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MÖTLEY CRÜE’s NIKKI SIXX To Tell Personal DAVID BOWIE Song Stories at New York Event

MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx is among the artists who will speak at "Song Stories: Bowie", an intimate event honoring David Bowie's work and legacy, as told through the powerful stories of artists and fans alike. Set to take place on December 5 at the Sonos Store in New York, it will lend a voice to creators inspired and influenced by Bowie, and give fans the opportunity to hear their original stories paired with the songs that best accompany them. The immersive, free event will debut exclusive content, unveiling an original photo display curated by cultural commentator Paul Gorman, which features rarely seen images of Bowie's New York City life taken by photographers including Mick Rock, Bob Gruen, and more. Sonos will then welcome artists and creators influenced by Bowie, including Sixx; legendary rock photographer, Mick Rock; composer and founding member of DEVO, Mark Mothersbaugh; and music journalist (currently host of "MTV News") and front person of PERFECT PUSSY, Meredith Graves to share powerful, personal memories of Bowie and the accompanying songs that perfectly soundtrack the memory. The New York edition of "Sonos Song Stories: Bowie" is a continuation of a series of chats that kicked off at the recently opened Sonos Store in the Seven Dials neighborhood of London, England. The inaugural event, hosted by Miranda Sawyer on November 15 and 17, featured rarely seen images of Bowie's London life captured by Mick Rock, Brian Duffy, Rolf Adlercreutz and Mike Maloney; the evening also included powerful, Bowie-inspired memories and stories as told by Nick Rhodes, Goldie, Graham Coxon, Carl Barat, Peaches and Rostam. "Sonos Song Stories: Bowie" is a free event and fans can register for a chance to hear these never-before shared stories in New York City at this location. Bowie was modern music's most unrelenting innovator, whose singular sound and vision impacted generations and continues to play a vital role in shaping the musical landscape of New York and the world. "Song Stories: Bowie" will utilize the new Sonos One with Amazon Alexa to pair the stories of the speakers with the Bowie songs that inspired them. After Bowie died in January 2016, Sixx paid tribute to the British art-rock icon, saying: "Bowie not only inspired me as a songwriter but inspired me to add layers to my creativity as an artist. "People are meant to evolve. It's a natural part of life, but so many artists become stagnant," he continued. "Bowie showed us that it's not only important to evolve as artists but mandatory. Funny thing is what David was doing all along was teaching us to expect more from ourselves and never settle for less that extraordinary. Proving all along he was the teacher and we were all just his students. He taught us well. "Bowie was my hero and always will be." Photo credit (above): Courtney Sixx

Sonos Song Stories: Bowie is a free event at Sonos in Soho, NY, celebrating David Bowie as told through powerful tales of artists and fans alike on Tuesday, December 5. Fans can register for a chance to hear never-before shared stories in New York City at:

— David Bowie Official (@DavidBowieReal) November 29, 2017

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AVENGED SEVENFOLD Singer Says GRAMMY Nomination Was ‘A Nice Surprise’

AVENGED SEVENFOLD frontman M. Shadows says that the band's Grammy nomination for "Best Rock Song" for "The Stage" was "a nice surprise." It's the first-ever Grammy nod for the Southern California-based group comprised of Shadows, guitarists Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance, bassist Johnny Christ and drummer Brooks Wackerman. Also nominated in the "Best Rock Song" category were METALLICA's "Atlas, Rise!", K.FLAY's "Blood In The Cut", NOTHING MORE's "Go To War" and FOO FIGHTERS' "Run". "Every year the nominations have come out, and we've had some pretty big records, and every year we've never gotten anything," the singer told Los Angeles Times. "So we kind of wrote it off as, 'We're probably never going to get one, and that's the way it is.' So it was a nice surprise." Asked if the nomination feels like a validation, Shadows said: "It's coming at a good time for us. I think when we were younger, all these things were, like — we don't care about the awards, we were just kind of out there. And I think some perspective on our career and perspective on how these things work, we're just really grateful at this point in our lives to be able to get the nod and show up. and it's rock song, so it's a televised award and we're really grateful for that. And to be in there with FOO FIGHTERS and METALLICA and all those bands, we're just excited. We're going against some Goliaths, but it's not about the win. We're just really happy to be recognized." The 60th annual Grammy Awards, which will be held on Sunday, January 28, 2018 at Madison Square Garden in New York City and broadcast on CBS at 7:30 p.m. ET. The Grammys are voted on by approximately 13,000 Recording Academy members, who are comprised of artists, songwriters, producers and engineers. More than 22,000 recordings were submitted for Grammys consideration this year. For 2018 awards, music must have been released between October 1, 2016 and September 30, 2017 in order to be eligible. "The Stage" is the title track of AVENGED SEVENFOLD's latest album, which will be re-released as a "deluxe edition" on December 15. The band's 2018 North American arena headlining tour will kick off January 12 at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville with special guests BREAKING BENJAMIN and BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE.

