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SLAYER’s PAUL BOSTAPH: Drum-Cam Footage From St. Augustine, Florida

Drum-cam footage of SLAYER drummer Paul Bostaph performing the song "Born Of Fire" during the band's July 21 concert at St. Augustine Amphitheatre in St. Augustine, Florida can be seen below. Bostaph, who was previously SLAYER's drummer from 1992 until 2001 and recorded four albums with the band, rejoined SLAYER in 2013 after the group's original drummer, Dave Lombardo, was effectively fired from the band due to a contract dispute with the other members of the veteran California-based thrash metal act. In an interview with Fuse, SLAYER guitarist Kerry King stated about Bostaph: "Paul, I mean, he's a machine. I don't worry about him at all. He never would have been out of SLAYER if he didn't quit twice. It was never over anything personal — he was always my friend — so it was very easy for him to come back and be a part again." Speaking to Loudwire about Bostaph's contributions to SLAYER's latest album, "Repentless", King said: "I think it's just making the unit whole, more than anything. Of course, Paul can play the shit out of the drums. I didn't realize — and I don't mean this in a detrimental way to Paul — I never realized Paul had so many niche SLAYER fans who are just Bostaph fans; I didn't realize that, and a lot of people had mentioned that to me since Paul has been working on the record. And I think that's great. I used to say 'God Hates [Us All]' was his 'Reign In Blood'Bostaph's. The new one is his 'Reign In Blood'. The new one's… I would play any song live." "Repentless" debuted at No. 4 on The Billboard 200, having shifted 50,000 equivalent album units in the week ending September 17, 2015. The album was released on September 11, 2015 via Nuclear Blast. Photo credit: Andrew Stuart

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BUTCHER BABIES’ CARLA HARVEY: ‘We Are Very Diverse In Everything That We Do And Love’

Los Angeles-based metal outfit BUTCHER BABIES was recently interviewed by Broc Johnson of the 103.1 The Edge radio station. You can now listen to the chat using the SoundCloud widget below. Speaking about the musical variety on BUTCHER BABIES' third labum, "Lilith", co-vocalist Carla Harvey said: "That's what makes us so special. That's who we are as people; we are very diverse in everything that we do and love, so it's not false, if you will. We all grew up listening to [music from] the '90s. I'm a huge fan of the '90s riot grrrl stuff, so it's not unnatural for us to wanna throw a song like ['Headspin'] in. It's 100 percent authentically BUTCHER BABIES still." Added co-vocalist Heidi Shepherd: "I think when you get to your third album — this is our third album, then we've had two EPs on top of that — I think experimenting as you move forward is what keeps you growing. And if we're gonna put out the same record four or five, six times with the exact same song structure, exact same formula, everything, that's gonna become very stagnant and boring and it won't last very long. But for us, we've always been very diverse, in every album we've had. Our last album, there was a ballad — a straight-up, full-on ballad." Continued Carla: "I will say that we're very lucky in that our fanbase allows us to be who we are and they don't freak out when we throw a ballad out there; they don't lost their minds and say, 'We hate you now. Go back to your metal roots.' They allow us to be authentic, and that helps so much." On the topic of the songwriting process for "Lilith", Heidi said: "For us, what we like to do, and we got to do on this album, because we took a year off touring to write and record, we sat in our studio and we jammed out a whole slew of songs and ideas that eventually became the 12 songs on the album — or 11; 12 with the bonus for Japan. But, yeah, on this album, you hear some of the coolest, more neat, poppy stuff that we've ever done, and then the heaviest stuff we've ever done too. I really do believe that this is the best that BUTCHER BABIES has ever been. And with the addition of [drummer] Chase [Brickenden] too, it definitely brought a whole new energy. I think that we needed that. To go home and get in the studio [with] all that fresh, new energy, it was really a pleasant experience." "Lilith" was released on October 27 via Century Media. The follow-up to 2015's "Take It Like A Man" was produced by Steve Evetts (THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, SEPULTURA, SUICIDE SILENCE).

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CANNIBAL CORPSE Worked ‘Extra Hard’ On ‘Red Before Black’ Album, Says PAUL MAZURKIEWICZ

