DC singer], was such an important band. And Brian, actually, really came in and [had] the hardest job in the world, and the band really went to the next level. Brian's a wonderful guy. I couldn't see life without Bon, but then I could never see life without Brian. Axl's in, he's singing, he's a great singer, and I think he's gonna do a great job. And I don't know if Brian will come back or not come back, but I actually think it's pretty cool." Sixx went on to call Axl "an interesting character" who has "been a bit reclusive," and commented on the ongoing partial reunion of GUNS N' ROSES' classic lineup, which sees Axl joined by guitarist Slash and bassist Duff McKagan for the "Not In This Lifetime" tour. "Of all the people in the business that have tried to get the original GUNS N' ROSES back together, they could never get it back together," Nikki said. "They got a version of it back together, and you can see Axl looks happier. They're gonna go out and they're gonna play, and he's gonna do that AC/DC stuff." He continued: "I don't know Axl, really, that well. I mean, I knew him a bit in the '80s when [GUNS N' ROSES] opened for MÖTLEY CRÜE. He was always sweet to me. He was always kind of shy and respectful. And I'm happy for him. He looks happy. He looks healthy. He missed doing what he's doing right now, and I'm sure having Slash and Duff by his side feels really good. So it's badass. Good for him. And good for Slash and Duff too. Good for the fans." Johnson said in an open letter to fans that he intends to solve his hearing problem and continue recording and touring, although he did not say whether he would be rejoining AC/DC. The vocalist wrote: "My entire focus is to continue medical treatment to improve my hearing. I am hoping that in time my hearing will improve and allow me to return to live concert performances. While the outcome is uncertain, my attitude is optimistic." Johnson had been AC/DC's frontman for 36 years, making his debut on the classic "Back In Black" album. GUNS N' ROSES' current "Not In This Lifetime" tour features classic lineup members Slash, McKagan and Rose backed by drummer Frank Ferrer, guitarist Richard Fortus, keyboardist Dizzy Reed and new second keyboardist Melissa Reese.

METALLICA’s ‘Hardwired… To Self-Destruct’ Jumps To No. 2 On BILLBOARD Chart

According to Billboard, METALLICA's latest album, "Hardwired… To Self-Destruct", has jumped from No. 14 to No. 2 on The Billboard 200 chart this week, with 81,000 units (up 191 percent) and 79,000 in album sales (up 209 percent). The gain is owed mostly to a concert ticket/album bundle sale redemption promotion with the band's stadium tour that went on sale on February 17. Redemptions of albums included with the purchase of a concert ticket register as a sale in the week the customer redeems/receives the album. The Billboard 200 chart ranks the week's most popular albums based on their overall consumption. That overall unit figure combines pure album sales, track equivalent albums (TEA) and streaming equivalent albums (SEA). "Hardwired… To Self-Destruct" debuted as expected at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 album chart last November, selling 291,000 copies in its first week of release. Both of the band's previous outings, 2008's "Death Magnetic" and 2003's "St. Anger", sold more copies in shortened sales weeks. "Death Magnetic" moved 490,000 copies in a three-day window, while "St. Anger" shifted 418,000 copies in a similar frame. "Hardwired... To Self-Destruct" consists of two discs, containing a dozen songs and nearly 80 minutes of music. The North American leg of METALLICA's "WorldWired" 2017 tour kicks off on May 10 in Baltimore, Maryland and will hit stadiums in 25 cities before winding down in mid-August. Support on the quartet's first North American trek since 2009 will come mainly from AVENGED SEVENFOLD and VOLBEAT, with GOJIRA taking over for the latter group for the last six shows. metallicahardwiredcd

LABYRINTH Releases Video For New Song ‘Bullets’

