A teaser for "Learn To Live", the first single and video from BAD WOLVES, is available below. When art can't be pigeonholed or pinned down, it elevates the very medium itself. BAD WOLVES thrives on that sort of unpredictability, standing confidently at a crossroads between anthemic hard rock infectiousness and thought-provoking technically-charged heavy metal. Think a cross between the mind-numbing musical malevolence of MESHUGGAH and SEVENDUST's timeless irresistibility, and you're halfway there… The vision of ex-DEVILDRIVER co-founder and previous driving force John Boecklin (drums, guitars) and vocalist Tommy Vext (SNOT, DIVINE HERESY, WESTFIELD MASSACRE) as well as Doc Coyle (guitar; GOD FORBID), Chris Cain (guitar; BURY YOUR DEAD), and Kyle Konkiel (bass; VIMIC, IN THIS MOMENT), the group's full-length debut represents metallic evolution in its purest form. The result of a musical journey he kicked off in 2014, Boecklin describes the style best. "We sound like a heavy-slightly prog rock band that tunes low and cuts off most of the fat," he explains. "Watching FAITH NO MORE on the reunion tour made my thought process change. I was standing there, and it hit me that I don't want to be in a metal band with screaming all the time. We're heavy, yet from track-to-track, things change quite a bit." "More was revealed, so more was required," adds Vext. "The overall tonality and approach resonated with me as an opportunity to challenge myself and grow as a vocalist. I was given a platform to tap into some musical influences I hadn't yet explored in previous bands. All in all, it was some of the most diverse, original material I've gotten to wrap my hands around." "In no rush to put together something reminiscent of [his] musical past," Boecklin quietly wrote over the course of 2015. During summer '16, he entered AudioHammer Studios with longtime collaborator Mark Lewis (TRIVIUM, ALL THAT REMAINS) and tracked what would become the group's debut album. "Starting from scratch is never easy," admits Boecklin. "Many musical roads were traveled before getting to what you hear today — it's trial and error. I kept reminding myself not to do what I've done before. Eventually, we started to hear what we wanted." Now, the first single, "Learn To Live", snaps from a chugging polyrhythmic riff into a hummable bridge before colliding with an undeniable refrain that's impossible to shake and the final scream, "You'd better learn to fucking live." "The aim of the song was to basically challenge listeners to ask themselves, 'Am I willing to take personal responsibility for my own happiness?'," says Vext. "It's a concept I use in my day-to-day life as a sober life coach. It's meant to address situational depression, anxiety, and the disconnect from interpersonal relationships as a byproduct of social media addiction." Album opener "A Toast To The Ghosts" delivers a searing gut-punch punctuated by sharp succinct fretwork, smart-bomb precise percussion, and another searing vocal performance. Everything culminates on the pensive and punishing "Blood And Bones". Vext adds, "It's like an open letter to an abusive relationship partner that no longer serves you or the opposing counterpart. It's left open to interpretation." Defined by a push-and-pull between incalculable instrumentation and soaring melodies, BAD WOLVES will keep listeners guessing and thinking on their path to hard rock and metal supremacy. "This is something new for me," Boecklin leaves off. "It's the most unique drumming I've ever done. Tommy has never sounded so good. The songs are much more diverse than anything from our collective past. I'd love for people to take away some sort of connection emotionally. That's what all of the bands who inspire me do. Everything else doesn't really matter."
Learn To Live video teaser

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Former TROUBLE Singer ERIC WAGNER Signs With M-THEORY AUDIO; New BLACKFINGER Album Due This Summer