Finland's Metalliluola recently conducted an interview with drummer and founding member Paul Mazurkiewicz of Florida-based death metal veterasn CANNIBAL CORPSE. You can now listen to the chat below. Speaking about CANNIBAL CORPSE's 14th studio album, "Red Before Black", Paul said: "I think it's one of our best albums we've done — best collections of songs that we've put together here. I mean, we really worked very hard. Not that we've never worked hard before, of course, but for some reason, it just seemed like we worked a little extra hard. I know I did; I really wanted to take it to another level, if I could. I had really a sense of wanting to just do the best I can ever do, I guess, and I worked really hard — harder than I ever have, like I was just saying. So I'm really, really pleased with the album. I think the songs turned out great; I think they're brutal, they're catchy. We got a great guitar sound on the record. I'm really happy, actually.' He continued: "We're always happy for a release. We always try our hardest. It's never been a thing of going through the motions with us, of course — we wouldn't be here 30 years [later] on our 14th CD. But, like I said, just for some reason or another, this one just in particular, for me, I worked so hard and extra hard, and we worked hard together as a band to really craft these songs. And I think just from being around as long as we have, we're just constantly trying to get better and becoming better songwriters and musicians and all that kind of thing. And I think it just happens with age — it should, in a sense. And you work hard and all that too, of course — everything. And that's what's kind of happening with us. I like to think that this album is a culmination of, you know, from the very beginning of CANNIBAL to, say, our 13th album, and then here you go, you've got the best of all that, and here's 'Red Before Black', our best effort to date, I believe." "Red Before Black" was released on November 3 via Metal Blade Records. The follow-up to 2014's "A Skeletal Domain" was recorded at Mana Recording Studios in Saint Petersburg, Florida with producer/engineer Erik Rutan (SOILENT GREEN, BELPHEGOR, HATE ETERNAL), who previously worked with CANNIBAL CORPSE on 2006's "Kill", 2009's "Evisceration Plague" and 2012's "Torture". CANNIBAL CORPSE kicked off a USA tour in support of the disc on November 3 in Jacksonville, Florida. Support on the trek is coming from POWER TRIP and GATECREEPER.

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SADUS Working On First New Music In Over A Decade

Long-running San Francisco Bay Area thrashers SADUS are working on their first new music in over a decade. Guitarist/vocalist Darren Travis tells BLABBERMOUTH.NET: "I have been working on new material for quite sometime with drummer Jon Allen in his personal studio in Texas. "I am going to record again in Trident Studios in the next few weeks for two/three new tracks. Guitars and voice. Teasers will be posted on Facebook via YouTube links. Then full songs soon." SADUS's last album, titled "Out for Blood", was released in North America in May 2006 via The End Records. The CD was issued in Europe in February 2006 through Holland's Mascot Records. The follow-up to 1997's "Elements of Anger", "Out for Blood" was recorded at Trident Studios in California with producer Børge Finstad (MAYHEM, BORKNAGAR, VINTERSORG, EXTOL), engineer Juan Urteaga and manager Rob Lewis. The album featured a guest appearance on one track by TESTAMENT frontman Chuck Billy. SADUS bassist Steve DiGiorgio rejoined TESTAMENT in 2014 following the departure of Greg Christian. Steve previously played with TESTAMENT on "The Gathering" (1999) and "First Strike Still Deadly" (2001) albums.

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LEAVES’ EYES Releases Music Video For ‘Sign Of The Dragonhead’ Title Track

LEAVES' EYES new album, "Sign Of The Dragonhead", will be released on January 12 via AFM Records. Produced by Alexander Krull at Mastersound Studio, the disc features cover artwork by Stefan Heilemann (LINDEMANN, EPICA, KAMELOT). The official video for the "Sign Of The Dragonhead" title track can be seen below. "Sign Of The Dragonhead" will be the first full LEAVES' EYES album featuring singer Elina Siirala, who joined the band in early 2016 following an acrimonious split with the group's original frontwoman, Liv Kristine. Liv was previously married to LEAVES' EYES' co-vocalist Alexander Krull. On "Sign Of The Dragonhead", the chronicles of the Vikings is continued and reveals that the band have honed their strengths even further. At the same time, musical surprises have raised their sound to a new level. The title track is a raw number featuring martial choirs and forges a sonic arch to "King Of Kings", continuing the adventurous journey of King Harald I. Frontman Alexander Krull and virtuoso guitarist Thorsten Bauer prove to be ingenious masters when it comes to composing haunting metal hits. Every track has the musicians upping the creative ante, revealing an impressive amount of diversity without neglecting their trademark sound elements. "Across The Sea" evolves into a metal shanty with an irresistible rhythm, bound to be a definite neckbreaker. "Like A Mountain" sets to music a tragic Icelandic love saga and surprises as a bass-heavy goth rock track. An emotional song with plenty of tough elements which allows Elina to reveal the full range of her vocal skills. Confident and autonomous, her classically trained voice takes possession of the songs — gentle at times, powerful at others — lending a highly individual note to her interaction with Alex's growls. LEAVES' EYES has succeeded in creating compositionally complex yet tangible tracks. Perfectly coordinated instrumentation — never top-heavy, always unconventional. Medieval nyckelharpas, fiddles, uilleann pipes and whistles blend naturally with the metal guise, creating catchy songs such as "Shadows In The Night" and "Völva", which whisks its listeners away to the mythical world of the seeresses and sorceresses of the Northern countries. Nobody expected a song like "Riders On The Wind", which has classic heavy metal and Celtic folk clash to create an acoustic Viking party. These musicians' deep affinity with the Viking era is revealed on "Jomsborg" about the legendary fortress and its Baltic Viking army, where in fact Alex's ancestors hail from. "Sign Of The Dragonhead" track listing: 01. Sign Of The Dragonhead 02. Across The Sea 03. Like A Mountain 04. Jomsborg 05. Völva 06. Riders On The Wind 07. Fairer Than The Sun 08. Shadows In The Night 09. Rulers Of Wind And Waves 10. Fires In The North 11. Waves Of Euphoria LEAVES' EYES and Kristine have offered different accounts of the circumstances behind their breakup, with LEAVES' EYES claiming the decision to part ways was amicably made in January 2016 and Liv saying she was dismissed from the group in April 2016. LEAVES' EYES is: Elina Siirala - vocals Alexander Krull - vocals Thorsten Bauer - guitar Pete Streit - guitar Joris Nijenhuis - drums