After a seven-year hiatus, Italian metallers LABYRINTH will return with a brand new studio album, "Architecture Of A God", on April 21 via Frontiers Music Srl. The official video for the song "Bullets", taken from "Architecture Of A God", can be seen below. In the spring of 2016, the band's founding members, Andrea Cantarelli and Olaf Thorsen received a call from Frontiers asking them to discuss with vocalist Roberto Tiranti the possibilities of a reunion with a return to their classic sound to mount a comeback for the band. After much discussion, the guys agreed to make an album and also to make a very special appearance at the the first annual Frontiers Metal Festival, where they performed their signature album, "Return To Heaven Denied", in its entirety. [Said performance is being prepared for a future home video release.] Olaf says: "This has been easily the most difficult and challenging album I ever worked on. "To be honest, when Frontiers contacted me, insisting to make this reunion happen, I was skeptical and worried. We couldn't simply make a new album; it wouldn't have been honest to the fans, to ourselves. "Of course, this is as easy to say as also unbelievably tough to make real: we have so many good albums out there, looking at us from their past and which people still keep in their minds and hearts. That's why we decided to strengthen our lineup, joining with nobody else but the best musicians we believed they would have fitted perfectly into our perspective of the music we were about to write." Andrea adds: "The making of this album has been a fantastic journey. We brought back a lot of classic elements of our music, mixing it with something new and I'm so enthusiastic about the final result." Roberto Tiranti makes it short: "Just when you thought you already gave everything you could, expressing every possible musical aspect of your way of intending music for a band like LABYRINTH, then comes 'Architecture Of A God' to remind you that nothing is impossible!" With a new lineup rounded out by drummer extraordinaire John Macaluso (TNT, RIOT, ARK), Oleg Smirnoff (VISION DIVINE, EDRITCH) on keyboards, and Nik Mazzucconi on bass, LABYRINTH are truly coming back stronger than ever and have offered up a superb self-produced album. "Architecture Of A God" (mixed by DGM's Simone Mularoni) is a record that encompasses all the elements the band is known for: fast power metal songs with unforgettable hooks, epic prog-infused metal songs, and some great melodic numbers that compose a record which is easily going to be another milestone for the Italian metal masters! "What we have in our hands, now, it's 'Architecture Of A God': by far, the most mature and complete album we ever wrote," concludes Thorsen. "There's no will to challenge our glorious past, but I'm really confident that, once released, this album will set a new standard for our music!" "Architecture Of A God" track listing: 01. Bullets 02. Still Alive 03. Take On My Legacy 04. A New Dream 05. Someone Says 06. Random Logic 07. Architecture Of A God 08. Children 09. Those Days 10. We Belong To Yesterday 11. Stardust And Ashes 12. Diamond LABYRINTH 2017 is: Roberto Tiranti - lead vocals Olaf Thorsen - lead guitars Andrea Cantarelli - lead guitars Nik Mazzucconi - bass guitar Oleg Smirnoff - keyboards John Macaluso - drums

PYRAMAZE: Lyric Video For New Song ’20 Second Century’

Melodic metal band PYRAMAZE will release its fifth album, "Contingent", on April 28 in Europe and North America through Inner Wound Recordings. The official lyric video for the song "20 Second Century", taken from the new disc, can be seen below. With "Contingent", PYRAMAZE has grown and matured into a band that is capable of satisfying their fans while simultaneously continuing to break new ground. The incorporation of modern cinematic film score elements mixed with progressive metal riffs and melodies will leave the listener breathless! Huge, sweeping, hard-hitting, and poignant, "Contingent" is an epic post-apocalyptic conceptual piece inspired by current events, the human spirit to overcome struggle and diversity, and the brotherhood that lies therein. The album was produced, mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen, who has previously worked with VOLBEAT, AMARANTHE, EPICA and EVERGREY, among others. "Contingent" track listing; 01. Land Of Information 02. Kingdom Of Solace 03. Star Men 04. A World Divided 05. Nemesis 06. Contingent - Part I: The Campaign 07. 20 Second Century 08. Obsession 09. Heir Apparent 10. Contingent - Part II: The Hammer Of Remnant 11. Under Restraint 12. The Tides That Won't Change 13. Symphony Of Tears PYRAMAZE is: Terje Harøy - Vocals Jacob Hansen - Guitar, Bass Jonah W. - Keyboards Toke Skjønnemand - Guitar Morten Gade Sørensen - Drums