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Mascot Label Group has announced a new and exciting alliance with guitar legend Steve Vai's Favored Nations Records label. This strategic partnership is a reflection of the synergy created by the respect that Vai's Favored Nations has garnered as the record industry's leading boutique guitar-oriented recording label, and the strength offered by Mascot Label Group as one of the bigger, still growing and dependable independent purveyors of recorded music in the world. Ed Van Zijl of Mascot Label Group says: "This is another great step for Mascot Label Group. We are always looking to move forward and collaborate with the best musicians and minds in the business, so we are very excited to be working with the prestigious Favored Nations Entertainment and with the great Steve Vai. Our future together will be very exciting." Steve Vai will continue to spearhead his label's artists and repertoire department, but Favored Nations Entertainment will now benefit from the advantages of Mascot's well-established business structure, which will provide strong marketing, publicity, and distribution on a worldwide basis. Vai says: "We are absolutely thrilled that Favored Nations will be partnering with the Mascot label in Mascot overseeing all Favored Nations day-to-day biz. Ed Van Zijl and Mascot have a powerful infrastructure including marketing, accounting, distribution and artist development and have always been a tremendously artist friendly camp. This partnership will also be freeing up more of my time to focus on the A&R function I enjoy most in owning a label. "And I'm happy to report my first signing under this new deal, THE MUTUAL ADMIRATION SOCIETY presented by Sterling Ball, John Ferraro and Jim Cox. This record is a dream treat for the lovers of melodic beautiful-sounding guitar. Along with the special guest artists who have contributed to this record, Sterling Ball's unique technique and tone on the guitar is a surprise highlight." In addition to all future Favored Nations products, Mascot Label Group will also manage the re-release of the label's back catalogue. Founded in 1999, Favored Nations provides a platform for artists of the highest caliber to deliver exciting, energetic, and emotional performances in a market that was virtually invented by founder Steve Vai. Favored Nations artists have included Johnny A., Larry Carlton, Peppino D'Agostino, Marty Friedman, Johnny Hiland, Allan Holdsworth, Eric Johnson, Stanley Jordan, Steve Lukather, Novecento, John Petrucci, Eric Sardinas, Neal Schon, Dave Weiner, THE YARDBIRDS and Dweezil Zappa, among others. Favored Nations' inaugural release with Mascot will be the debut by Sterling Ball's new band, MUTUAL ADMIRATION SOCIETY, which sees Ball teaming with drummer John Ferraro and keyboardist Jim Cox. Produced by the band, the record was mixed by Rich Mouser and engineered by Bill "The Sonic Doctor" Evans (FLYING COLORS, GALACTIC COWBOYS, NEAL MORSE), whose ground-breaking mix technology, Harmonic Phrase Analysis, allows mixes to be created with unequalled transparency and detail. Special guests on the album include Steve Morse, Steve Lukather, Steve Vai, Albert Lee, John Petrucci, and session legend Jay Graydon. Sterling Ball says: "When John Ferraro, Jim Cox and I set out the make this record, it was a passion project to celebrate our love for music and guitar. It's since grown to an incredible project featuring some of the greatest guitarists in the world, and more importantly life-long friends. It's beyond an honor to be the first release by Steve Vai on Favored Nations, whom I consider to have one of the most discerning voices in guitar-related music today."

