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GEOFF TATE On Meeting TODD LA TORRE: ‘We Did A Selfie Together. Does That Mean We’re Dating?’

On July 19, ex-QUEENSRŸCHE singer Geoff Tate spoke to the Hit Parader fan page about his recent chance encounter with his former bandmates at a festival in Spain. Tate said (see video below): "We had a massive falling out in 2012, which led me to leave the band and for them to sue me and take me to court. And there was lot of money that exchanged hands and a lot of bad things were said in the press. And we never had spoken since May of 2012 — we hadn't spoken a word. Just recently, two weeks ago, I got asked to appear with a European band called AVANTASIA. And we did a couple of shows in Switzerland and one in Barcelona where they were headlining a music festival there. When I get there, at the music festival, I see that QUEENSRŸCHE is opening the dates. So I [thought], 'I've gotta go see them.' I hadn't seen them play without me ever, and I hadn't even heard anything since I left the band, and I'd never heard their new singer [Todd La Torre]. So I went out to the show. And I ended up talking to everybody, and we all had pleasantries to say to each other, and I watched the show. God, that guy [Todd] — he's a great singer. He's fantastic. He sounds just like me." Geoff added that the first time he had ever spoken with La Torre "was in Barcelona and we had a nice conversation and did a selfie together." He laughed before adding: "I guess that means something. Does that mean we're dating, or what does it mean?" La Torre joined QUEENSRŸCHE as the replacement for Tate, who was the band's original lead vocalist, after the latter was fired in 2012. A two-year legal battle followed where Tate sued for the QUEENSRŸCHE name, only for his former bandmates Michael Wilton (guitar), Scott Rockenfield (drums) and Eddie Jackson (bass) to respond with a countersuit. They eventually settled the dispute, with Wilton, Rockenfield and Jackson continuing as QUEENSRŸCHE, and Tate now having the sole right to perform the albums "Operation: Mindcrime" and "Operation: Mindcrime II" in their entirety live. Todd told the "Trunk Nation" radio show earlier in the week that his meeting with Tate was "a nice, complimentary exchange. We shook each other's hands, we did a little selfie. He was nice to me, I was nice to him. So, should there ever be another time where we're in the same area, it's nice to know that he could walk up to me or I could walk up to him, or whatever, and it's fine. So that was good." QUEENSRŸCHE has released two albums thus far with La Torre on vocals: 2013's "Queensrÿche" and 2015's "Condition Hüman". The band is scheduled to enter the studio in September to begin recording its next disc for an early 2018 release.

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DEF LEPPARD To Perform Entire ‘Hysteria’ Album On Tour

DEF LEPPARD is planning to embark on a special tour in 2018 during which it will perform its classic "Hysteria" album in its entirety. The news was confirmed last week by DEF LEPPARD's Phil Collen during an appearance on SEX PISTOLS guitarist Steve Jones's radio show, "Jonesy's Jukebox", on the 95.5 KLOS station in Los Angeles. Asked if DEF LEPPARD is planning to tour in support of the thirtieth-anniversary "Hysteria" reissue, which came out on August 4, Collen said (hear audio below): "We are. I know it'll be next year we're gonna go on tour… We're getting some offers to play the whole album all the way through. So yeah we'll be doing that." One of the best-selling and most influential releases in music history, "Hysteria"'s remastered anniversary edition was released in various formats via Bludgeon Riffola/Mercury/Ume — Super Deluxe Edition, Deluxe Version, 1 CD Vanilla Version, 2-LP Black Vinyl Version, and limited-edition 2-LP Colored Vinyl Version. The reissue boasts B-sides and live tracks, plus the audio for "In The Round In Your Face (Live)" on CD for the first time. Essential listening for fans across the board, "Hysteria" indisputably ranks as one of the most decorated and revered rock albums of all time. As the group's second consecutive RIAA Diamond-certified record (ten million sales in the U.S.), it would go on to sell over thirty million copies worldwide and twelve million in the U.S. Moreover, the record staked a spot in the U.S. Top 40 for ninety-six weeks matched only by "Born In The U.S.A." Rolling Stone touted it on the prestigious "500 Greatest Albums of All Time" list, and a poll in Q placed it among the "100 Greatest Albums of All Time". Dominating multiple charts, it captured No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 and U.K. album charts, bolstered by immortal Top-5 anthems such as "Pour Some Sugar On Me", "Animal", "Love Bites", "Hysteria", "Rocket" and "Armageddon It". "Hysteria" left an indelible mark on rock 'n' roll. Powered by stadium-filling drums, rapturous guitars, and unshakable choruses, the record saw DEF LEPPARD rightfully claim their place among rock's divinities forever. As a result, its influence now reverberates through three generations of artists to follow. It also historically marked their third straight collaboration with producer Robert John "Mutt" Lange. In a recent interview with Forbes, DEF LEPPARD singer Joe Elliott stated about "Hysteria": "Having an album like 'Hysteria' is kind of like having a tattoo — you make that decision and we lived this album pretty much every day of our lives since then. There are twelve songs on the album. Off the top of my head, three, four, maybe five of them we played every show since because they're just so important in the live environment. We don't buy into this school of, 'I'm not playing the hits.' Some of the songs off the A list are mostly off 'Hysteria' 'cause it's an important statement by the band at this time and luckily for us it remains one. That's the great thing about it — it's not one of these records that sold really well, then fell off the planet. It stayed alive, the way 'Hotel California' or 'Rumours' or 'Led Zeppelin 4' did. It's still, I wouldn't say an active record, but actively part of our audience's life as much as ours. They buy the shirts for it. It's the go-to record for both of us."