BLACKFINGER, the band led by former TROUBLE singer Eric Wagner, will release its new album, "When Colors Fade Away", this summer via M-Theory Audio. Renowned and still cherished for the classic material he recorded with Chicago's TROUBLE for over two decades, Wagner has in recent years been focusing on a couple other promising new bands in a similar vein, including BLACKFINGER. Now relocated to Pittsburgh, Eric is joined in the new BLACKFINGER lineup by another respected name in doom metal circles, guitarist Terry Weston of DREAM DEATH/PENANCE. M-Theory Audio is the new label recently launched by Marco Barbieri, the former president of Century Media Records, whose previous experience includes Nuclear Blast and Metal Blade. Joining Marco in this adventure are colleagues whose past experience includes work for labels like Century Media, Prosthetic, Victory and Epitaph. The label's roster includes Bay Area thrash outfit CULTURAL WARFARE, Las Vegas prog/power metal band SICOCIS, Sacramento headbangers BLESSED CURSE, Southern California's pagan death metallers HELSOTT, nomadic folk metal band TENGGER CAVALRY, female-fronted symphonic metal band GRAVESHADOW and Nor Cal's death/metalcore band APOTHESARY. "I'm extremely excited to announce that BLACKFINGER has signed with M-Theory Audio," says Wagner. "It is an honor and a pleasure to work with Marco Barbieri again after all these years.” "Eric, the pleasure is all mine," responds Barbieri. "Eric Wagner is a true artist, talent and storyteller. I've spent the last 34 years listening to classic tales weaved by this man; and he is truly one of my favorite vocalists. Along the way I've had the pleasure of working with Eric and TROUBLE while at Century Media during their 'Plastic Green Head' album cycle and even had his other band, THE SKULL, headline one of the Doom In June festivals. Now our co-operation and friendship continues and I am fortunate to release the new and phenomenal BLACKFINGER album." Photo credit: Mark Kadzielawa


REVOLUTION SAINTS heads into the studio next week in Italy to start recording its second album with producer Alessandro Del Vecchio, who also helmed the band's debut album. Deen Castronovo (JOURNEY, BAD ENGLISH), Doug Aldrich (THE DEAD DAISIES, WHITESNAKE, DIO), and Jack Blades (NIGHT RANGER, DAMN YANKEES) will record a scorching set of songs written by Doug and Alessandro between the end of 2016 and early 2017. In between recording sessions, REVOLUTION SAINTS will make its official live debut at the Frontiers Rock Festival in Trezzo (Milan, Italy) where it will perform songs from its first album plus a few surprises. The band hopes to do more shows to promote the forthcoming album, which is currently set for a release in early October. REVOLUTION SAINTS was initially the vision of Frontiers president Serafino Perugino, who for years had hoped to work on a project where Deen would be the lead vocalist. Having previously worked with all three artists on different projects on Frontiers, getting Deen, Jack and Doug together was a dream come true for the president of the label. With production overseen by in-house Frontiers man Del Vecchio, the recording process for REVOLUTION SAINTS' debut happened in Portland, Oregon during the summer of 2014. Aldrich told about REVOLUTION SAINTS: "We definitely have a chemistry together. When we got together to do some videos as well as recording together up in Portland, it was undeniable that we had a chemistry, and it sounds like that on the record. Spending time with those guys is super fun and we all fell into our own zone. For example, Deen is a frontman and the drummer with Jack, but he is like the young kid that has way too much energy, bouncing off the walls. I am kind of the quiet guy; I really do not have much to say. I just want to play. Jack is kind of the general; he took over, and in a good way, because you need somebody to be the boss. You need somebody to organize stuff or else you are wasting time or going down long paths. Jack keeps you focused. Then we all have our creative side, but the energy that Deen has is just infectious. I hope to be able to put it together where we will be able to do some shows."

Late MEGADETH Drummer NICK MENZA Recalls Being Fired By DAVE MUSTAINE In ‘Megalife’ Book Excerpt