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PEARL JAM’s Documentary Film ‘Let’s Play Two’ Gets Its Own 8-Bit Game

Following the release of the long-awaited documentary "Let's Play Two" that immortalized PEARL JAM's sold-out August 2016 shows from Wrigley Field comes the "Let's Play Two" baseball game named "Home Run Hitting Contest". Designed as an 8-bit game inspired by the iconic performances at Wrigley Field, the game features all the band members as baseball players. Play it here. "Let's Play Two" was directed by renowned director/photographer Danny Clinch and produced by Monkeywrench Productions, Tourgigs Productions, Universal Music Publishing Group, Republic Records, FOX Sports and Major League Baseball in collaboration with Milkt Films and Polygram Entertainment. With Chicago being a hometown to Eddie Vedder, PEARL JAM has forged a relationship with the city, the Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field that is unparalleled in the world of sports and music. From "Ten" to "Lightning Bolt", the feature film shuffles through PEARL JAM's ever-growing catalog of originals and covers — spanning the band's twenty-five-year career. Through the eyes of Danny Clinch and the voice of PEARL JAM, the film showcases the journey of the special relationship — using the past and present of both the band and the Chicago Cubs through the music, the sweat and the eternal hopes of being both a Cubs fan and PEARL JAM fan. "In my films and photographs, I love to explore the relationship between a band, their fans and the location," Clinch explains. "When it happens that the main characters of your film are PEARL JAM, the Chicago Cubs, their fans, and Wrigley Field during a historic moment, you know it's going to be epic. Our instincts were correct to follow the story and it took us to a historic Game 7 of the World Series ending a hundred-and-eight-year drought for the Cubs. I have learned to welcome the unexpected and it always pays off if you're ready for it." Clinch and Milkt executive producer Lindha Narvaez have been a director/production team on film projects for fifteen years, including PEARL JAM live concert film "Immagine In Cornice" (2007) and various PEARL JAM EPKs throughout the years. Danny, Lindha and "Let's Play Two" cinematographers Vance Burberry and Josh Goleman as well as editor Taryn Gould collaborated with PEARL JAM to produce content for the release of 2013's "Lightning Bolt", including a short film and music video for "Mind Your Manners". Republic Records released the "Let's Play Two" soundtrack in September in conjunction with the film's theatrical release.