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LYNCH MOB: Behind-The-Scenes Footage From Making Of ‘The Brotherhood’ Album

Behind-the-scenes footage from the making of "The Brotherhood", the new album from LYNCH MOB, can be seen below. Due on Friday, September 8 via Rat Pak Records, the disc was produced by Chris "The Wizard" Collier (FLOTSAM AND JETSAM, PRONG, KXM) and fe...

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WE START WARS Feat. NITA STRAUSS: Quality Video Footage Of Live Debut

WE START WARS, the new all-female group led by Nita Strauss, the Los Angeles-based guitar shredder for the ALICE COOPER band, made its live debut on May 25 at the Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, California. Newly uploaded quality video footage of the concert can be seen below (courtesy of Jim Antera Ross). In addition to Nita, WE START WARS features Alicia Vigil (VIGIL OF WAR) on bass, Seana (a.k.a. Shauna Lisse) on vocals, Nicole Papastavrou on guitar, Katt Scarlett (FEMME FATALE) on keyboards and Lindsay Martin on drums. Asked how WE START WARS came together, Strauss told The Front Row Report: "WE START WARS, I always say it's the band I've always wanted to be in. When I was a young guitar player starting out, there wasn't really a lot of all-female bands that had a really high level of technique for me to look up to. I love Steve Vai, [Joe] Satriani, DREAM THEATER… That's my stuff, that's what I like to listen to. And the more I started to figure out, there's not a lot of all-female bands that play this kind of stuff, that play technical stuff. There's some incredible all-female bands and I'm not knocking all-girl bands by any stretch of the imagination. But I wanted one that was really technical. I wanted a drummer that plays really fast double bass. I wanted two guitar players that both play solos. I wanted a singer with a big range — which you have… Female bands have great singers. My keyboard player went to Berklee — [she's] an incredible musician. So I really got the full spectrum of great musicianship first and foremost, and that's what I'm really excited to showcase for the fans." According to Nita, part of the reason she didn't launch WE START WARS earlier is the fact that quality female musicians are hard to come by. "A lot of times [when] I do press, I get this sort of snarky , 'Well, why did it take you so long to put a band together?'" she said. "And I [usually tell them], 'How many female drummers do you know that live in this small area…?' I mean, I wanted to get local people to L.A., where I live. I didn't wanna bring people in from out of town. I've done it, and I always end up paying for their flight, and I just can't do it. So I really wanted to get local people that could be in a room in rehearsal when I'm gone. 'Cause I'm gone most of the year with Alice." Regarding the band's sound, Papastavrou told Guitar World: "I'd say it's super-melodic metal but also has a little bit of something for everyone. We wanted to broaden our audience — not do anything too aggressive, but there's still a little bit of heaviness in there." Strauss concurred, adding: "There's a lot of crossover appeal. Nicole and I probably have the heaviest influences in the band, but when it comes down to it, we make music a lot of people can enjoy." Strauss said of the band's name: "A phrase I heard years ago has always stuck with me: 'Some of the greatest wars in history were fought over a beautiful woman.' "I've always been fascinated by the idea of the female warrior, someone who fights her own battles and doesn't take shit from anyone, and equally fascinated with the concept that a woman's love or defending her honor would be worth so much that people would actually put their own lives and the lives of others at risk over it," she continued. "The most famous story everyone thinks of first is, of course, 'The face that launched a thousand ships,' Helen of Troy. But there was also Cleopatra and Marc Antony, Attila the Hun's invasion of Rome, Richard the Lionheart rescuing his sister Joan of England during the crusades, General Wu Sangui's betrayal, which led to the downfall of the Ming Dynasty in the 1600s, and the Celts uprising against the Roman Empire in AD 60. The list goes on and on. "So that's the story behind the name — WE START WARS represents not only the battles that women face in daily life, but also the battles that have followed them throughout history."


