Can METALLICA Keep Touring Until They Are In Their 70s? ROBERT TRUJILLO Weighs In

In a brand new interview with the KSHE radio station, METALLICA bassist Robert Trujillo was asked if he can see himself still playing with the band when he is in his seventies. The fifty-two-year-old musician responded (hear audio below): "We always say, okay, with METALLICA's music, there's a certain physicality to it, and the stages are big, so there's more [likelihood of] an injury. I mean James [Hetfield, METALLICA frontman] has already had surgery on his neck and his back. I think Dave Mustaine [MEGADETH], same thing. Corey [Taylor] from SLIPKNOT. All these guys… Oh, Tom Araya from SLAYER. Same — neck surgery. So heavy metal will take you down. [Laughs] You've gotta be ready for that." Trujillo's latest comments echo those made by METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich, who told Billboard back in November: "Whether we'll be able to play 'Master Of Puppets' in our seventies, I just don't know. With METALLICA, there's a physicality and a weight that has to be part of it. You can play it less heavy, slower — or you can realize that the music deserves that physical approach, and if the physical delivery isn't there, then maybe it's better not to do it." When asked who his role models are for working past retirement age, Hetfield told Billboard: "Everybody mentions THE ROLLING STONES. They could probably play until they're a hundred and twenty. Lemmy [of MOTÖRHEAD] gave it all he had to the last breath. Bruce Springsteen, another guy I admire for his endurance. But Angus Young [of AC/DC] — that guy blows my mind. That guy sweats so much every night. I can't believe his head is still on his body." The North American leg of METALLICA's "WorldWired" 2017 tour kicked off on May 10 in Baltimore, Maryland and is hitting stadiums in 25 cities before winding down in mid-August. Support on the quartet's first North American trek since 2009 is coming mainly from AVENGED SEVENFOLD and VOLBEAT, with GOJIRA taking over for the latter group for the last six shows. Hetfield previously told the Nerdist podcast that METALLICA would cap its live schedule starting in 2017 at around fifty shows a year. He explained: "My body has told me to tell these guys that fifty shows a year is kind of what we can do, so make the best of those. And I think we all kind of agree in that. But fifty shows a year, that's pretty good. My body can handle that. Body, mind and spirit all need to kind of revitalize themselves at home, and days off for voices — things like that — so fifty shows a year, it goes pretty quick, I'm sure."

ANTHRAX’s CHARLIE BENANTE Enhances And Relaunches His ‘Benante’s Blend’ Coffee Line

Anyone who knows ANTHRAX drummer Charlie Benante knows his deep and passionate love for the taste of coffee. So much so that two years ago, he launched his own line, "Benante's Blend". Today, having forged a collaboration with Chicago's Dark Matter Coffee Co., "Benante's Blend" has undergone enhancements that include higher quality choice of coffee beans, a change in the way the beans are roasted that give the coffee a larger and more flavorful taste, and other tweaks, Benante and Dark Matter are proud to announce the relaunch of "Benante's Blend". The coffee will still be available in two varieties, the "Be All End All" blend which is a dark roast with a real kick, and the "Forever Metal" blend, a milder coffee. And, despite the upgrades, Benante is keeping the price the same. "I'd been hearing about Dark Matter for awhile," said Benante. "They're based in Chicago where I live, so I tried some of their coffee and thought it was great. We hooked up, I went down to their headquarters and spent a day there just talking coffee, doing some tasting and I have to say, I felt like I was part of this coffee family. Everyone there really enjoys the art of coffee, as do I, so this was something I was really interested in being a part of. We worked together to come up with what I feel is a perfect cup of coffee, and I'm happy to say that my Benante's Blend is under the umbrella of the Dark Matter coffee family." Benante spent a good deal of time over the last ten months in Dark Matter's "cupping lab," tasting a variety of coffees, different blends, flavors and roasts. This process allowed Charlie to peer behind the curtain, learning why the Central American coffees sourced by Dark Matter are among the best in the world. After numerous blind tastings, Charlie zeroed in on what would make his perfect cup of coffee. "One of the most exciting things about working with Dark Matter," Benante added, "is that they're not just going to put out my two Benante's Blend coffee line; we're already talking about our next project, another coffee idea that will blow people away, and we're all really excited about that."