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The end of an era, perhaps. Or perhaps not. What we know as we close 2017 is that BLACK SABBATH completed a presumably final stretch of tour dates that culminated where it all began nearly half a century ago: Birmingham, England. Tony Iommi, who announced around the release of the album "13" that he has been battling lymphoma, is in remission, and is reportedly tending to the band's recorded works, including a possible follow-up studio album. At this point, Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler have made a proud stand in their elder years, attesting that time may be the enemy for some, but not for those with supreme wherewithal and good fortune. The fact that these guys, Ozzy in particular, survived decades of decadence to climb onstage as monarchs of the heavy metal realm and put on a performance of such imperial quality, well, if needs must, the guys deserve to call it a day. Of course, the Ozzman himself isn't yet ready to lock the door to his dressing room as he next prepares for another solo jaunt. For now, we have "The End", a video presentation of BLACK SABBATH's seemingly last live show. Ozzy jokes to his emotional, thunderstruck audience at the Genting Arena in Birmingham, "I nearly said 'Should we come back and do it again?'" You can imagine the collective gasps of anticipation from the crowd before Ozzy let the proverbial air out of the balloon by following up his cajoling with the anticlimactic retort, "We're not." Yet, Tony Iommi himself drops the hint of a possible commemoration show upon BLACK SABBATH's approaching 50th anniversary. KISS and the SCORPIONS retracted on their "farewell" oaths, so you never know. If thisis the end of BLACK SABBATH, at least in live fashion, what a hell of a way to wrap. Iommi and Butler already had the opportunity to say goodbye properly to Ronnie James Dio and the victorious, if short period he regaled BLACK SABBATH during the HEAVEN AND HELL run. It's obviously a subjective matter, but those performances ring superior to the Ozzy 2.0 run, particularly with Vinny Appice on board to effectively recreate the full "Mob Rules"-era SABBATH lineup. Not to harp on the obvious, but the lack of Bill Ward due to contractual disagreements really stung, and that's not to downplay the heroic backup of Tommy Clufetos, who did a magnificent job. Clufetos, who will follow Ozzy back on the road, has also played for other legends such as Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie and others. Yet, Clufetos's clean, high-octane thrashing and clubbing gets frequently checked down here so as not to dust his front line, and, to be frank, there's something about Ward's grimy whirligigs that was sorely missed. Nevertheless, Clufetos deserves no blown raspberries and BLACK SABBATH gave Birmingham, England, and all those traversing from countries around the world, everything they could've asked for, reputedly one last time. "The End" may be just that, or it may be a clever marketing gimmick to tide folks over until the 50th anniversary. It is a methodic and powerful performance lightened up by a puckish jumping jack at center stage who panders to the crowd more than convention dictates. Yet knowing this could be the very last BLACK SABBATH show, Ozzy Osbourne was not going to rest on his laurels unless people were clapping in tandem during every song and ralphing their guts back at him in appreciation. While the Birmingham attendance readily falls prey to Ozzy's repeated summons to "go crazy”, particularly on the pickup sections, they send him and the band prevailing tears of both joy and sadness. Some brought inflatable hogs with their own scrawls of "War Pigs" to the occasion. The moment truly feels like a funeral when the show begins with the terrorizing death tolls of "Black Sabbath", backed up visually with a depicted blaze on the jumbotron and propelling pyrotechnics representing a memorial pyre. The pace is painfully slow, with Tony Iommi's doom slides even more barbed than usual. Ozzy attempts to remain malevolent and somber, yet when the opportunity arises, the marauder disappears and the playful man-child emerges, preferring to make the BLACK SABBATH show a happy hour. This, despite the band rumbling through its dirge models "Into the Void", ""Under the Sun/Every Day Comes and Goes", "Snowblind", "Hand of Doom", "Children of the Grave" and, of course, the perpetual succession of "Behind the Wall of Sleep" with "Bassically/N.I.B. " "Children of the Grave", though shoved toward the end of the set, is a hugely cathartic moment, as it is the suspicion of conclusiveness. Prior to, Tony Iommi wreaks havoc with one of his career’s most spectacular guitar solos during "Dirty Women". Prior to that, Tommy Clufetos wows the crowd with his own theatrics spilling out of "Rat Salad". Before any of that comes an awesome medley spanning the more expressionistic period of Ozzy's original run in the band, "Supernaut/Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/Megalomania". Ozzy Osbourne may command much of the attention by attrition, yet it feels like he's there playing his part while Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler rip away as maestros with psychedelic projections streaming behind them. The two are stoic and diligent, Butler appearing grim on top of focused, though Ozzy manages to break up the usually unflappable Iommi on occasion with tension-breaking silly faces. The second half of the performance is where Iommi and Butler get to freewheel and improvise more. When "War Pigs" arrives sooner than expected, they all but leap at the chance to dress up the band’s masterpiece with tumbling scales. As much of a warning to heed today as back in the Vietnam era, "War Pigs", "Hand of Doom", "Fairies Wear Boots" and "Iron Man" serve as reminders of manmade holocaust as once again global political tensions teeter on the brink. The obvious set closer, "Paranoid", is a moment of rapture to escape the pervading cynicism cast by "Children of the Grave". Accompanying the video presentation is a five song EP, "The Angelic Sessions", re-recordings by the band at Angelic Studios just days after this Birmingham performance. While "Sweet Leaf" is sadly wrung out, the other tracks, "The Wizard", "Wicked World", "Tomorrow's Dream" and "Changes" are passable, if not outright fun. "Wicked World" is another classic sociopolitical tirade of its time, and the down tempo "Changes", from which Ozzy Osbourne derived a slew of his own solo ballads, retains its moping charm here. Ozzy's vocals are still wonderfully bittersweet in this new take. While new beginnings are hardly the inklings anyone gets from "The End", it doesn't quite ring of actual finality, either. There's incredible mileage left in the tanks of these blues and doom blokes, and though the band doesn’t play at the same rapid urgency as it once did, the heat is reserved for the finessing. In that respect, "The End" is a gallant and sometimes goofy triumph for BLACK SABBATH.

