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CORROSION OF CONFORMITY Releases Music Video For ‘Wolf Named Crow’

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY's music video for the song "Wolf Named Crow" can be seen below. The track is taken from the band's upcoming album, "No Cross No Crown", which will be released on January 12 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. It will be made available on CD, digital, vinyl, and cassette formats. States bassist Mike Dean: "'Wolf Named Crow' started with a couple of riffs Pepper was sitting on for a while. We learned those and collectively came up with a bridge on the spot and it fell together naturally. It reminds me of a new take on 'Wiseblood'-era C.O.C. and Reed [Mullin] played some very-original-yet-very-Bill-Ward-inspired fills. It's easily my favorite track on this record." In 2014, after nearly a straight decade traversing the globe as a guitarist with New Orleans supergroup DOWN, Pepper Keenan reconnected with the core CORROSION OF CONFORMITY trio of Woody Weatherman, Mike Dean and Reed Mullin to hit the road hard. "Reed called me and mentioned maybe playing a couple shows," Keenan recalls. "I said, 'Let's just go to Europe and see if it works.' So we went to Europe and then ended up going back four times in one year... We toured for a year and then started tracking about ten or eleven months ago." Recording in North Carolina with longtime producer John Custer, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY cut "No Cross No Crown" in about forty days over the course of a year. "We took our time and didn't put any pressure on ourselves," Keenan says. "I'd go up from New Orleans and we'd do four or five days at a time, just hacking away at it. It was fun because we did it like a demo, but in a studio. We were writing and putting it on tape at the same time. We took what parts we thought were great from the old days and weren't scared to go backwards. It kinda wrote itself that way." Some of these new jams sound like could've easily been on "Wiseblood" or "Deliverance", two of CORROSION OF CONFORMITY's most revered records. On "No Cross No Crown", beefy Southern stompers like "The Luddite", "Little Man" and "Forgive Me" are interspersed with melancholy guitar interludes like "No Cross", "Matre's Diem" and "Sacred Isolation" — just like SABBATH used to do in the '70s. "We started doing that on 'Deliverance'," Keenan points out. "My theory on that is that if you're trying to make a record flow, you need to break it up a little. When you need a breather, write an interlude. I like writing those mellow pieces just to space things out and make the next thing come in heavier." The album's iconic title comes from a recent tour stop in England. "We were playing this old church from like the 1500s that had been turned into a performing arts center," Keenan recalls. "The dressing room had stained glass windows and one of them showed this poor fella being persecuted. Underneath it said, 'no cross no crown.' So I just took that idea. We're not trying to be on a soapbox, but we used it as a catalyst to write songs around." Which is to say that "No Cross No Crown" has a lot less to do with politics or religion than its title implies. "I think everyone needs to get away from that mindset in general," Keenan offers. "It just seems to be a mess out there nowadays. We need to get back to being humans and taking care of each other and simple things like that. For us, the terminology 'no cross no crown' is a theme. It's mentioned in like three songs throughout the album. We just weaved it through as we went." "No Cross No Crown" stands as irrefutable proof of CORROSION OF CONFORMITY's ability to overcome. "CORROSION OF CONFORMITY and the prior records I've done with them didn't just go away," Keenan observes. "It's an honor to be back out there and have an opportunity to do it again in a real way and not some washed-up reunion thing. Even before we wrote the record, we were out there for a year seeing there was a demand for it and that there was a void that we could fill. That's been CORROSION OF CONFORMITY's deal from day one. We're not chasing anybody around. We're not gonna worry about what the new trends are. CORROSION OF CONFORMITY is CORROSION OF CONFORMITY." "No Cross No Crown" track listing: 01. Novus Deus 02. The Luddite 03. Cast The First Stone 04. No Cross 05. Wolf Named Crow 06. Little Man 07. Matre's Diem 08. Forgive Me 09. Nothing Left To Say 10. Sacred Isolation 11. Old Disaster 12. E.L.M. 13. No Cross No Crown 14. A Quest To Believe (A Call To The Void) 15. Son And Daughter In advance of the release of "No Cross No Crown", CORROSION OF CONFORMITY will join BLACK LABEL SOCIETY for a mammoth North American live takeover. The tour begins December 27 in Denver, Colorado and will wind its way through nearly four dozen cities, the journey coming to a close February 27, 2018. Additional support will be provided by EYEHATEGOD and RED FANG on select shows. Photo credit: Dean Karr