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BLAZE BAYLEY: Video Recap Of North American Tour

A 23-minute video recap of Blaze Bayley's North American tour can be seen below. The footage was filmed and edited by Nicolas Houbre. The British heavy metal vocalist, who was previously the frontman of both IRON MAIDEN and WOLFSBANE, will release the...

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JUDAS PRIEST: Listen To Audio Sample Of ‘Firepower’ Title Track

An audio sample of "Firepower", the title track of the upcoming album from JUDAS PRIEST, can be streamed below. The disc will be released in March 2018. The British heavy metal legends spent the last few months in the studio recording the follow-up to 2014's "Redeemer Of Souls" with the band's longtime collaborator Tom Allom, acclaimed British knob-twiddler Andy Sneap (MEGADETH, EXODUS, TESTAMENT, ACCEPT) and engineer Mike Exeter (BLACK SABBATH). JUDAS PRIEST singer Rob Halford told about "Firepower": "It's great. This is what PRIEST lives for. We're a hard-working metal band still making the metal forty-odd years later, thanks to our glorious metal fans around the world. "So we make music now, obviously, still for our own pleasure and enjoyment, and the challenge of finding a new riff and a new melody is always very… It's a great feeling," he continued. Rob also talked about the process of making the new PRIEST album, saying: "We came off the 'Redeemer Of Souls' tour, had a little bit of a break, like we've always done, and then we dove straight back into the second record with Richie [Faulkner, JUDAS PRIEST guitarist]. And it's Richie's moment, really, because when we did 'Redeemer Of Souls' with Richie, obviously it was his first time with PRIEST as a writer, so I think it was great how Richie coming into the band at that point, and then going through the writing experience and the world tour together really put Richie in a better place for when we went in to do 'Firepower' — just because you learn so much in a band." Halford added: "Richie's playing is fucking unbelievable on this album. And just the contribution, I think, as the writing team of Richie and Glenn [Tipton, JUDAS PRIEST guitarist] and myself. This is some of our best work — without a doubt." Faulkner joined PRIEST in 2011 as the replacement for founding guitarist K.K. Downing. Prior to hooking up with PRIEST, Faulkner was the guitarist in the backing band for Lauren Harris, daughter of IRON MAIDEN bassist Steve Harris. Rob recently told "Trunk Nation" that collaborating again with Allom, who produced every PRIEST release from "Unleashed In The East" (1979) through "Ram It Down" (1988), along with several live records since then, has been "brilliant" and "absolutely fantastic." "Tom has a rich history with PRIEST, particularly those great moments with 'Screaming For Vengeance', 'Defenders Of The Faith' [and] 'British Steel'," he said. "My God — he's the man in that respect. So I thought it was really great for Andy Sneap and Mike Exeter to accept that this was gonna be like a three-man job, with Andy mostly holding the reins, but with Tom by his side and Mike there [as well]." Sneap, who plays guitar in the reactivated British occult metal act HELL, recently told Serbia's Hardwired magazine that PRIEST's new album will contain "a really good energy and some real classic moments." He said "Rob did great" during the album's final recording sessions. "I'll tell you what: for someone who's got that much experience, there's no ego there at all," he said. "We'd do, like, six or seven passes, and I'd ask him to try something a bit [different] on this part, and he was, like, 'No problem.' And he'd give me another four takes with a slightly different vibe. And then me and Tom Allom would sit there and we'd comp it, and we pretty much agreed on everything." The North American leg of the "Firepower" tour will kick off on March 13 in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania and will wrap on May 1 in San Antonio, Texas. Support on the trek will come from SAXON and BLACK STAR RIDERS.