Late MEGADETH drummer Nick Menza's long-awaited memoir, "Megalife: Nick Menza - The Book", will finally be released in late 2017. The book, which was written with J. Marshall Craig, was delayed after being drastically reworked in the months following Nick's passing. Says J. Marshall Craig: "I spent a year living with late, great, heavy metal drummer Nick Menza at his home in Studio City, California, trying to get the enormously private and proud man to open up and let me write his story. A story of the heights of rock and roll stardom, dreams come true and dreams shattered. "We spent a lot of time talking, listening to music, playing music, and even began filming a drum-clinic video that comprises the final chapter of his book. "On May 23 of 2016, Nick was preparing to visit me here at my Cape Cod home and publishing offices for the final round of interviews on a project that was nearly four years in the making. Tragically, Nick didn't make it. He died two days before, almost instantly from a massive heart attack, while on stage at the Baked Potato with Chris Poland and Robert Pagliari in their band OHM: "But the book is still coming late 2017. "A normally extremely private man, Nick decided to hold back nothing in telling his story. He revealed the most exciting moments in his career, taking the reader right on stage with him before more than 100,000 screaming fans. And he humbly revealed the lowest depths of a depression that nearly cost him everything before he earned his career back in his final years. "It's a book celebrating great times, great music, great friends. It's a book of honesty. It's a book of wit. And it's even a book, sometimes, of wisdom!" Menza's longtime manager Robert Bolger says the book will reveal how poorly Nick was being treated by MEGADETH leader Dave Mustaine and the brutal truth of why there was never a MEGADETH reunion with the band's "Rust In Peace" lineup. Nick rightfully earned his place as heavy metal's fiercest drummer during MEGADETH's ten-year peak at the top. With "Megalife: Nick Menza - The Book", music fans are going to be thrilled to discover his candor just as fierce as his drumming. The highlight of his career, Nick said, was playing Rock In Rio before more than 100,000 people. The lowest point was being fired by Mustaine while he was still in a hospital bed after surgery to remove was doctors feared was a cancerous growth. Excerpt from "Megalife: Nick Menza - The Book": Nick Menza was still groggy from the anesthesia but elated when the doctors told him the scary growth on his knee was benign and that he'd soon be back at work — as the thunderous drummer for one of the world's greatest thrash metal bands, MEGADETH. "I was so relieved," he says, "I didn't think I had a worry in the world." So when band leader Dave Mustaine called two days later, Nick was expecting great news about returning to the Ozzfest '98 tour. Instead, Mustaine said, "We're letting you go." Nick thought it was a joke. "Where? Disneyland? Stop fucking around, Dave. Now's not the time." Mustaine wasn't joking. "I don't think you're hearing me clearly." A decade and a half later, Nick leans back in his chair in front of the console at his Los Angeles Menzanation Studios and reflects. "That was it," he says with a shrug. "My run with one of heavy metal's top bands at the top of its career was done. It came crashing down and it was bad. Very bad." Only a few gray hairs gave away the passage of time: Nick was fit as ever — not just from drumming but from his obsessive mountain-biking habit. "Yeah, I admit it, I sank into a pretty dark place. I survived, come out the other side with purpose and spirituality, and I want to make play more than ever now. I have fallen in love with music again. "Fans ask me all the time if I wish I was still in MEGADETH. It took a long time to realize the answer, which is..." [End of book excerpt] On May 21, 2016, Nick collapsed after suffering a heart attack during a concert with OHM: at The Baked Potato in Studio City, California and was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. The Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner said Menza died of natural causes. The cause of Menza's death was listed as hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT Announce Fall 2017 European Tour