Ex-MÖTLEY CRÜE Singer JOHN CORABI Explains 1994 Album’s Commercial Failure

Former MÖTLEY CRÜE frontman John Corabi says that a number of factors led to the disappointing sales performance of the band's self-titled album, including the fact that the group chose to bill itself as MÖTLEY CRÜE following the departure of original singer Vince Neil. Released in 1994, "Mötley Crüe" ended up being a commercial failure in the wake of grunge despite a Top 10 placing on the album chart. When asked in a recent appearance on "The Rock Brigade" podcast if he thinks the album was perhaps too heavy for the MÖTLEY CRÜE audience at the time of its release, Corabi said (hear audio below): "Did you ever see the movie 'The Perfect Storm'? And you're talking about, this one front is coming in from the south, and this other one's coming from the north, and there's one coming in from the west, and it's just like this whole shitpile of whatever… And I think with us… We really didn't sit down and go, 'Here's what we want the record to sound like.' Honestly, that record is the product of four dudes sitting in a room for almost a year with pretty much every ounce of gear that they used on stage was in the room, and we just fucking jammed for, like, a year. And then Nikki [Sixx, MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist] and I would go and we'd get something formulated, and then Nikki and I would either go to his house or we'd go somewhere and we'd just work on lyrics. And Nikki tends to be very dark. I also tend to be very dark, but I like to have little teddybears and rainbows and happy endings and Nikki's, like, 'Just kill the bitch.' You know what I mean? Whatever. So we kind of did this push-and-pull thing with each other, and the record just came out the way it came out." He continued: "It was 1994, and I love all those bands — I love STONE TEMPLE PILOTS and NIRVANA, and I love ALICE IN CHAINS, SOUNDGARDEN and the [RED HOT] CHILI PEPPERS… A bunch of great music came out in that time. The problem with [our album] is it didn't sound like MÖTLEY. It was called MÖTLEY, which, on a little side note/asterisk, we wanted to change the name of the band. It was the management and everybody that had their hand out that didn't want us to change the name of the band. Because they were, like, 'Dude, you can't change the name of the band. You just signed a forty-million-dollar record deal and you guys are making, like, three hundred thousand dollars a night. If you change the name of the band to DOG BALLS, it's gonna drop the value of the band.' We didn't really give a shit — it was all the people that had their hand out that was worried about it. So we kept it as MÖTLEY CRÜE. "So now we're fighting against that. We're fighting against 'it sounds nothing like MÖTLEY CRÜE.' We're fighting against all those [grunge and alternative] bands that were out at the time [who] were anti everything that MÖTLEY had done prior to me being in the band. And there was a shakeup at Elektra Records. The president of the record label sat down with us. He heard the whole record from top to bottom and he was blown away. He goes, 'This is the best fucking record you guys have ever done. It's insane. It's so good.' And then we put the record out, and because it didn't debut at No. 1, his boss fired him and his entire staff, so nobody was there." Corabi added: "And then the last and final ingredient in the whole fucking scenario was the fact that — I'm sorry; I love those guys to death — but Nikki, Tommy [Lee, drums] and Mick [Mars, guitar] could not keep their mouths shut. They could not let pass a moment or an opportunity to slag Vince, and I think that drew a line in the sand and made the fans say, 'You're either on MÖTLEY's side or you're on Vince's side.' So I think it was a combination of all that shit I just told you. "Even if you go back and you look at some of the videos, like the notorious MTV video where we threw them out of our rehearsal room, they're sitting there, they go, 'Oh, did you hear Vince was hurt in a jet ski accident?' I guess he hit a reef with a jet ski, and Mick says something like, 'Well, how's the reef?' And then it was just, like, 'You're invited, but I weigh a ton.' All these fucking comments. And if you watch that video, I'm literally sitting in the background with my head down and I'm just shaking my head, like, 'We are going down right now. This is happening. They are literally drawing a line in the sand.' And it made everybody go, 'Either Vince or MÖTLEY.' And I didn't see the need for it. And I just think that was the icing on the cake of all the other shit. It just really divided the fans." Corabi in 2015 contributed lead vocals to two songs from MÖTLEY CRÜE guitarist Mick Mars, apparently called "Gimme Blood" and "Shake The Cage", which were recorded at Blackbird Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. The tracks have yet to be released, although snippets of both cuts have surfaced online. Corabi in 2016 said that he would avoid talking about MÖTLEY CRÜE in the future because he didn't want his comments about Sixx to descend into a feud. In an interview with Sweden Rock Magazine, Sixx said that writing the "Mötley Crüe" LP with Corabi was a prolonged and difficult experience. He went to call it "a very unfocused record" that was "painful for me, because John Corabi can't write lyrics, and I had to do all that work." Corabi initially responded to Sixx's comments by saying that he didn't "give a shit" about what his ex-bandmate had to say, but later told an interviewer, when asked about it again, "I have no idea why Nikki feels that I'm the biggest piece of shit to roam the Earth." He then proceeded to take to his Facebook page to claim that he would "officially have nothing to say about any member of MÖTLEY CRÜE ever again," adding that he was "not backing this bullshit stirring that is happening to start a feud."