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FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH Releases Cover Of THE OFFSPRING’s ‘Gone Away’, Celebrates New Platinum Certifications

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH has released a lyric video for its cover verion of "Gone Away", originally recorded by THE OFFSPRING in 1997. The track is the second single from FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH's compilation album, "A Decade Of Destruction", which is being released today (Friday, December 1). In other news, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH is celebrating the RIAA (Recording Industry Association Of America) platinum certifications of its "American Capitalist" (2011) and "The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell, Vol. 1" (2013) albums. "War Is The Answer", the band's 2009 album, and its hit single "Bad Company" previously went platinum in 2016 and 2013, respectively. The first single from "A Decade Of Destruction", a brand new song called "Trouble", has already seen great success as it hit #1 on the iTunes Metal and top 5 positions on the Rock charts around the globe. Additionally, the song has racked up over two million streams worldwide in just a few weeks making it the band's biggest streaming debut for a lead track. FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH has amassed a total of over two billion streams worldwide to date and is currently overseas co-headlining this fall's biggest European arena rock tour with IN FLAMES and special guest OF MICE & MEN. The tour is headed over to Germany, Austria, Spain Belgium and Holland next before concluding at Wembley Arena in London, U.K. on December 21, just in time for the holidays. Drummer Jeremy Spencer told Razor 94.7 that he was unsure about doing a greatest-hits LP at first, saying, "I was, like, 'Do we even have enough hits?' And then we looked and we have, like, thirteen or fifteen radio hits. It just seems like it just started, even though it's been ten years. We're always wrapped up in our vacuum, in our cocoon of our daily life, so you don't pay attention to that stuff. And now we're, like, 'We have a greatest hits.' And the label thought it was the right time, so we were, like, 'Cool. Let's put some new songs on it, though.' We don't wanna make… 'Cause people can pretty much… You know, they have the records already. But now this is a cool package with different stuff on it. The artwork's really rad. It's cool." The hits collection and an already-completed new studio album are part of a deal to settle a legal dispute and close out the band's contract with its label, Prospect Park. FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH's seventh full-length LP, which was finished a year ago, will follow up 2015's "Got Your Six" and will be released in spring 2018.

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Guitarist MARC RIZZO Leaves ‘Return To Roots’ European Tour Due To ‘Dire Family Emergency’

Guitarist Marc Rizzo has been forced to leave the "Max & Iggor Cavalera Return To Roots" European tour due to a "dire family emergency." Stepping in for him for the next few shows on the "MTV Headbangers Ball Tour 2017" — which also features OVERKILL, INSOMNIUM and DESERTED FEAR — is former HAVOK and current SOULFLY bassist Mike Leon. Max Cavalera's wife and manager Gloria Cavalera states: "Let's all pray for [Marc's] family and send them positive vibes and loving wishes." The "MTV Headbangers Ball Tour 2017" is scheduled to hit Geiselwind, Germany on Friday, December 1. The "Return To Roots" tour sees former SEPULTURA members Max and Igor Cavalera celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the band's classic album "Roots" by performing the LP in its entirety. "Roots", along with 1993's "Chaos A.D.", is considered SEPULTURA's most commercially successful release, having been certified gold in 2005 by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) for U.S. shipments in excess of 500,000 copies. In 1996, Max exited SEPULTURA after the rest of the band fired Max's wife Gloria as their manager. Igor left SEPULTURA in June 2006 due to "artistic differences." His departure from the band came five months after he announced that he was taking a break from SEPULTURA's touring activities to spend time with his second wife and their son (who was born in January 2006).