Just weeks after announcing a 26-date summer tour of North America, QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT have revealed further live plans for 2017, which will now see the band return to Europe later this year for a series of 24 dates, including 12 arena concerts in the U.K. and Ireland. The tour will showcase a spectacular new stage production and a set list that the band hints will provide some surprises. QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT's 11-city U.K. and Ireland tour will kick off in Dublin on November 25. They perform in Belfast in Northern Ireland the following day, then reach mainland Britain on November 28 to play Liverpool's Echo Arena. More dates follow in Birmingham, Newcastle, Glasgow, Nottingham, Leeds, Sheffield and Manchester, climaxing with two huge London shows at the O2 Arena on December 12 and The SSE Arena, Wembley, on December 15. Tickets will be on general sale from Friday, April 21, with pre-sales starting two days earlier, Wednesday, April 19. The tour is presented by Phil McIntyre Entertainments. These shows will mark the band's first full British tour in almost three years, having last performed across the U.K. in January 2015 when they played 10 sold-out shows. Their only U.K. appearance in 2016 was a one-off headlining set at the closing night of the Isle Of Wight festival on Sunday, June 12, part of a 15-date European summer festival tour. Isle Of Wight festival organizer John Giddings credited the band with "the greatest show we have ever had." For their 2017 tour, the band will unveil a brand new show including a specially designed state-of-the-art production. The choice of performance material will no doubt acknowledge this year's 40th anniversary of QUEEN's biggest-selling studio album to date, "News Of The World" from 1977, which yielded the immortal anthems "We Will Rock You" and "We Are the Champions". QUEEN drummer and co-founder Roger Taylor insists the 2017 tour "will look entirely different to the show we took around before. Production has really changed a lot, the things you can do now, you have a much broader palette, the technology has really come along. But we don't use it all. We don't play to click track. It's 100% live. We're planning on doing stuff we either haven't done before or haven't done for a long time. We started as an albums band, that's what we were. The fact that we had hits was just a byproduct." Guitarist Brian May confirms QUEEN's 2017 shows will have a more ambitious musical agenda. "The general public knows the hits, so you've got to cater for that," he says, "but we can chuck in a few things that people really don't expect. We'll do quite a bit more of that this time around. There are so many dimensions to Adam, which, of course, fits with our music. He can get down and do the rock stuff really dirty, and you have all those dimensions, and we can explore that even more." Adam Lambert welcomes the challenge of digging deeper into the band's canon of classics. "What people should know if they came to the shows a couple of years back, is obviously we will still be playing the big hit songs you know and love from QUEEN, but we thought it would be good to challenge ourselves a bit," he explains. "Change it up a little bit, change the visuals, change all the technology, change the set list to some degree. We will probably be pulling some other songs out of the QUEEN catalogue which we haven't done before, which I am very excited about. QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT European tour dates 2017: Nov. 01 - Prague, Czech Republic - O2 Arena Nov. 02 - Munich, Germany - Olympiahalle Nov. 04 - Budapest, Hungary - Sportarena Nov. 06 - Lodz, Poland - Atlas Arena Nov. 08 - Vienna, Austria - Stadhalle Nov. 10 - Bologna, Italy - Unipol Arena Nov. 12 - Luxembourg, Amneville - Galaxie Nov. 13 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Ziggo Dome Nov. 17 - Kaunas, Lithuania - Zalgiris Arena Nov. 25 - Dublin, Ireland - 3 Arena Nov. 26 - Belfast, Ireland - SSE Arena Nov. 28 - Liverpool, UK - Echo Arena Nov. 30 - Birmingham, UK - Barclaycard Arena Dec. 01 - Newcastle, UK - Metro Radio Arena Dec. 03 - Glasgow, UK - The SSE Hydro Dec. 05 - Nottingham, UK - Motorpoint Arena Dec. 06 - Leeds, UK - First Direct Arena Dec. 08 - Sheffield, UK - Motorpoint Arena Dec. 09 - Manchester, UK - Arena Dec. 12 - London, UK - 02 Arena Dec. 15 - London, UK - The SSE Arena, Wembley

DAVE LOMBARDO Says MIKE PATTON Is ‘Really Excited’ About Playing Shows With DEAD CROSS