SLIPKNOT is teasing a June 9 announcement which is expected to include details of the band's new concert DVD. The set will apparently contain footage of the group's December 5, 2015 performance at Knotfest México which was part of SLIPKNOT's tour in support of its latest album, 2014's ".5: The Gray Chapter". Three teaser videos have been released thus far (see below), with each clip representing one of the three colors (green, white and red) of the Mexican flag. SLIPKNOT's setlist for the 2015 Knotfest México show was as follows: 01. Sarcastrophe 02. The Heretic Anthem 03. Psychosocial 04. The Devil In I 05. Me Inside 06. Vermilion 07. Wait And Bleed 08. Prosthetics 09. Before I Forget 10. Eeyore 11. Duality 12. Custer 13. Spit It Out 14. Metabolic Encore: 15. (Sic) 16. People = Shit 17. Surfacing SLIPKNOT frontman Corey Taylor told the 97.1 The Eagle radio station last month that the band was "not really doing anything right now." He explained: "I know we're kind of slowly starting to write some music. Other than that, we're just kind of taking some time off. Clown's gonna direct some movies, Sid's gonna do some stuff… We're all kind of doing our own thing… But that's it. I mean, really. Next year is everybody kind of doing their own thing, and then probably after that, we will slowly but surely start to get together to do some SLIPKNOT stuff." SLIPKNOT's touring cycle in support of ".5: The Gray Chapter", ended in November, with Taylor returning to his other band STONE SOUR this year. ".5: The Gray Chapter" was released following a six-year hiatus during which founding SLIPKNOT bassist Paul Gray died and drummer Joey Jordison was dismissed. One of last gigs of "The Gray Chapter" touring cycle saw SLIPKNOT performing its 2001 second LP, "Iowa", live in its entirety for the first time during the band's set at their annual Knotfest. ".5: The Gray Chapter" sold around 132,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 1 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD arrived in stores in October 2014 via Roadrunner. Gray died in 2010 from a drug overdose, while Jordison was let go in December 2013, just before SLIPKNOT began recording the last album.

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KISS ‘Hotter Than Hell’ And ‘Alive!-Era Rock Iconz Statues Coming In The Fall

KnuckleBonz, the creator of the Rock Iconz music collectible series, is rolling out two KISS statue sets. The KISS "Hotter Than Hell"-era and "Alive!"-era statues are currently in production. These exclusive KISS statues are hand-painted and numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity printed on the base of each collectible statue. These are officially licensed products. The KISS statues are created using a team of highly skilled artists. Each statue is sculpted and cast in poly-resin and then hand-painted in fine detail. These limited-edition statues created by KnuckleBonz are highly collectible. Pre-order to reserve your set. Expected to ship early fall 2017. KnuckleBonz creates high-end sculpture that features rock's most highly influential artists. Dedicated to honoring rocks greatest through master artistry, KnuckleBonz established the music-based sculpture series Rock Iconz. For more information, visit