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EDENBRIDGE Releases ‘The Die Is Not Cast’ Performance Video

Austrian symphonic metallers EDENBRIDGE will release a new live album, "Live Momentum", on November 29. Limited to 1,000 copies worldwide, it will only be available through the band's webstore without any label support. "Live Momentum" track listing: 01. The Force Within (Intro) 02. Mystic River 03. Alight A New Tomorrow 04. Skyline's End 05. Shiantara 06. The Moment Is Now 07. Return To Grace 08. Star-Crossed Dreamer 09. The Die Is Not Cast 10. Remember Me 11. The Invisible Force 12. Solitaire 13. The Greatest Gift Of All/The Bonding 14. Higher The official video for the song "The Die Is Not Cast" can be seen below. EDENBRIDGE's latest album, "The Great Momentum", was released in February through SPV/Steamhammer. Like its predecessor "The Bonding" (2013), "The Great Momentum" was produced by guitarist/composer Lanvall and again mixed by Karl Groom (THRESHOLD) at his Thin Ice Studio in Surrey, England. The mastering was taken care of by Mika Jussila (STRATOVARIUS) at the renowned Finnvox Studios. Among the featured guests on the album are vocalist Erik Martensson (ECLIPSE, W.E.T., NORDIC UNION) and the Junge Philharmonie Freistadt orchestra. Lanvall told about the making of "The Great Momentum": "Right after our last studio album, 'The Bonding', I wanted to do something different musically. In 2010, Sabine [Edelsbacher, vocals] and I played a short acoustic showcase in Hanoi (Vietnam), just piano and vocals. This was really inspiring, so we founded VOICIANO, the acoustic project. Only acoustic instruments were allowed to use, so no drums, electric guitars and keyboards. I recorded most of the piano parts live without click tracks and then everything followed. In 2014, we released our first album 'Everflow'. After that, I had the idea to do a history DVD about the first 15 years of our career. In the end, I sat over one year in the cutting room and out came a nine-hour documentary on six DVDs called 'A Decade And A Half… The History So Far'. In spring 2015, I immediately started writing the new studio album 'The Great Momentum', which also took me one year in the writing and arranging process. In June [2016], we recorded the drums and after that, I spent the whole summer of recording in my own studio. That all was a very relaxing process this time and made a lot of fun. After a three-weeksholiday break, I went to England to Karl Groom for the mix, which was a great process again. It is the fifth album we have been done together now and the collaboration is always awesome. Finally, Mika Jussila put the final touches on the album on mastering in Finnvox."

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Ex-HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD Vocalist DEUCE To Release New Album ‘Invincible’

Ex-HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD vocalist and notorious U.S. rapper/producer Deuce will release his brand new album, "Invincible", on December 1 via Better Noise Records. The disc is described in a press release as "a slick hybrid of rap, hip-hop and rock with rebe...

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Former TRIVIUM Members Launch BLACKNOVA

Former TRIVIUM members Travis Smith and Brent Young have rejoined forces in a new Florida-based hard rock band called BLACKNOVA. The new group is writing and recording its debut EP for a tentative spring 2018 release. The debut single, "Eclipse From Within", will be accompanied with a music video. The formation of BLACKNOVA began in 2015 when Smith met fellow musician Rob Adams — with both of them having musical backgrounds, they hit it off quickly and became fast friends. They soon began discussing the idea of building their own music studio for post-work jam sessions/music recording. After a bit of searching, they acquired and converted a storage facility, creating their own custom studio space over the course of six months. The vision of the studio was to be a place that was inviting, comfortable and ultimately embracing creativity. Travis's childhood friend Brent Young soon joined in on the studio sessions as the second guitarist and after only after a few sessions, it was apparent the trio had great musical chemistry. The band's initial intentions were simply to get together, play music they loved and have fun. At the outset, their focus was not about playing out and touring. However, the more music they wrote, the more their priorities began to naturally shift towards these goals. The final stage in the band's growth came when they decided to make a change in the lineup. After trying out a few singers that didn't quite seem to fit, Young decided to go back to bass guitar and step up to the role of lead vocals. The group agreed that having a three-member band was a vital element to achieving BLACKNOVA's sound, and this final shift in roles completed the lineup. BLACKNOVA's style has been described as hard rock, heavy metal, progressive rock and groove rock. The band is influenced by musical groups such as DREAM THEATER, ERRA, SEVENDUST, TOOL, MACHINE HEAD, SHINEDOWN, GUNS N' ROSES, METALLICA, IRON MAIDEN and MEGADETH. BLACKNOVA is: Rob Adams - guitars, backing vocals Travis Smith - drums Brent Young - lead vocals, bass guitar

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