DEAD CROSS, the Southern California outfit featuring drummer Dave Lombardo (ex-SLAYER, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, MISFITS), and singer Mike Patton (FAITH NO MORE), will release its debut album in late summer via Ipecac Recordings. The effort was helmed by producer Ross Robinson, who has previously worked with KORN, DEFTONES, SEPULTURA and LIMP BIZKIT, among others, and was mastered at Golden Mastering in Ventura, California. Asked what it has been like working with Patton on the DEAD CROSS album, Lombardo told "Whiplash", the KLOS radio show hosted by Full Metal Jackie (hear audio below): "Well, we haven't really worked together except through e-mails. [Laughs] What we did was… We had all the music recorded... We recorded it early last year, and then, of course, the opportunity came up to look for a new singer. So, we really didn't have to work together. We just sent Patton the music and he recorded [all the vocals] himself. But there was a lot of e-mails going back and forth between us — a lot of communication." Regarding whether DEAD CROSS will do any touring following the album's release, Lombardo said: "Yes. I am very excited. I didn't know that that was gonna happen. We didn't know if we were gonna do any touring, if it was just an album that we put out, but, no, Mike is into it; he's really excited." DEAD CROSS, which is rounded out by Justin Pearson (THE LOCUST, RETOX, HEAD WOUND CITY) and Michael Crain (RETOX, FESTIVAL OF DEAD DEER), last year parted ways with singer Gabe Serbian. Asked how Patton's addition to DEAD CROSS has changed the band's sound, Pearson told the Faith No More Followers web site: "It's hard to explain. The band is still finding its own skin to fit into. No matter whom you bring into a band, the sound becomes who all are part of it. Let's revisit this question after the album comes out, after we play shows with the new lineup, and after we can reflect on things." Pearson also talked about DEAD CROSS's collaboration with Robinson. He said: "Ross is one of the most amazing people I've worked with. I'm so grateful for his involvement with the things I have been able to do with him. He has certainly helped me grow and opened my eyes and mind to so many things, musical and non-musical. And the non-musical aspects are as important as the musical, if not more. However, he didn't track Patton's vocals. The music was tracked and produced with Ross when we were working with Gabe. Once Gabe left the band, there was a shift and since then, Patton has tracked the vocals on his own." "Whiplash" airs every Sunday night from 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. on the Los Angeles radio station 95.5 KLOS. The show can be heard on the KLOS web site at or you can listen in on the KLOS channel on iHeartRadio.

Original KISS Drummer PETER CRISS Explains Decision To Stop Performing Live: ‘If I’m Gonna Do It, I’ve Gotta Do It Now’

Original KISS drummer Peter Criss recently announced a couple of convention appearances this spring that are being being on his web site as his final live performances. On May 12-14, Criss is scheduled to appear at the KISS Konvention Australia in Victoria, with his May 12 set said to be Peter's last live performance in Australia. Criss's appearance at the New York KISS Expo on June 9-11 will include a meet-and-greet, expo and a New York landmark tour. Five days later, on June 16, Peter will take part in a VIP dinner performance, which is being billed as his last live performance in the USA. Asked by Australia's The Rockpit in a brand new interview if he is "moving on to do other things," Criss responded: "You know what?! I'm 71. That scares me when I say that [laughs], but if you're around me, I'm like a 15-year-old kid — I really am. But I've had an amazing career in music. I was around in the '60s and '70s, which was about the best time to be a musician. I actually saw Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison and THE BEATLES when I was young. I've seen the greatest of the greats perform. I grew up at a time when music was so cool. There was Bob Dylan, and things were changing — things were becoming amazing for musicians in the world. So I played clubs for 15 years, then I started the band with the guys.' He continued: "I'm a big BEE GEES fan, I was watching the salute to Barry [Gibb, the last surviving member of the BEE GEES], I've been a big fan since they started, and I love that he got up there and performed. And I see now all these guys, from THE ROLLING STONES, Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, and we're all in our 70s now, and I hate to say it, but we're dying out, and that's so real. There's less rock and roll in the world, less music in the world, and it's kinda sad. "So I'm 71 I'm in the best health I've been in for a while, and I thought if I'm gonna do it, I've gotta do it now. I had male breast cancer and I beat it, and that's really changed my life, and my wife also beat cancer too, so I went out I signed autographs, I wrote a book. When I connected [with the fans] again, I got to hear their stories and they'd ask me if I'd play again or sing again; there was so much love. And when I looked around, everyone was slowing down or retiring, like Eric Clapton, and I wondered what I have left." Criss added that he is planning on finally completing the solo album that he started work on nine years ago. "Before my cancer, I really put down some really heavy rock and roll. I put down some ballads too, but it was heavier than the stuff I normally do. And then I got sick and I put it aside and I've been sat on it these last eight years. And when I moved to California, I took it with me. There aren't any vocals on there yet, but I played it to a good friend and he told me that it was the best stuff he'd heard in years and I had to finish it, so when I'm over in June to play my last show in New York City, I'll finish it." In addition to playing drums in the band, Peter also provided lead vocals for a number KISS's most popular and memorable songs, including "Beth", "Black Diamond" and "Hard Luck Woman". Peter's "Catman" persona is an instantly recognizable icon in pop culture. Criss first left KISS in 1980. Since then he's worked with other bands and released solo albums. He teamed up with KISS again for a few gigs in the 1990s and most recently in 2004. He was replaced by Eric Singer. Criss, who was known as "Catman," released his last solo CD, titled "One for All", in 2007. Peter produced the album himself for the first time, and was joined by guest musicians that included keyboardist Paul Shaffer and bassist Will Lee of "Late Night with David Letterman". The album featured a range of styles, from rock and jazz to blues and Broadway, and included covers of "What a Difference a Day Makes" and "Send in the Clowns". The four original members of KISS were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in April 2014 by RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE guitarist Tom Morello. KISS did not perform — the Hall Of Fame wanted the original quartet only to play, while Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley insisted on the current lineup — which also includes guitarist Tommy Thayer — performing as well. In the end nobody won that battle. petercrisslastperformanceaustralia2017