CENTURY MEDIA’s Publishing Catalog Acquired By RESERVOIR MEDIA

According to Billboard, the publishing catalog of the Century Media record label has been acquired by Reservoir Media. Terms of the deal, which includes the rights to 9,000 songs and the contracts of more than 350 songwriters, haven't been disclosed. "This acquisition of Century Media's publishing arms reaffirms our commitment to diversifying our music catalog and expanding Reservoir's international offerings," Reservoir COO Rell Lafargue said in a statement. "We look forward to welcoming Century Media's songwriters into the Reservoir family." "Century Media has been a pioneer in metal for years," Reservoir senior VP of creative and A&R Hussain "Spek" Yoosuf said in a statement. "I'm a fan and am excited to work with these writers and build upon the incredible foundations they've already established." Century Media, which has more than 50 staff across the U.S. and Europe, was instrumental in the careers of heavy music acts like IN THIS MOMENT, SUICIDE SILENCE, SHADOWS FALL, LACUNA COIL and many more. Century Media's parent company, The Century Family, includes several other labels: Another Century (rock), InsideOut Music (progressive), People Like You (post-punk, alternative) and Superball (alternative, modern progressive). Century Media was acquired by Sony Music Entertainment in 2015 for about $20 million.

JOHN SYKES On DAVID COVERDALE: ‘I Really Have No Interest In Ever Talking To Him Again’

Issue #2 of the newly launched U.K. magazine Rock Candy features an exclusive hard-hitting, no-holds-barred candid interview with guitarist who clarifies all of the setbacks and revisits all of the unbelievable issues he dealt with during the recording of WHITESNAKE's classic 1987 album "Whitesnake". Sykes launched an incredible verbal attack on David Coverdale in Rock Candy, claiming the WHITESNAKE singer "used every excuse possible to explain why he didn't want to record his vocals" for the multi-platinum album. "He blamed the weather. He wasn't happy with the studio. He even went so far as to say the microphones weren't good enough," said Sykes. "I honestly think David suffered from nerves." Sykes, who co-wrote nine of the album's tracks, including mega-hits "Still Of The Night" and "Is This Love?", found himself thrown out of WHITESNAKE, alongside bassist Neil Murray and drummer Aynsley Dunbar, even before the album had been released. Coverdale then assembled an entirely different, MTV-friendly group to tour the record. Sykes admits that he's still "very bitter" about how Coverdale treated him. "David said nothing to any of us about having decided to kick us out of the band," the guitarist told Rock Candy, claiming he only found out he was no longer a member of WHITESNAKE when he asked the band's A&R man John Kalodner what was going on. "I was furious and wasn't about to accept this," said Sykes. "So I went down to the studio where David was still recording his vocals, prepared to confront him. Honest to God, he ran away, got in his car and hid from me!" Sykes claims Coverdale blamed record company Geffen for forcing him to change band members. "I knew he was fucking lying," said Sykes. And he insists Coverdale's claims to have written 95 percent of the album's guitar parts are also false. "When I knew him, David could barely play the guitar," Sykes said. With 2017 being the thirtieth anniversary of the classic album, fans are hopeful that Coverdale and WHITESNAKE will do something special to mark the event. If it happens, it most certainly won't be with John Sykes. "I know David has been saying recently that he and I have been talking about working together on a project outside of WHITESNAKE," said Sykes. "That's completely false. I really have no interest in ever talking to him again." Read the entire article in issue #2 of Rock Candy magazine. Rock Candy is a full-color bi-monthly rock magazine available in glorious print and in digital format for everybody who buys a print edition. You can only buy online at