Available now for the very first time, "Chris Farlowe And The Thunderbirds: The Beginning…" presents a 12-song demo recording produced by legendary guitarist and producer Jimmy Page (pictured). Recorded in 1961 at RG Jones Sound Studio in Morden, London, this historic session marks the launch of a highly successful career for Chris Farlowe. It was also the very first official turn in the producer's chair for Jimmy Page who went on to capture the timeless studio and live performances of LED ZEPPELIN that today serve as a blueprint for all modern rock recordings that followed in their formidable wake. For both, it all started with "The Beginning…" These revelatory performances, available for pre-order now and scheduled for exclusive worldwide distribution via on April 30, brilliantly capture the spirit of adventure and excitement of the London music scene in the early 1960s. In his liner notes accompanying "The Beginning…", Farlowe summarized his first encounter with Page and the session by stating: "We would play anywhere just for the buzz and it was at one of these gigs that we met a very young boy called Jimmy Page, who liked my band and my guitarist Bobby Taylor. Jimmy suggested that he wanted to record a demo album of the band, so he booked the RG Jones studio in Morden, London, and now after 56 years, it is to see the light of day." And what a musical storm they conjured! As Page points out in his liner notes for the album, you'd never know that Farlowe and his band mates were in a recording studio for the first time. "The band settled into their recording role immediately and an album was recorded that day," he wrote. "The guitar and bass were recorded by direct injection and the band listened to their progress via headphones…They adapted really quickly to this method, the individual performance exhibits the style and class that this band had and Chris Farlowe's performance is absolutely extraordinary." The band's tightness and musical telepathy is apparent from the get-go with two hard driving instrumentals to kick off the recording. The opening track, "Entry Of The Slaves", features Bobby Taylor on guitar who is described by Page in the liner notes as, "the coolest stylist, both in his image and his playing, that I had seen in a guitarist who was in an unsigned band." The incendiary "Spring Is Near" follows and showcases the rhythm section's individual and collective talents with both Johnny Warne on bass and Johnny Wise on drums contributing thrilling solos. On track three, Farlowe steps up to the mic and tears into a powerful version of the Ray Charles classic "What'd I Say". Next up are spirited versions of the rock and roll classics "Let The Good Times Roll", "Sticks And Stones", "Kansas City" and "I'm Moving On". Each track is powered along by Wise and Warne, and feature cracking guitar solos from Taylor. The volume and tempo comes down, but the intensity remains high on the soulful ballad "Just A Dream", which features an emotional and heartwrenching vocal turn from Farlowe. On this track, THE THUNDERBIRDS provide brilliant dynamics and atmosphere to set the perfect mood behind Farlowe's vocal. From here, the recording shifts gears again with "Money" driven along by a rumbling beat on the tom-toms from Wise and more gorgeous guitar work from Taylor. Farlowe's howling vocal breathes new life and fire into this timeless rock and roll standard. On "Matchbox", THE THUNDERBIRDS lay down a powerful and respectful homage to the great Carl Perkins classic with a groove that chugs along like a freight train barreling down the track, with every strum, pluck and beat brilliantly captured by Page on tape. Next up, Farlowe and THE THUNDERBIRDS make Don Gibson's "Hurtin' Inside" their own with Taylor's fiery licks and Wise's snare drum work perfectly complimenting Farlowe's soulful delivery and his incredible range. A spirited version of Bobby Parker's "Watch Your Step" closes out the proceedings with Farlowe deftly pushing the band along, climbing up his range effortlessly into falsetto and ad-libbing brilliantly into the fadeout. Page's complete satisfaction with what he was able to capture on tape that day is abundantly clear. "I'm really pleased to be able to make this musical document available for the first time to give an idea of the musical cauldron that was going on in London in 1961, a few years before the Chicago Blues renaissance and THE BEATLES," he said. These recordings on "The Beginning…" marked the first collaboration between Page and Farlowe who went on to work together when Page was a session musician and Farlowe was on Immediate Records. Page featured on the hit single "Out Of Time". In 1982, Farlowe featured on Page's "Death Wish II" soundtrack, and again when Farlowe made a guest appearance on Page's 1988 solo album "Outrider". "Chris Farlowe & The Thunderbirds: The Beginning" is now available for pre-order at in advance of its April 30 release date. The release is available in two editions: Standard and Deluxe. The 1-LP, 1-CD set is available signed and numbered by Chris Farlowe and Jimmy Page in a limited-edition release bringing the signatures of two music legends together for the very first time.