ALICE COOPER To Reunite With Original Band Members For Nashville Performance

Alice Cooper will ne rejoined by three members his original band — bassist Dennis Dunaway, drummer Neal Smith and guitarist Michael Bruce — for a special performance in Nashville next month. The legendary rocker's May 14 concert at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center's Andrew Jackson Hall will include what's being described as a "mini-set" by the quartet who were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2011. Glenn Buxton, the band's original guitarist, died in 1997. Dunaway, Smith and Bruce have contributed to and appear on Cooper's forthcoming album, produced again by longtime collaborator Bob Ezrin and due this summer. "We've recorded much of my last album and my new one in Nashville and it's such a great music town," said Alice Cooper. "With so many musician, songwriter and producer friends here, as well as great rock fans who come to our concerts, it's special to be performing with Neal, Michael and Dennis in Nashville for them." Tickets are on sale now at, by phone at 615-782-4040, and at the TPAC Box Office, 505 Deaderick St., in downtown Nashville. VIP packages are available through the TPAC Box Office for a limited time. Cooper last year released a special seven-inch single containing two songs he sang in 2015 with the surviving members of the original ALICE COOPER band. The set, which took place in October 2015 at Dallas music store Good Records, brought Cooper together onstage with Dunaway, Bruce and Smith for the first time since 2011, when they staged a pair of performances coinciding with their induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame as well as their appearance on Cooper's "Welcome 2 My Nightmare" LP. Guitarist Ryan Roxie, a member of Cooper's current band, stepped in for Buxton.