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Former METALLICA Bassist JASON NEWSTED Displays Art Exhibit In Lake Worth, Florida (Video)

WPTV has posted a video report on former METALLICA bassist Jason Newsted's "Rawk - The Art of Jason Newsted" art exhibition, which is underway at the Cultural Council in Lake Worth, Florida. Check it out below. The exhibition was co-curated by Nick Korniloff, executive vice president, founder and director of Art Miami and founder of the prestigious Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary art fair, and Nichole Hickey, manager of artist services at the Cultural Council. Korniloff told InJupiter: "Entering year two of our Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary art fair, we look forward to the kickoff of another exciting cultural season in Palm Beach County by supporting and celebrating the Cultural Council's 40th anniversary. "When provided the opportunity to work with Rena Blades and her team to co-curate an exhibition with Nichole Hickey of the Council, I jumped at the opportunity. There was only one artist in mind — and that was Palm Beach County resident, six-time Grammy winner, Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer and multitalented musical, lyrical and visual artist Jason Newsted. Jason's immersive show represents all of the mediums of the arts that the Cultural Council has worked so hard to support over the years. The 'Rawk' exhibition will be an event and art show that our community will never forget." Beginning to make visual art seriously in 2004, Newsted manipulates canvases and upcycles ordinary materials. He imagines landscapes and figures that come to light froman unlimited color palate. His figures seem otherworldly and evoke a sense of frenetic emotion and in some of his work he has been influenced by Outsider Art. Newsted also works with words and layers. Using both hands, he scrawls out names or phrases and then layers paint to cleverly disguise them from the viewer. At times he twists and turns the canvas repeatedly, painting and painting, until he obtains his desired effect. Heavily influenced later by the great masters of modern art, Newsted has found his niche and an expressionistic awareness of contemporary art. "Rawk – The Art Of Jason Newsted" will be on display at the Cultural Council galleries December 1 – February 3.

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TOM KEIFER On CINDERELLA: ‘There Won’t Be Any Reunion’

Tom Keifer has once again shot down the possibility of a CINDERELLA reunion, saying that the "issues" between the bandmembers are "beyond repair." Although CINDERELLA hasn't released a new studio album since 1994's "Still Climbing", the band started playing sporadic shows again in 2010 but has been largely inactive for the last few years while Keifer has toured as a solo artist. Asked in a brand new interview with All That Shreds if there will ever be a CINDERELLA reunion, the 56-year-old singer responded: "I'm pleased where I'm at now. There's been a lot of issues over the course of decades and build-up that is beyond repair at this point. So there won't be any reunion. I am renewed and inspired and loving the [solo] band that I'm in now and are working on and what we're doing. We're having a good time, and the new music's been received well. It's been unexpected because the first year of it started slow and we just stuck with it." He continued: "I think that's the key to anything, if you're happy doing something and you love it and it inspires you. You do it for that reason — not how many people are in the room or how much money you make. And then if you continue to do it for the right reason, which [is that] it's something you love and you [are] inspired, you'll see around the corner and have the success. But I think it starts with the right reasons, and I always felt the chemistry. Everyone's dedication to the new band to this has always felt like for the right reasons." CINDERELLA guitarist Jeff LaBar last year accepted blame for the group's prolonged period of inactivity, explaining that his "drinking problem" caused a rift between him and his bandmates. He told "Another FN Podcast With Izzy Presley": "I can only speculate, but I believe it's all my fault. It's no secret that I've had a drinking problem. And it showed its ugly face on one of those [cruises that CINDERELLA played]. I guess that's what caused a rift… When I fell out on one of those cruise ships in front of everybody — like, basically O.D.'d — that's when the band, and mostly Tom, took notice and was, like, 'What the fuck?'" Asked if he is sober now, LaBar said: "No, I'm not. Which is the problem. Which is probably the problem. Like I said, I can only speculate, because I don't talk to the other guys anymore. I talk to Fred [Coury, drums] every now and then. Eric [Brittingham, bass] lives twenty minutes from me. We haven't talked lately, but Eric and I have been the most consistent of all my bandmates throughout the past thirty-two years. It's just Tom and I that don't talk anymore. And I can only speculate that he's very disappointed and doesn't wanna see me die. He doesn't wanna witness me dying." "The Way Life Goes - Deluxe Edition", an expanded compilation of Keifer's critically acclaimed solo debut album, "The Way Life Goes", was made available on October 20 via Cleopatra Records.