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JOEY JORDISON’s VIMIC Is About To Sign New Record Deal

VIMIC, the new band featuring former SLIPKNOT drummer Joey Jordison, is in the process of signing a new record deal for the release of its long-awaited debut album. "Open Your Omen" was originally supposed to arrive last year via Jordison's longtime label, Roadrunner, but VIMIC has since parted ways with the record company and has yet to announce a new label home. Speaking to Loudwire for the latest installment of Wikipedia: Fact Or Fiction?, Jordison stated about VIMIC's full-length disc: "Right now we have a release date set. We don't know if we wanna go through with it or not, because we're signing a new deal right now. 'Cause everything's being closed as we speak… So everything's going really good. It's coming out." He continued: "That's what's good about being on tour. We're just getting out to meeting the fans, showcasing what we're about, getting the music out there. Usually I'm not a big Internet fan, but it's actually doing really good for us right now, so I think I've changed a little bit. [Laughs]" Jordison added: "It's coming out. The deal's getting signed already, and it's getting put out. It's on its way." VIMIC in February postponed its European tour so that the group could finish work on its debut LP, which has been described in a press release as "quite possibly the biggest triumph of Jordison's illustrious career." In April, photos surfaced on social media of Jordison and Dave Mustaine at a Nashville studio, leading to speculation that the MEGADETH mainman was involved in the mixing process for VIMIC's upcoming effort. Joining Jordison in VIMIC are singer Kalen Chase Musmecci, who has toured with KORN as a backing vocalist and percussionist, and Joey's former SCAR THE MARTYR bandmates Jed Simon (guitar), Kyle Konkiel (bass) and Matthew Tarach (keyboards). VIMIC has also welcomed new guitarist Steve Marshall to the band. In a December 2016 interview with Shockwave Magazine, Jordison stated about the making of VIMIC's first album: "The way we did 'Open Your Omen', the way we wrote it is exactly like how a garage band would do their demo tape. We went all the way back to the basics, and it was cool doing it like that because you didn't have the influence of your label, and the huge studio, and cars, hotels, and fancy dinners, all this bullshit that goes on along with being in the record industry. It was done literally in my home, organic, and we went out just to the studio not too far from my house and we just laid it down there. So, it was pretty much born in my home and then we just cruised up to the studio and just laid it down really quick." Before his dismissal from SLIPKNOT in December 2013, Jordison had been quietly struggling with the career-threatening neurological condition acute transverse myelitis, an inflammation of the spinal cord which damages nerve fibers, which ultimately led to Joey losing the use of his legs. Never one to quit or back down from a fight, Jordison overcame the impossible through months and months of rehabilitation, regaining the strength to walk again. He is feeling stronger than ever and is eager to show the world what is possible. "When this stuff happened to me, most, a lot of people, they just don't come back from it," he told Shockwave Magazine. "They just don't. They're crippled for life, they give up, and they're either in a wheelchair, or they just don't come back from this. My fighting spirit is to never give up no matter what and I fought so hard. I had to throw music away, I had to kiss it goodbye for a little bit and it sucked. But I knew that if I was going to be able to do this again that I had, with all my strength that I had in my body, mentally, in my heart as well, soulful, spiritually, whatever I had to get through this, I had to do it. I put myself all the way through it and I came back and I'm actually stronger than I've ever been. It took a long time to get through it. It was not an easy road, but I'm back and I'm happier than I've ever been. I'm playing music all the time. I play better than I ever have, cause all I do is gym and just work out. Life takes you down troubled roads sometimes, not to hurt you, but to cleanse you. That's the way I kind of look at it."