Video Premiere: PAPA ROACH’s ‘Periscope’ Featuring SKYLAR GREY

PAPA ROACH's video for the song "Periscope" can be seen below. The track, which features a guest appearance by Skylar Grey, is taken from the band's ninth studio album, "Crooked Teeth", which was released on May 19 via Eleven Seven Music. The disc was made available digitally and physically, as a standard (10 tracks) and deluxe (10 tracks + 3 brand new tracks + 16 Live tracks Live at the Fillmore Detroit) editions. Regarding how the Skylar Grey collaboration came about, PAPA ROACH singer Jacoby Shaddix told the Q103 radio station: "We wanted to have a guest female vocal on ['Periscope'], and on the last album, we had Maria Brink from IN THIS MOMENT on 'Gravity'. I didn't wanna just go in and grab another rock chick. I wanted to work with somebody that was outside the box and different but that I was a fan of. So I've been listening to this girl Skylar Grey for [a few] years now. And she's been on some great tracks — she's been on some Dre stuff, some Eminem stuff, she's been on a FORT MINOR track. But she's kind of this indie, alternative, pop type of girl, and she's just got a lot of credibility in that scene, and she's got a great voice, and I'm a big fan." Written and recorded in a cramped North Hollywood studio, "Crooked Teeth" was produced by first timers Nicholas "RAS" Furlong and Colin Brittain, with the exception of "Born For Greatness", which saw the band collaborate with writer/producer Jason Evigan (Jason Derulo, Demi Lovato, Zedd, MAROON 5) for this positive, pulsating anthem. Furlong and Brittain, who grew up listening to PAPA ROACH, inspired the band to revisit some of the traits that personally endeared the band to them, most notably singer Jacoby Shaddix's remarkable rapping technique and the band's intense live energy. "The first time we met up with RAS and Colin, they said that [2000's] 'Infest' was on constant rotation when they were growing up and they wanted to bring back some of that fire," says Shaddix. Adds Furlong, "The whole idea was to take the classic elements of PAPA ROACH that everyone loved and revamp them into a modern version of the sound through the creative process, and we ended up with a bold, courageous and more adventurous version of PAPA ROACH." The Furlong/Brittain production team worked to bring in elements of music from different genres and parts of the world, and pockets of rhythm people associate more with rap or reggae, while still staying true to PAPA ROACH's sound. "The people who have wanted to hear me rap for years are gonna love some of the viciousness on this record," Shaddix proclaims. From the instantly infectious nature of the title track to the atmospheric sheen of the moody ballad "Periscope" and the acoustic/ hip-hop rock mashup of "Sunrise Trailer Park" (featuring Machine Gun Kelly adding a verse to Shaddix rap) "Crooked Teeth" displays the various sides of PAPA ROACH and illustrates why they've managed to remain relevant while other musical trends ebb and flow. "We didn't go into this album with the intention of trying to write radio singles," guitarist Jerry Horton explains. "This collection of songs was really about bookending everything that we've done prior to this album and reintroducing PAPA ROACH to people who didn't realize the depth that we have," says drummer Tony Palermo. In many ways making "Crooked Teeth" reminded Shaddix of the band's earliest days, well before they sold millions of albums and became a household name. "When we were in the rehearsal space I wasn't thinking about who I needed to impress, I was thinking about how much I love making music with the guys in this band." "It [the album] feels honest and pure and that's all we could hope for," adds bassist Tobin Esperance.

BILLY SHEEHAN Blames Pharmaceutical Industry For CHRIS CORNELL’s Death: ‘It’s A Terrible, Unnecessary Loss’