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SEBASTIAN BACH Says SKID ROW Reunion ‘Could Be On The Horizon’

Former SKID ROW frontman Sebastian Bach was interviewed this morning (Thursday, November 30) on "KTLA Morning News", the morning television news program airing on KTLA in Los Angeles, California. You can now watch the chat below. Asked if the elements exist for a possibility of a SKID ROW reunion, Bach responded: "Well, [they] exist 'cause we're still alive." Pressed further, the singer admitted: "That's a rough subject for me, 'cause we're trying to put it together, so I don't wanna say the wrong thing." Sebastian closed the topic by saying that a reunion "could be on the horizon." Bach's latest comments seem to contradict SKID ROW guitarist Dave "Snake" Sabo's recent claim that the chances of Bach coming back to the band are "slim to none." Bach fronted SKID ROW until 1996, when he was fired. Instead of throwing in the towel, the remaining members took a hiatus and went on to play briefly in a band called OZONE MONDAY. In 1999, SKID ROW reformed and, after a bit of shuffling over the years, featured a lineup consisting of original bassist Rachel Bolan and guitarists Sabo and Scotti Hill, alongside drummer Rob Hammersmith and singer Johnny Solinger. SKID ROW fired Solinger over the phone in April 2015, a few hours before announcing ex-TNT vocalist Tony Harnell as his replacement. Eight months later, Harnell exited the band and was replaced by South African-born, British-based singer ZP Theart, who previously fronted DRAGONFORCE, TANK and I AM I. Sabo told the "Trunk Nation" show earlier in the month that "there was definitely dialog that was going back and forth" between SKID ROW and Bach about a possible reunion, but "what it ended up being was we realized that whatever it was that tore us apart years ago still existed… We got offered a lot of money. And then with the dialog that went back and forth, it got ugly again," he said. Bach's autobiography, "18 And Life On Skid Row", which was originally made available last December, was released in paperback on November 14.

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BUCKCHERRY’s JOSH TODD Says Touring With New Band THE CONFLICT Has Been ‘Humbling’

Josh Todd (BUCKCHERRY) recently spoke with Joshua Toomey of the "Talk Toomey" podcast about his new band, JOSH TODD & THE CONFLICT. The full chat can be streamed below (interview starts at the 43-minute mark). A few excerpts follow (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): On why he started THE CONFLICT: Josh: "Prior to BUCKCHERRY, I grew up in Orange County, California. My foundation was a lot of punk rock records. I had a band for five years called SLAMHOUND in Los Angeles, and it was a four-piece band, and much heavier rock music. Cut to BUCKCHERRY, and [I] love BUCKCHERRY and had a great run, and BUCKCHERRY's doing great, but we toured a lot last year, and I always wanted to have two bands in two different kind of genres in rock, and something heavier and more aggressive, more along the lines of my roots." On whether it feels like he's "starting over" with THE CONFLICT: Josh: "It's all the same for me, because BUCKCHERRY toured a lot, so I've been on every stage in every type of situation you can think of. It's all the same, really — just wanna give the audience 110 percent. Doesn't matter if it's, like, 500 [or] 5,000. Getting down to this level has actually been inspiring and cool to create something from the ground up. It's been a labor of love, and I enjoy it, as long as you can deal with being humbled, because it is definitely humbling." On how he's trying to reach "casual" BUCKCHERRY fans: Josh: "We put out a record and we did a lot of promotion, and the percentage of BUCKCHERRY fans that wanted to listen to it and wanted to embrace us have. There's always people that just aren't interested in this type of music, so there's nothing I can do about that. We're out here touring with other bands and we're building an audience for THE CONFLICT. All that being said, it's a great show, and I put a lot into my craft and my songwriting, and it definitely translates live." On why he's not performing any BUCKCHERRY songs live with THE CONFLICT: Josh: "I didn't want to do that. We've done that in the past when we first started doing shows, because there was, like, literally no awareness, and it just doesn't really work well with THE CONFLICT stuff. We're tuned down to C, and I didn't want to do that anyway. I want to get away from BUCKCHERRY and build this brand, no matter what that's going to take. That's what we're doing. The model that I really was working with was the SLIPKNOT / STONE SOUR-type model, at a smaller scale of course, but that's what I wanted to accomplish, so that's what I'm going to accomplish. I just want to build them separately and be able to tend to THE CONFLICT and then let it rest, then go do some BUCKCHERRY and let it rest, and so on and so forth." JOSH TODD & THE CONFLICT's debut album, "Year Of The Tiger", was released on September 15 via Century Media. The disc was co-produced by guitarist Stevie Dacanay (a.k.a. Stevie D) and STONE TEMPLE PILOTS drummer Eric Kretz. JOSH TODD & THE CONFLICT is: Josh Todd - Vocals Stevie D - Guitars/Back-Up Vocals Sean Winchester - Drums Greg Cash - Bass