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ACCEPT Guitarist ‘Would Love To’ Perform With Orchestra Again

German/American heavy metal veterans ACCEPT celebrated the release of their new album, "The Rise Of Chaos", with a special performance last Thursday, August 3 at the Wacken Open Air festival in Wacken, Germany. The set consisted of three parts: a classic ACCEPT set, packed with new and old hits; ACCEPT guitarist Wolf Hoffmann playing tracks from his solo album, "Headbangers Symphony", with an orchestra for the very first time; and the entire ACCEPT band sharing the stage with the orchestra, supported by a complex multimedia show. This unique concert experience took place on this year's "Night To Remember", which made it even more special. The "Night To Remember" is a celebrated, long-lasting Wacken tradition; for one night of the festival, an established band does something unique and special with its performance. After the performance, Hoffmann told TotalRock's Whitney Alyson Ribbins: "It was phenomenal. We didn't really know what to expect. We did some rehearsals and stuff, but that was the first time we were ever on stage with an orchestra. It was totally different to what we normally do, but it sounded fantastic and it felt great. Everybody was smiling, the orchestra people had a lot of fun, the conductor was in a great mood and everybody was, like, 'This is fun.' It all went really, really smooth and it couldn't have gone better." He continued: "A lot of preparation went into it — months of talking about it and organizing everything and writing the scores and writing all the sheet music for everybody, because playing with an orchestra, you can't just jam." Asked whether this was something he would like to do again, Wolf responded: "Yeah, I'd love to. For me, classical music... the sound of an orchestra is something that has always fascinated me. My whole life I have wanted to combine the two elements together. I've done it by using classical bits and pieces in my solos over the years, then I made a solo record, then I made a solo record with an orchestra and now finally live on stage with an orchestra like that, fifty people, it was a dream come true and hopefully we get to do it again some time." "The Rise Of Chaos" was released on August 4 via Nuclear Blast. The follow-up to 2014's "Blind Rage" is the first ACCEPT album to feature the band's latest additions, guitarist Uwe Lulis (GRAVE DIGGER, REBELLION) and drummer Christopher Williams.

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CHESTER BENNINGTON’s Family Will Decide Whether ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Episode Will Air

Chester Bennington's family will decide whether an episode of "Carpool Karaoke: The Series" featuring the late LINKIN PARK singer's will air. In an interview Tuesday with the Associated Press, host James Corden said the Apple Music show will "approach it in whichever manner his family, or the people [who] were involved in that episode, would like it to be handled. "We will navigate it as delicately as possible and just adhere to whatever wishes they would want because I don't think there's any other way we could deal with it," he added. "It's a tragedy." Talinda Bennington, Chester's wife, responded on Twitter, saying: "Thank you @JKCorden." On July 14 — less than a week before Chester's death — LINKIN PARK shared a picture on Twitter with actor Ken Jeong for their episode of the TV spinoff of Corden's "Late Late Show" sketch. The photo was captioned, "Fun day with [Ken Jeong] [Carpool Karaoke] [Apple Music] — stay tuned." After Bennington's death six days later, Jeong paid tribute to the singer on Twitter, writing, "I am in shock and heartbroken. All my thoughts and prayers go out to Chester and his family and friends at this time." "Carpool Karaoke: The Series" — a 16-episode standalone show executive-produced by Corden — premiered on August 8 on Apple Music. Other celebrities scheduled to appear on the program include John Legend and Alicia Keys, Billy Eichner and METALLICA, and Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett Smith. Corden has promised he will appear in at least two episodes, alongside Will Smith and LeBron James. Bennington died by suicide on July 20. He was 41. His private funeral service took place on July 29 near his home in Palos Verdes, California. It was attended by five hundred guests, including members of all three bands Bennington sang in: LINKIN PARK, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS and DEAD BY SUNRISE.

Fun day with @kenjeong @CarpoolKaraoke @AppleMusic - stay tuned.

— LINKIN PARK (@linkinpark) July 14, 2017

I am in shock and heartbroken. All my thoughts and prayers go out to Chester and his family and friends at this time.