Legendary bassist Billy Sheehan (THE WINERY DOGS, MR. BIG) says that the death of Chris Cornell was "a terrible, unnecessary loss" and he blames the U.S. pharmaceutical industry for the prescription drug abuse epidemic that is sweeping the nation. Cornell's family said they believe that the side effects of the prescription drug Ativan — which can cause worsening depression and thoughts of self-harm in rare cases — may have influenced the singer to commit suicide last month after a SOUNDGARDEN concert in Detroit. The toxicology report appears to show Cornell had ingested four tablets prior to his death. When asked by Metal Wani in a new interview what his reaction was to the news of Cornell's passing, Sheehan said (hear audio below): "I was quite angry about it, 'cause I do believe — and this is just one man's opinion — based on what I've seen in media… I believe his wife [was] bringing this up that the pharmaceutical situation in the world is so dreadful and so many people are dying because they mistakenly take two [pills], or they forget they took one and they take another one, or they forget to take it and they go into withdrawals. "When you see a warning on a pharmaceutical that says, as a side effect, ideations of murder and suicide, I would think twice before… I just can't believe that stuff is on the market, and there's gotta be a better way," he continued. "I'm not sure what that better way is, but we've got an amazing world with a lot of intelligent people and incredible science, there's gotta be a better way than these particular substances, which are just so dangerous. You accidentally forget and have a drink on top of it and you could die. And more people die now from pharmaceutical drugs, taken according to the directions, prescribed lawfully and legally, than traffic accidents. An amazing statistic." Sheehan added: "So I feel for [Chris's] family and friends and fans. It's a terrible, unnecessary loss. And I hope… The only good that can come out of it is people stepping back and saying, 'We've gotta do something about this.'" Cornell had a number of prescription drugs in his system at the time of his death, according to a completed toxicology report released by Michigan's Wayne County Medical Examiner on June 2. But assistant medical examiner Theodore Brown wrote in his post mortem report that Cornell died from hanging and that "drugs did not contribute to the cause of death." He added: "Based on the circumstances surrounding this death and the autopsy findings, the manner of death is suicide." The examiner noted that Cornell's injuries "were all consistent with hanging, partially suspended by the resistance exercise band." The report revealed that Cornell had Naloxone a.k.a. Narcan, a sedative called Butalbital, Lorazepam a.k.a. Ativan, a decongestant called Pseudoephedrine and barbiturates in his system when he was found dead. He was 52. He also had caffeine in his body from No-Doz tablets he had ingested prior to his death. Cornell had four doses of the anxiety medication Ativan in his system. The medical examiner noted that while the level in his blood was higher than the average dosage, it was lower than the amount associated with those whose deaths have been tied to the drug, which can cause suicidal thoughts. Reports that Cornell had needle marks on his left arm proved true — but the punctures were from EMTs who administered Narcan in an attempt to revive him. In a statement issued following the release of the report, the singer's wife, Vicky Cornell, said: "Many of us who know Chris well, noticed that he wasn't himself during his final hours and that something was very off. We have learned from this report that several substances were found in his system. After so many years of sobriety, this moment of terrible judgment seems to have completely impaired and altered his state of mind. Something clearly went terribly wrong and my children and I are heartbroken and are devastated that this moment can never be taken back." She added: "We very much appreciate all of the love we have received during this extremely difficult time and are dedicated to helping others in preventing this type of tragedy." Vicky Cornell had previously questioned the medical examiner's conclusion that her husband committed suicide by hanging himself in a hotel room on May 18. MR. BIG's ninth studio album, "Defying Gravity", will be released on July 7 via Frontiers Music Srl.