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ALTER BRIDGE Vocalist Says Band’s Recent Shows With Orchestra ‘Far Exceeded Our Expectations’

ALTER BRIDGE vocalist Myles Kennedy was recently interviewed by James Geiser of Antihero Magazine. The full chat can be streamed below. A few excerpts follow (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): On ALTER BRIDGE's recent performances with a 52-piece orchestra at London's Royal Albert Hall: Myles: "You know, why not? We just thought, 'It's been 13 years — what haven't we done?' We felt that a fair amount of our catalog would work well in that environment, thinking that strings and all of the dynamics you could incorporate... being able to paint a musical canvas with that as well as just guitar, drums and bass would be really fun. I have to say, it far exceeded our expectations. We weren't really sure how the whole thing would be received or how it would go, but I remember the first day of rehearsals, I had a lot of goosebumps — a lot of hair-raising moments where it was obvious they were bringing something really magical to the entire process, which we loved getting to experience." On whether the band plans to do any similar shows in the future: Myles: "I would love that. After we did those two shows, we definitely got to talking, and I think everybody agreed that we need to find a way to do this again, though there are a lot of things we'd need to do to make that happen. It's a lot of people to take out. It's different when you have a four-piece band versus a big orchestra, but if we can make it work logistically, I'm sure we will approach it in the future. There's just something about hard rock and metal with that very symphonic, orchestrated element that just seems to work. You can't say that about every genre of music, but I feel like with some things, it's like chocolate and peanut butter — it just goes together well." On how he juggles his various musical commitments: Myles: "It's certainly been busy, and that's a good thing. In 2017, as a musician, if you can stay busy doing this, you're very fortunate. The traveling part of it, if you ask most any touring musician, it's probably high on the list as far as what's difficult — not to be a whiner, but that part of it can kind of, just from a physical side, can beat you up if you're not sleeping right, not eating right. But with that said, you get to play music; you get to get up on stage; you get to connect with the fans; and hopefully that will refill the well, so to speak. If you're feeling a little haggard from road life, then that energy will hopefully will fill the tank, so it kind of balances itself out." On where he thinks his work ethic comes from: Myles: "It's a delicate balance. There are days when I wish I could clone myself, but somehow, I've managed to make it work. I think at the end of the day, a lot of it has to do with a love for music, and when I'm not doing music, I'm kind of lost. We just did this tour overseas, and it was fun, and we came back and I told myself since I'd recently finished my solo record, I didn't have to worry about writing for that or putting a ton of energy into that. I'd been working pretty diligently between touring and writing all year, and I was like, 'When I get home, I'm going to try to power down — I'm going to try and kind of balance myself out a little bit.' It was fine for the first few days, but then I discover that I start going a little crazy if I don't have music in the mix, so that really didn't last too long. Before I knew it, I had a guitar or was doing something that involved music. It's my bliss — it's just me following my bliss." On his 2018 plans: Myles: "The plans are still getting ironed out. I've been talking with Slash about seeing what's going to come next. I definitely have plans to release the solo record next year and tour on that. It will be another busy year." On his upcoming solo debut, "Year Of The Tiger": Myles: "The solo record is definitely different from pretty much anything I've done. That was intentional. I think there was a part of me that was really longing to express music a little differently, and strip things down musically and try some different instrumentation. I really wanted to make a record about the vocal, so with that said, you do things differently. I stripped away the high-gain guitars and the big wall of sound — the bombastic elements so that the vocal would really be featured. Lyrically, it tells a story — the whole record is about 1974, which is the year my father passed away when I was a kid. It basically documents my father dying and then what came after that with my mother and brother and I, and how we kind of had to start over. It's kind of a concept record, really. There are elements in there where I'm really letting people in, and I think the music was just telling me that that's what needed to happen. I felt like as I was creating the chord progressions and the instrumentations and thinking about how this was going to sound, I felt like it just had to be a really honest record, and was just not going to try to hide behind anything. It will be interesting — I'm excited to put it out there, but it's definitely kind of a new frontier for me." Kennedy will release "Year Of The Tiger" via Napalm Records in the spring. The 12-song effort was helmed by ALTER BRIDGE's longtime producer Michael "Elvis" Baskette. "Year Of The Tiger" will feature a guest appearance by drummer Zia Uddin of THE MAYFIELD FOUR, a group Myles descries as his "first real national touring band" back in the late 1990s and early 2000s. ALTER BRIDGE is continuing to tour in support of its fifth album, "The Last Hero", which came out in 2016. The group is expected to take most of 2018 off from the road while the bandmembers focus on other projects. Writing for the follow-up to "The Last Hero" will begin next year, with tentative plans to release the effort in 2019.