— Ken Jeong (@kenjeong) July 20, 2017

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When Ronnie Montrose passed away on March 3, 2012, he was in the midst of working on an album that would have thrilled fans of his original MONTROSE (1973-1974) and GAMMA (1979-1983) periods. The artistically restless Montrose followed his muse without question, but, in 2003, he called in bassist Ricky Phillips (STYX, BAD ENGLISH) and drummer Eric Singer (KISS, ALICE COOPER) to tackle a power-trio project that would rock harder than anything he had done in years. The idea was to record ten songs with ten different singers and call the album "10x10". He brought Phillips and Singer to Doug Messenger's studio in North Hollywood, and the three musicians set up to record live — no pre-production rehearsals and no overdubs — and knocked out ten basic tracks in two or three days. Sadly, Montrose was unable to see the album through during his lifetime and it quite possibly may never have been heard beyond a few Montrose-family friends. Montrose did manage to record some of his chosen vocalists — such as Sammy Hagar and Edgar Winter — but finances, schedules, and a frightening illness conspired to slow and eventually stop progress. We can all thank Phillips, Singer, Leighsa Montrose and Rhino Records now, because the album that appeared destined to be lost to time is now available for pre-order. "I was talking to Eric Singer about '10x10' after Ronnie died, and I was pretty sure that I wanted to see if I could finish it, but I hadn't been able to move forward on it," says Phillips. "But Eric said, 'It has to be you. You and I were there to record it. We were there when Ronnie was talking about it — what he wanted to do, who he wanted to sing on it, how he wanted it to sound. If someone else gets into this thing, it's going to suck, and you're going to hate it.' That did it. I called Leighsa Montrose." Phillips made it his mission to finish the songs by enlisting a small army of Ronnie's musician friends to record the vocals and the guitar solos for each song, completing the album over the course of recent years. The songs represent some of Montrose's best work. According to Ricky Phillips, "His songs still have the fire and angst of a young rebel, but with some added wisdom and foresight voiced in his own unique language of 'guitar-speak.' On '10x10', we hear Ronnie at the top of his game, from the opening crunch guitar of 'Heavy Traffic', all the way to the closing song, 'I'm Not Lying', which was Ronnie's tip of the hat to his friend Robin Trower." On September 29, 2017 Rhino Records will release "10x10" on 180-gram vinyl ($21.98), CD ($14.98) and digitally. The album features inspired pairings, like DEEP PURPLE singer Glenn Hughes with DEF LEPPARD guitarist Phil Collen ("Still Singin' With The Band") and singer Sammy Hagar with TOTO guitarist Steve Lukather ("Color Blind"). Legendary blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa also showcases his guitar talents on the track "The Kingdom's Come Undone" with Ricky Phillips on vocals. A few artists both sing and play, like Edgar Winter ("Love Is An Art") and Tommy Shaw ("Strong Enough"). Several artists who appear on "10x10" had recorded with Ronnie during his career, like Edgar Winter, who included the guitarist on his 1972 album, "They Only Come Out At Night". Sammy Hagar got his start singing with MONTROSE. Between 1973 and 1975, he recorded two influential albums — "Montrose" and "Paper Money" — with the band and toured the world. More than forty years later, Hagar was among the first who agreed to help finish Ronnie's final album. "It's valuable to have '10x10' be seen as Ronnie's last work, rather than going and digging up some stuff from his past. This was something he truly had a vision for," says Hagar. "10x10" track listing: 01. "Heavy Traffic" featuring Eric Martin & Dave Meniketti 02. "Love Is An Art" featuring Edgar Winter & Rick Derringer 03. "Color Blind" featuring Sammy Hagar & Steve Lukather 04. "Still Singin' With The Band" featuring Glenn Hughes, Phil Collen & Jimmy "Z" Zavala 05. "Strong Enough" featuring Tommy Shaw 06. "Any Minute" featuring Mark Farner & Ricky Phillips 07. "The Kingdom's Come Undone" featuring Ricky Phillips & Joe Bonamassa 08. "One Good Reason" featuring Bruce Turgon & Brad Whitford 09. "Head On Straight" featuring Davey Pattison & Marc Bonilla 10. "I'm Not Lying" featuring Gregg Rolie, Tom Gimbel & Lawrence Gowan A note from Leighsa Montrose about the cover art: "Ronnie loved the use of a double entendre to convey meaning. My inspiration for the cover artwork is a personal nod to him, how he thought, and what would have been aesthetically pleasing to him. This is beautifully illustrated by Peter Grant. What you see is a sound wave from 'Head On Straight', which he wrote for '10x10'. This was captured by Steve Ledesma with special thanks to Alfred Ruiz. When looking at this soundwave, I wanted the eye and mind to see it as if it was moving and fluid — as if it was him on the cover. "Ronnie is music. He had the mindset of an engineer. Math and music was the way he thought. To be able to combine these attributes of Ronnie with depth of meaning, I believe he would have appreciated the thought that went into everyone's combined efforts to understand and create the cover."

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VIVIAN CAMPBELL Is ‘Not Going To Pass Judgment’ On RONNIE JAMES DIO Hologram

Original DIO guitarist Vivian Campbell says that he is "not going to pass judgment" on the hologram of Ronnie James Dio, which made its debut at last year's Wacken Open Air festival in Germany. Created by Eyellusion, the surprise appearance of the heav...

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