MEGADETH will join forces with MESHUGGAH, TESSERACT and LILLAKE for around dozen dates in the U.S. and Canada in June and July. The details are as follows: Jun. 23 - Big Flats, NY @ Tags Summer Stage Jun. 25 - Boston, MA @ House of Blues Jun. 27 - Philadelphia, PA @ The Fillmore Jun. 28 - Portsmouth, VA @ Portsmouth Pavilion Jun. 29 - Silver Spring, MD @ The Fillmore Jun. 30 - Columbus, OH @ Express Live Jul. 05 - Windsor, ON @ Colosseum at Caesar's Windsor (MEGADETH and MESHUGGAH only) Jul. 07 - Saint Charles, MO @ Family Arena Jul. 08 - Oklahma City, OK @ The Zoo Amphitheater Jul. 09 - Houston, TX @ Revention Music Center Jul. 11 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE MEGADETH was honored with in the "Best Metal Performance" category in the pre-telecast ceremony at the 59th annual Grammy Awards, which was held on February 12 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. MEGADETH was nominated for "Dystopia", the title track of its 2016 album. Last August, Mustaine told a fan on Twitter that he hoped he had "two more" MEGADETH albums in him before calling it quits. MEGADETH recently completed a month-long U.S. tour with AMON AMARTH, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, METAL CHURCH and BUTCHER BABIES. In a 2016 interview, Mustaine stated about the band's latest additions, Brazilian guitarist Kiko Loureiro, best known for his work with ANGRA, and former SOILWORK drummer Dirk Verbeuren: "Well, these guys are some of the best at what they do in the business, so it's really made me re-evaluate my playing. And usually I would not warm up before I would go out and play, because I know what I'm doing, and it's kind of like… I'm just a natural at it; for whatever reason, God blessed me with this gift. And seeing them now, they're just so fierce, it makes me wanna be the best I can be at what I do. Even if I am self-taught, even if it is something that I just was born with, I wanna be the best I can at it." MESHUGGAH's latest album, "The Violent Sleep Of Reason", was released last October via Nuclear Blast. The disc was produced by the band and was engineered by Tue Madsen of Puk Studios in Kaerby, Denmark. For "The Violent Sleep Of Reason" cover, MESHUGGAH once again enlisted Keerych Luminokaya who created the artwork for "Koloss" and "The Ophidian Trek" as well as the new images for each of the seven albums and three EPs featured in the "25 Years Of Musical Deviance" box set. MESHUGGAH drummer Tomas Haake told Metal Hammer that the band recorded "The Violent Sleep Of Reason" live in the studio — marking the first time they have done that "in 20-25 years." He said: "It was time limitations that stopped us doing it before. And it's been interesting. "If you put it all together using computers, then you often have to fix problems after the fact. I've gone back to records where I've not known every drum part. And once you do that, you can start with drums and then just add layers of guitars and then bass and it all sounds perfect. "'Obzen' and 'Koloss' are great albums, but, to me, they are a little too perfect. It didn't really capture what we sounded like honestly. But where we recorded live, you get to hear the push and pull, one person might be a little ahead and the other might be a little behind. If you kill that, you can kill the energy." He added: "So for us it was just about going back to those albums that inspired us when we were growing up, that were important to us in our formative years, and all of those bands had that energy. The albums in the '80s and early '90s had the rawness that I'm talking about — that's what we wanted to recapture." megadethmeshuggahtour2017poster_638

TANKARD Releases Second Trailer For ‘One Foot In The Grave’ Album

German alcohol-soaked thrash metal act TANKARD will release its seventeenth studio album, "One Foot In The Grave", on June 2 via Nuclear Blast. The follow-up to 2014's "R.I.B. (Rest In Beer)" was recorded at Gernhart Studios in Troisdorf with producer Martin Buchwalter (DESTRUCTION, ACCUSER, PERZONAL WAR, SUIDAKRA). The second trailer for "One Foot In The Grave", in which the members of TANKARD talk about the album title and the cover artwork, can be seen below. "One Foot In The Grave" track listing: 01. Pay To Pray 02. Arena Of The True Lies 03. Don`t Bullshit Us! 04. One Foot In The Grave 05. Syrian Nightmare 06. Northern Crown (Lament Of The Undead King) 07. Lock`Em Up! 08. The Evil That Men Display 09. Secret Order 1516 10. Sole Grinder This time, the album is going to have a serious streak, not only filled with humor but criticizing today's society. Even the traditional beer song "Secret Order 1516" displays some critical elements. But don't worry: fans of the typical TANKARD humor won't be disappointed! With songs like "Sole Grinder", the band hasn't forgotten their raison d'être. This song pays tribute to the band's manager Buffo (Gerre: "The funniest choleric person in Germany") in an ironic way. The cover artwork for "One Foot In The Grave" was created by Patrick Strogulski, who is a student of Sebastian Krüger, the recent artwork designer of TANKARD. He also created the cover artwork for the "A Girl Called Cerveza" and "R.I.B." albums. With this, the iconic band mascot, the TANKARD Alien, celebrates his return after about 13 years of absence. The alien was born in 1989 with the "Alien" EP and has already graced five album covers. The TANKARD fan club "Maniac Aliens" is also named after it. States TANKARD vocalist Andreas "Gerre" Geremia: "Mister Strogulski has once again created a real masterpiece and surpassed himself. Our first plan was that I would be on the cover instead of the alien... but, lucky me, it ended up being the alien..."