DEF LEPPARD To Release ‘Hysteria’ 30th-Anniversary Box Set

DEF LEPPARD will celebrate the 30th anniversary of its seminal album "Hysteria", one of the best-selling and most influential releases in music history, with the release of "Hysteria (Remastered 2017)". Set to debut on August 4, the remastered anniversary edition will be released in various formats via Bludgeon Riffola/Mercury/Ume — Super Deluxe Edition, Deluxe Version, 1 CD Vanilla Version, 2-LP Black Vinyl Version, and limited-edition 2-LP Colored Vinyl Version. The reissue boasts B-sides and live tracks, plus the audio for "In The Round In Your Face (Live)" on CD for the first time. Frontman Joe Elliott says: "It's hard to believe that it’s been thirty years since the release of 'Hysteria'. In some respects, it really does seem like only yesterday. So, to mark this milestone, we wanted to do something very special for our fans and give them the definitive version of the album, one that incorporates all of the memories and milestones that we caught on tape and some of the madness that we got up to on the road. We hope it means as much to you as it does to us." Adds guitarist Phil Collen: "I look back at the whole 'Hysteria' experience with excitement along with fond and tragic memories. It was our commercial zenith, thanks to Mutt Lange's insistence that we create an artistic hybrid between hard rock and pop Top 40 music using every genre available as an inspiration. It was a rock album that would garner seven hit singles. Mission accomplished." On August 3, 1987, DEF LEPPARD released "Hysteria". Already a major force in rock music, "Hysteria" catapulted the band into the stratosphere. The statistics for "Hysteria" are astounding. The album has sold in excess of 17 million copies and counting. Due to the incredible success of previous album "Pyromania" (released in 1983) and "Hysteria", DEF LEPPARD are one of only five rock groups who can claim two separate original 10-million-plus-selling albums in the U.S. The others are THE BEATLES, LED ZEPPELIN, PINK FLOYD and VAN HALEN. The "Hysteria" album also spawned seven hit singles! Enormous hits such as "Pour Some Sugar On Me", "Animal", "Love Bites", "Armageddon It" and "Rocket" are rock staples that still enjoy huge popularity today and have helped make DEF LEPPARD Britain's greatest ever arena rock band. The album remains DEF LEPPARD's best loved. "Hysteria 30th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition" track listing: CD One (Remastered "Hysteria") 01. Women 02. Rocket 03. Animal 04. Love Bites 05. Pour Some Sugar On Me 06. Armageddon It 07. Gods Of War 08. Don't Shoot Shotgun 09. Run Riot 10. Hysteria 11. Excitable 12. Love And Affection CD Two 01. Tear It Down (B-side) 02. I Wanna Be Your Hero (Retro Active) 03. Ride Into The Sun (Retro Active) 04. Ring Of Fire (B-Side) 05. Women (Radio Edit) 06. Rocket (Lunar Mix) (Radio Edit) 07. Love Bites (Radio Edit) 08. Hysteria (Radio Edit) 09. Pour Some Sugar on Me (Radio Edit) 10. Armageddon It (Radio Edit) 11. Release Me (Stumpus Maximus) 12. Classic Album – Hysteria (BBC Radio Documentary) CD Three 01. Rocket (The Lunar Mix - Extended Version) (B-Side) 02. Armageddon It (The Nuclear Mix) (12" Single) 03. Animal (Extended Version) 04. Pour Some Sugar On Me (Extended Version) 05. Excitable (The Orgasmic Mix) (B-Side) 06. Rocket (Lunar Mix) (B-Side) 07. Rock Of Ages (Live) (B-Side) 08. Love And Affection (Live) (B-Side) 09. Billy's Got A Gun (Live) (B-Side) CD Four: "In The Round, In Your Face" (Live) 01. Stagefright 02. Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop) 03. Women 04. Too Late For Love 05. Hysteria 06. Gods Of War 07. Die Hard The Hunter CD Five: "In The Round, In Your Face" (Live) 01. Bringin' On The Heartbreak 02. Foolin' 03. Armageddon It 04. Animal 05. Pour Some Sugar On Me 06. Phil Solo 07. Rock Of Ages 08. Photograph DVD One 01. Rocket (Top Of The Pops) 02. Pour Some Sugar On Me (Top Of The Pops) 03. Animal (Top Of The Pops) 04. Pour Some Sugar On Me (Brit Awards) 05. Women (Promo Video) 06. Animal (Promo Video) 07. Pour Some Sugar On Me (Promo Video) 08. Pour Some Sugar On Me (U.S. Version Live) 09. Hysteria (Promo Video) 10. Love Bites (Promo Video) 11. Rocket (Promo Video) 12. Armageddon It (Live) (Promo Video) DVD Two ("Classic Albums") 01. Introduction 02. Animal 03. Hysteria 04. Rocket 05. Love Bites 06. Pour Some Sugar On Me Bonus Material 07. Initial Recordings Of Animal 08. Rick Gets Hysterical 09. Hysteria (Acoustic Performance) 10. Drumming - Return To The Status Quo 11. The Album According To Joe 12. Sugar Stripped Down 13. Pour Some Sugar On Me (Acoustic Performance) 14. Guitars, Guitars, Guitars 15. Windmill II And The Gods Of War 16. Mutt's Vocals In The Mix 17. The Album Is Finally Released