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VINNY APPICE Says It Was A ‘Great Thrill’ To Play In ‘Both Important Versions’ Of BLACK SABBATH

Legendary drummer Vinny Appice (BLACK SABBATH, HEAVEN & HELL, DIO) recently spoke with Mark Strigl of the "Talking Metal" podcast about APPICE, his new band with his brother Carmine (VANILLA FUDGE, BLUE MURDER, KING KOBRA). The complete chat can be streamed below. A few excerpts follow (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): On how comedian Carrot Top ended up appearing in APPICE's music video for the song "Monsters & Heroes": Vinny: "We're very good friends. Over the years, he's come to see a lot of our shows when we play in Vegas. He's just a great friend. I think he played some drums in his life. We invited him down, and then we said, 'Do you want to be in the video?' So, we put him in there. When he came off, he told me, 'Man, that was so loud!' He was sitting in front of my drums, and I had the monitors on with that song just blasting." On how to pronounce the name of the APPICE project, given that he and his brother pronounce their last names differently: Vinny: "It's 'Sinister' by A-P-P-I-C-E. That's what we say now. [Laughs] Kind of in the middle, you know? Carmine used to say 'App-uh-see.' That's what I say. Then he started playing with Rod Stewart, and Rod called him 'Uh-piece,' so he changed it. I stayed with 'App-uh-see.' Ever since then, it's been totally a mix-up. People ask all the time, for years and years and years. It's unbelievable how long this has been going on. But it's cool — people talk about it." On how his and his brother's drum performances are captured on new APPICE album "Sinister": Vinny: "If you've got the headphones on correctly, I'm the left, he's the right. We don't play every song together, but sometimes we play the whole song all the way through, both of us, and then sometimes I'll play part of the song, he'll play the other parts, verse, chorus, mix it up. Some of them, there's a couple of songs where we play individual. It's all mixed up; it's not the same mix all the time." On the status of LAST IN LINE's sophomore album: Vinny: "We're working on that now. We have five songs recorded, and we wrote a whole bunch of stuff. Five are in the can, but they're not finished — they need solos and different things. We just did some writing about 10 days ago, so we're going to continue in December and at the beginning of the year also." On his memories of filling in for Bill Ward with BLACK SABBATH in 1998: Vinny: "Bill couldn't do it, so they called me. I did about two weeks in Europe with the original SABS, and it was great. Ozzy [Osbourne] was great — he's just a great guy and a lot of fun and craziness playing with him. That was a great thrill for me to play with the original band. It was a great thrill to play with Ronnie [James Dio], but it was also a great thrill to play with the original band. I got to play in both versions — both important versions." "Sinister", the first joint studio album by Vinny and his brother Carmine, was released on October 27 through SPV/Steamhammer as CD digipack, double gatefold vinyl, download and stream.