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SLASH Sells Beverly Hills House For $8.7 Million

According to TMZ, GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Slash sold his mansion in the Mulholland Estates, a guard-gated community in the Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles, to rapper Big Sean for $8.7 million. Slash put the house on the market in June 2015 for $10.9...

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Ex-THE GATHERING Vocalist ANNEKE VAN GIERSBERGEN Credits DEVIN TOWNSEND And ARJEN LUCASSEN For Inspiration To Form VUUR spoke with VUUR singer Anneke Van Giersbergen (ex-THE GATHERING) prior to the group's November 10 performance alongside EPICA and MYRATH in Zlin, Czech Republic. The full chat can be seen below. A few excerpts follow (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): On VUUR's origins: Anneke: "I did THE GENTLE STORM with Arjen Lucassen [AYREON]. We made an album together and we needed a live band for it, and we put together a live band just to tour for a year for the album. They were so great, and great guys to play with. I wanted to make a solo album after that, and more and more I got the urge to form a more heavy band, and also working with Arjen and also with Devin [Townsend], people like that inspired me to make my own heavy album, my own songs. I had a lot of ideas, so I asked the guys, like, 'Will you join me for a new band?' They all said, 'Yeah.' Here we are — it took us two years to write songs, to form the band, to do everything, and it's quite exciting. At the same time, it's also nerve-racking, because I did a lot of things over the last 25 years or so, but every time I start something new, you have to kind of start over. People know you, but it's not like people will then just take everything you do into their hearts. You have to build again. "I believe so much in this band, but to start over again, to persuade people — 'Listen to this; this is good; this is my new thing' — it's hard. In a good way, because it keeps me focused and it's never boring, because we have to work hard all the time for it, but sometimes I think, 'I need to stick to one thing, build something in fuckin' five years or so,' but I have so many different ideas. Having said all this, I do think this band is something that can grow, really. I'm already thinking about the new album, writing a little bit already. I want a second album to come out of this band. The guys in the band are fantastic, we have such good players, I think we have a good group — so I'm not going to let them go. I'm building again." On what she considers to be her greatest accomplishment: Anneke: "I would say in general, because I did so many different things, I think the accomplishment is that I tried, and I think I grew as a singer, as a performer, as a songwriter. And I'm still not done. I think that's the biggest thing for me. Of course, working with Arjen and Devin is big for me, and in this day and age, forming a band like [VUUR] is something I'm already proud of." VUUR will embark on a European headlining tour in February 2018. The group will be supporting its debut album, "In This Moment We Are Free – Cities", which was released on October 20 via InsideOut Music. The disc was produced by Joost Van Den Broek, who was also involved in the writing process. Other co-writing partners are Mark Holcomb (PERIPHERY), Esa Holopainen (AMORPHIS), Daniel Cardoso (ANATHEMA), and both of VUUR's guitar players wrote a song as well. Anneke co-wrote "Freedom - Rio" with Holcomb and Joost Van Den Broek. In early 2016, Anneke decided for the sake of clarity to narrow her musical focus, choosing to go in a folk acoustic direction as a solo artist and in a heavy progressive metal direction as a band vocalist. The name VUUR — translated from Dutch as "fire", which can also be interpreted to mean "passion" or "drive" — was chosen as a moniker to represent Anneke's metal side, with the idea that when fans buy a ticket with the VUUR name on it they will be getting her heavy progressive music, while an Anneke Van Giersbergen show will be entirely different. VUUR lineup: * Anneke Van Giersbergen (ex-THE GATHERING) - lead vocals * Ed Warby (HAIL OF BULLETS, AYREON, ex-GOREFEST) - Drums * Jord Otto (MY PROPANE, ex-REVAMP) - Guitar * Ferry Duijsens - Guitar * Johan Van Stratum (STREAM OF PASSION) - Bass

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METALLICA Guitarist Wants To Bring His Collection Of Vintage Horror Film Posters ‘All Over The World’

METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett recently spoke with Metal Magnitude about his collection of vintage movie posters, many of which were recently on display at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts in an exhibit called "It's Alive! Classic Horror And Sci-Fi Art From The Kirk Hammett Collection". The full chat can be streamed below. A few excerpts follow (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): On collecting: Kirk: "There's a whole field dedicated to restoration and preservation of movie posters, and there's a complete field of experts that all they do is restore and preserve movie posters for museums, for collectors, for business and whatnot. I'm connected to all the best people, because I want all the best work done on my posters. I don't do that stuff myself — I was told not even to attempt to do anything like that myself because I'd probably do more harm than good — but knowing that there's incredible people out there, when I find a movie poster and it's, like, tattered, and it looks like it's about to fall apart into a million pieces, I know that I can take it to someone who can put it together and, like a Frankenstein monster, piece it into something that comes alive again. "There's posters that when I first started collecting 25 years ago, I only dreamed of having, because there was no known copies of it. I used to dream of having a 'Frankenstein' three sheet and a 'Mummy' three sheet, and I have them now, and it's amazing. It just goes to show that if you're patient enough and you stay in a hobby long enough, good things eventually show up. Good things happen." On whether he has plans for similar exhibits elsewhere: Kirk: "For me, the collection, I'm always looking to expand it. I'm always on the hunt for future stuff, so whenever people ask me about the collection, the very first thing I ever think about is, 'What are my plans for recent acquisitions?' That's what I think about first — 'How do I contribute to the collection?' The idea is to bring this collection all over the world in whatever way we can, to get it seen by as many people as possible." On METALLICA's immediate future: Kirk: "We're going to be on tour for the next couple years. Hopefully we won't take eight years to put out another album. Things are moving ahead on that, and right now, our main thing is to make it through the tour in one piece." Hammett released a coffee table book in 2012 called "Too Much Horror Business" that featured photos of his extensive collection of monster and horror memorabilia. He displayed a portion of his collection in the "Kirk's Crypt" exhibition during the 2012 and 2013 Orion Music + More festivals. The METALLICA guitarist is also known as the Fear FestEvil horror convention organizer. Photo credit: Allison White


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THE HELLCAT SAINTS Supergroup Feat. ALICE IN CHAINS, THE CULT Members Added To ‘Rhonda’s Kiss’ Benefit Concert

Rhonda's Kiss, an organization that helps cancer patients in need, last month announced that JANE'S ADDICTION will headline the third annual benefit concert on Friday, December 8 at the Palladium in Hollywood. The L.A. based collective THE HELLCAT SAINTSJerry Cantrell (ALICE IN CHAINS), Josh Freese (DEVO, NINE INCH NAILS), Billy Duffy (THE CULT), Dave Kushner (VELVET REVOLVER), Franky Perez (APOCALYPTICA), Scott Shriner (WEEZER), and many more — will open the show. Proceeds from the concert event will benefit the Cedars-Sinai Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute and further the mission of Rhonda's Kiss, supporting programs to assist cancer patients, and helping those who receive a cancer diagnosis make ends meet during treatment. Tickets for the one-night-only concert are available here. Perry Farrell describes the event: "Rhonda's Kiss is a most unique charity, as they have considered what most organizations overlook; which is how are patients going to pay their bills while in treatment? …the answer is Rhonda's Kiss." "At Cedars-Sinai, it is our mission to treat the cancer patient as a whole, rather than just the disease," said Amin Mirhadi, MD, radiation oncologist at the Cedars-Sinai Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute. "We are proud to collaborate with the Rhonda's Kiss foundation to help us achieve that." "Raising money for cancer is a reminder that every day, people are struggling with the disease and need the support to maintain their dignity and fight," said Kyle Stefanski, CEO of Rhonda's Kiss. "We are blessed to have strong support from artists such as JANE'S ADDICTION, the public, and hospitals like Cedars-Sinai to be able to help more and more people fight this terrible disease." In 2014, Rhonda Stefanski was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. While she lost her battle, one of the greatest gifts she left was to create Rhonda's Kiss, an event to raise money to help those in the inner city who receive a cancer diagnosis, but may be unable to make ends meet for treatment and support. Through the Rhonda's Kiss Los Angeles event and with proceeds benefiting Cedars-Sinai, Rhonda's Kiss provides financial support to decrease late-stage cancer diagnosis in urban communities, and primarily for patients in financial need, by using a three-pronged approach: outreach (education, awareness and screening), navigation (medical and home) and patient services (treatment and financial assistance, and emotional support). Funds are distributed by local hospitals in areas where money is raised.

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