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PARADISE LOST’s GREG MACKINTOSH On ‘Medusa’: ‘It’s Our Heaviest Album To Date’

Ben of the Moshpit Backstage podcast recently conducted an interview with lead guitarist Greg Mackintosh of British doom metal pioneers PARADISE LOST. You can listen to the full interview below. A few excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). ...

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PHIL LEWIS Says ‘Attendance Has Been Up’ For L.A. GUNS Reunion Shows With TRACII GUNS

Crash and Taylor of Sioux Falls' KBAD 94.5 FM's "The Morning Crash" radio show recently conducted an interview with L.A. GUNS frontman Phil Lewis. You can listen to the entire chat below. A few excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). On hi...

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BLACK STAR RIDERS Guitarist Recalls Playing Ping Pong With QUEEN Frontman FREDDIE MERCURY

Kylie Olsson of uDiscover Music conducted an interview with vocalist Ricky Warwick and guitarist Scott Gorham of BLACK STAR RIDERS at Ramblin' Man Fair, which was held July 29-30 at Mote Park in Maidstone, Kent, United Kingdom. You can watch the full chat below. A few excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). On the band's new "Heavy Fire" album: Ricky: "We've been together for five years now as BLACK STAR RIDERS. It's our third record. There's a great chemistry between us; we've gotten very comfortable. We're moving forward, we're not afraid to try different things out in the studio. Nothing is off the charts. I think we just enjoy what we do. I think that's the secret. We want to be relevant, we want to keep writing and want to keep moving forward and writing the best songs we can." Scott: "I think the first one was probably the hardest one to make. It was unfamiliar ground. How does Ricky write his lyrics? How does he play his guitar? What moods does everybody get into? You get to the second album, now I know how Ricky writes lyrics. I know what he can come up with, so there's a big trust factor. You get to the third one and it's the same again. The fourth one we got coming up, it's going to be even better." On whether the band has started writing new songs: Ricky: "We're always writing, we're always working. I think that's why we've been so prolific. It's not like, 'Okay, the album is written. Let's go on tour for 18 months. We need to take a year to write the next one.' We always want to keep this thing rolling around. We're always coming up with ideas and writing as we go. We're ready to go and record at any moment, which is great. I think we've all been in situations before where someone goes 'It's time to make a record.' And we go 'Uh…we better write some songs!'" Scott: "It was way different for me. In [Gorham's previous band] THIN LIZZY, we would actually get in the studio and Phil [Lynott] would look at me and go 'Do you got any songs?' 'I thought you had the songs.' With this band, we seem to always be pretty well prepared. There's a lot of ideas to walk in with and to work on, so there's no jangled nerves walking in." On whether the fact THIN LIZZY had a longer time in the studio led to procrastination when the band was writing songs: Scott: "That was a problem. I guess you could say, 'We could burn a lot of cash here and start writing the whole album in the studio,' which is crazy. How long do you think it takes to do an album now?" Ricky: "Recording? What, three weeks, max." Scott: "It would be three months, for god's sake. It's unconceivable now that you would do that." On Warwick's memories of touring with MEGADETH in 1991 while in his previous band, THE ALMIGHTY: Ricky: "[They were] great. Dave [Mustaine] is still a friend and I'm still in touch with Dave. Those guys treated us… We've heard all the stories. 'Dave's a bit blah, blah, blah.' They were just brilliant to us and a brilliant band. We ended up doing the U.K. with them and we went to South America with them as well. Like I said, Dave's still a friend to this day. A great audience for us to play in front of. The shows that we did in the U.K., it's crazy when I think back now that ALICE IN CHAINS actually opened the shows. THE ALMIGHTY were on in the middle. So that shows just how long ago that was. That was phenomenal because you could see the whole Seattle thing happening there with ALICE IN CHAINS and how special they were and how brilliant they were. Very fond memories of that time and that tour, just great stuff. I can't say enough good things about MEGADETH and how they looked after us." On whether Warwick has any stories from that particular tour with MEGADETH: Ricky: "No. I think we were terribly behaved, as we always were back then. Every day we were up to mischief. Dave was sober at the time and I think he was very conscious he was playing a headline set every night and was being a good boy. We certainly went mad, as we always did back then." On whether Gorham has any stories from when THIN LIZZY toured with QUEEN: Scott: "I had a ping pong tournament with Freddie [Mercury] in the studio. There was a ping pong table in the studio and I was playing with this guy and Freddie rolls in and says 'Hey, can I get a game?' I'm looking at him, thinking, 'Really? You play ping pong? Are you any good at this?' He said 'Yes, I used to be captain of my college team.' [Laughs] I couldn't believe that one. I said, 'All right, let's go, best out of five.' I kicked his butt. Well, no, it was a little closer than that. No, it was pretty even. But all the guys in QUEEN, great guys, great musicians. We toured with them, for I think, around three months in the United States back in the '70s and I would go out and watch them on a regular basis and I don't think I ever, ever saw him drop one bad note in all that time. These guys were really that good. I loved, and still do, QUEEN." "Heavy Fire" was released on February 3 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The disc was a worldwide success, reaching position No. 6 on the U.K. chart, No. 11 on the German chart, No. 91 on U.S. Current Top Albums chart.