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DELTA DEEP Feat. DEF LEPPARD, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS Members: ‘East Coast Live’ CD/DVD Due In January

DELTA DEEP, the critically acclaimed blues-based band featuring Phil Collen (lead guitarist of DEF LEPPARD) and Robert DeLeo (bassist for STONE TEMPLE PILOTS), in addition to Debbi Blackwell-Cook (back-up vocalist for such artists as Michael Bublé and Gregory Hines) and Forrest Robinson (drummer for India.Arie, Joe Sample & THE CRUSADERS, TLC), will release a concert CD/DVD, "East Coast Live", on January 26, 2018 via Frontiers Music Srl. The set captures a magical night where all the stars fell into place at Daryl's House, the Pawling, New York club owned by Daryl Hall of HALL & OATES. A lyric video for the song "Bless These Blues" can be seen below. Collen states about the track: "This tour was the first time we played the song live, and I'm blown away by the sound. It came over like a living, breathing powerful entity — a monster — everything you'd want in a live song. We had this particular performance filmed at Daryl's House on the second to the last day of our East Coast tour. It was so mighty, it made sense that we release it as a live performance lyric video instead of just an audio track and share it with the world." Collen initially started DELTA DEEP in 2012 after jamming at home over the course of a year with friend and relative Debbi Blackwell-Cook (Blackwell-Cook is the godmother of Collen's wife, Helen). What started as a casual pairing singing Motown and classic blues staples while Debbi frequently visited Collen's home quickly turned into much more. Collen, Helen and Debbi began writing original music which Collen and Debbi recorded in Collen's home studio. Later that year, a chance meeting re-acquainted Collen with Memphis native and enigmatic heavy metal, jazz, and R&B drummer Forrest Robinson. A friend suggested giving STP bassist Robert DeLeo a call. Sharing a loving affinity for soul, funk and the blues, DeLeo was the perfect fit. According to Collen: "We really wanted Robert in this band. He had the added firepower of being the premiere pioneer and most 'badass bass player' to come out of the alternative rock explosion."

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DARK ANGEL Is Still Writing Material For Long-Awaited Comeback Album

Reactivated California thrash metal pioneers DARK ANGEL are continuing to work on material for their long-awaited comeback album. The band's first CD since 1991's "Time Does Not Heal" will feature the lineup that has performed sporadic live shows since reuniting in 2013: Gene Hoglan (drums), Eric Meyer (guitar), Jim Durkin (guitar), Ron Rinehart (vocals) and Michael Gonzalez (bass). Speaking to Agoraphobic News, Hoglan stated about DARK ANGEL's next disc (hear audio below): "We are in the process of writing it. My schedule is pretty crazy, so trying to devote as much time as I would love to to writing it has been a challenge. But we're in the process of writing it. And there's no timeline to when it's gonna be completed. And I appreciate everybody's patience. I can only imagine people [going], 'Where's that new DARK ANGEL [album] you promised a few years back?' But we're trying to work on it. I'm gonna make it fucking the most ball-crushing record possible." According to Hoglan, he and his DARK ANGEL bandmates "have a great time" when they get together to play live shows. "This is my family too," he said. "We're all brothers. We get back together and have a good family reunion and play some metal." Gene told KNAC.COM earlier in the year that he had "five or six songs ready to go" for DARK ANGEL's next album. "The stuff Jim's writing is deadly," he said. "And I'm trying to carry forth the youthful energy and aggression of 'Darkness Descends' with a little bit of what we were doing with 'Time Does Not Heal' and some cool-ass 'Leave Scars' thrown in. It sounds like DARK ANGEL, but I'm trying to err on the side of hyper-aggression, and that's cool with me. You never go wrong going heavier. So write a shit-ass heavy fucking record, that's gold in my book." DARK ANGEL released two albums with Don Doty on vocals — 1984's "We Have Arrived" and 1986's "Darkness Descends" — before he exited the group and was replaced by Ron Rinehart (after a brief stint with Jim Drabos in 1987). The band issued two more studio LPs — 1989's "Leave Scars" and 1991's "Time Does Not Heal" — before calling it quits in 1992. Rinehart, Hoglan and Meyer reassembled DARK ANGEL more than a decade ago but were forced to abandon their reunion plans after health issues reportedly put Rinehart's singing career on hold.

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