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ALTER BRIDGE Drummer: A Lot Of Bands Are Doing It Just To Do It And Not Appreciating The People They’re With

Anne Erickson of Audio Ink Radio conducted an interview with ALTER BRIDGE drummer Scott Phillips. You can listen to the full chat below. A few excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). On the band's upcoming live album and rarities collection, "Live At The O2 Arena + Rarities": Scott: "The show itself was a really incredible experience. We've been doing this for a long time and to get the opportunity to play such a prestigious building and with such a great crowd, we felt it was important to capture that and let everybody get a chance to hear it. It was a great show, a lot of memories from that and certainly we're excited for everybody to get a chance to hear that." On the importance of playing live: Scott: "It's what we do. It's going into the studio and get those creative juices flowing and get a chance to record it, and then you're touring that for the next 12-18 months. For a lack of a better term, it's just what we do. It's what we know. It's basically the blood that runs through our veins, the live show." On his favorite aspects of performing live: Scott: "I'm at a loss for words. I think it's what we've all dreamed of from the time we were little kids to now — our passion for music and the fact we get to do it in front of people. It's what we've always dreamt of doing. We're lucky enough that we still get to do it now that we're all old dudes." On how the members of ALTER BRIDGE stay "grounded" while they take part in a variety of side projects: Scott: "I think as far as keeping it grounded, it's focusing on the fact that we're touring and traveling musicians. We all like each other, which I think is not necessarily rare, but there's a lot of bands out there that are doing it just to do it and not appreciating the people they're with. I think we all enjoy being around each other, which makes it, obviously, easier to be on the road together. As far as planning and the calendar for years and years in advance with everybody doing their own thing as well, it's a bit of a chore, but we manage to do it pretty successfully for the last seven or eight years now. Everybody has branched off into their own direction as well. But, at the end of the day, we like making music together. As long we keep that in focus, everything will work out." On whether ALTER BRIDGE is working on new music: Scott: "We're sort of getting there. We'll finish up this album cycle probably in December of this year. I know Mark [Tremonti, guitar] is working on new TREMONTI stuff. Myles [Kennedy, vocals] is working on a solo project, which he's been working on for a long period of time, but it should see the light of day pretty soon. Within those writing processes that Mark and Myles are going through, there will probably be a plethora of ALTER BRIDGE songs that are written at the same time. I think the plan is probably to get together in September, October, November of next year and start putting those ideas together with the four of us and probably get some new music out, I would say in probably early 2019, I think is the plan. But yeah, there's always, between the two of those guys, there's constant writing. I'm excited for the next chapter." "Live At The O2 Arena + Rarities" will be released on September 8 via Napalm Records.

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QUEENSRŸCHE Vocalist TODD LA TORRE Recalls Covering ‘Operation: Mindcrime’ Classics As Teenage Drummer

"Lamont & Tonelli" of San Francisco radio station 107.7 The Bone recently conducted an interview with QUEENSRŸCHE vocalist Todd La Torre. You can listen to the full chat below. A couple of excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): On his musical influences: Todd: "I grew up in the '70s and '80s, so STEELY DAN, FLEETWOOD MAC, HEART... The '70s singer/songwriter era was one of my favorites, Tom Petty, that kind of stuff... Then in my early teens is when I started to get into more hard rock, so I was listening to DOKKEN, RATT and TESLA... Then I got into the heavier stuff, like SLAYER and PANTERA and whatnot. But IRON MAIDEN, QUEENSRŸCHE, DIO, STRYPER, those were kind of my favorite bands. I started playing drums at 13, so once I heard that kind of operatic power metal vocal styling, I knew that that was kind of the path musically that I felt so attracted to." On what songs he remembers covering in his first bands: Todd: "We used to play 'Don't Talk To Strangers' from DIO. That was always a fun one. Back in the day, XYZ had a big hit on the radio, so we used to play that. Some VAN HALEN... It's hard to say what the best cover was, because there was kind of a nice variety, but during the mid-to-late '80s, we were playing just a lot of the big, popular, some of the obscure stuff... in fact, we did play 'I Don't Believe In Love' and 'Eyes Of A Stranger' from QUEENSRŸCHE when I was, like, 15 years old. I was drumming back then, so I wasn't even singing. I never sang in a band until I joined CRIMSON GLORY until 2010 or 2011." QUEENSRŸCHE has released two albums thus far with La Torre on vocals: 2013's "Queensrÿche" and 2015's "Condition Hüman". The band is scheduled to enter the studio in September to begin recording its next disc for an early 2018 release.

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ALL THAT REMAINS Singer To Speak At ‘Philly End The Fed Block Party!’

ALL THAT REMAINS singer Phil Labonte will be one of the featured speakers at "Philly End The Fed Block Party!", a permitted, free and open-to-the-public outreach event primarily focused around the issue of the Federal Reserve System and "its detrimental effects on our economy." The event, which will take place on September 9 at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, will also feature food trucks that accept Bitcoin, a wide variety of vendors, and live music by three local acts. Other featured speakers include Keith F. Smith, cryptocurrency entrepreneur, developer of Nexus cryptocurrency; Steve Scheetz, 2018 Libertarian candidate for Congress representing Pennsylvania's 8th District, former chair of the Libertarian party of Pennsylvania; Dale Kerns, 2018 Libertarian candidate for Senate representing Pennsylvania; Will Coley, former Libertarian party vice presidential candidate, national director of Muslims 4 Liberty, host of "The Call To Freedom"; Adam Kokesh, longtime freedom activist, Iraq War veteran, author of "Freedom!", 2020 Libertarian party candidate for (Not) President; Larry Sharpe, 2018 Libertarian candidate for governor of New York, managing director of the Neo-Sage, instructor and guest instructor at Columbia's Graduate School of Business and Yale University School of Management, respectively; Dr. Murray Sabrin, professor of finance in the Anisfield School of Business. The "Philly End The Fed Block Party!" will also feature live performances featuring both original music and some of your favorite anti-establishment songs by Jamall Anthony, CORRECTED AXIOM and GROUNDWORK. After the event, from 5 to 8 p.m., is "End The Fed Block After Party" with Dale Kerns and Larry Sharpe at The Irish Pub (1123 Walnut Street) in Philadelphia. This is a fundraising event for the Dale Kerns For Senate campaign. Labonte told Noisecreep in a 2012 interview that he considers himself a libertarian. He explained: "I believe that the government is massively expansive and has taken powers that it does not have. It should not be in the business of deciding who you should or should not be able to marry. It should not be in the business of deciding what drugs you can and cannot take and what you can put in your body. It should not be in the business of taking your money in the form of taxation. It should not be in the business of deciding if you should carry a gun. We don't need all these federal agencies that we have. They're a waste of money. They end up being bureaucracies. The government never ends up getting smaller. It only gets bigger. Once a federal agency is created, it never goes away. They don't need to spend as much as they do. We don't need to be in a hundred and thirty different countries across the world. We don't need a military as big as we have. If we took the army and cut it by ninety percent, that would be fine by me. I think we should we keep the navy that we have because the constitution does say that we should have a navy and if we took the naval power that we have now, we can definitely protect the U.S. and Europe. We have nuclear weapons. What do we need a standing army for? We can downsize the army to the point where it's just the rangers and the Special Forces and be done with it. We don't. If someone attacks us, we should retaliate with the most violent force imaginable, but otherwise we shouldn't be sticking our noses into other countries. We'd be much happier if we didn't. If someone attacks us — nuke 'em! [Laughs]" Labonte added that he has never been afraid to state his opinion. "You get what you get," he said. "I hate when lead singers and people in bands are so afraid of offending their fans that they don't say how they really feel so they don't bum people out. Well, everything you do might bum someone out, so simply be yourself. I don't like rock stars. I didn't start playing in bands to get chicks. When I started playing music, there were no chicks to be seen. It was a sea of virgins. I'm not afraid to say this is my opinion. If you don't like, hit the road. What's the big deal? If I have an opinion, it's one individual opinion out of six and a half billion people on Earth. What does it mean? Absolutely nothing. So what if I said something that you don't like. It's not going to change the world one iota." ALL THAT REMAINS is continuing to tour in support of its latest album, "Madness", which was released on April 28 via Razor & Tie in the U.S. and Eleven Seven Music in Europe. The disc was recorded at West Valley Studios in Woodland Hills, California with producer Howard Benson, who has previously worked with such acts as MOTÖRHEAD, PAPA ROACH, THREE DAYS GRACE, FLYLEAF, P.O.D. and HALESTORM.

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STONE SOUR’s ROY MAYORGA Set For ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’ Guest Stint

STONE SOUR drummer Roy Mayorga will hold down the drum chair on "Late Night With Seth Meyers" from Monday, August 14 through Thursday, August 17. His guest stint in THE 8G BAND, the show's house group led by "Portlandia" star Fred Armisen, follows brie...

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Century Media Records has announced the signing of THE OFFERING to a worldwide deal. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, the five players behind THE OFFERING first came together in Tampa, Florida to invent their signature version of progressive, furious, and technical power metal with a strong death and thrash approach. The wild mixture of elements from many metal genres puts THE OFFERING in a class of its own: deep musical compositions, extreme, adept vocal performances, a powerful modern sound, and profound song arrangement separate THE OFFERING from the metal pack. This is modern heavy metal for open-minded listeners who can imagine a hybrid of NEVERMORE, DEATH, AT THE GATES, PSYCHOTIC WALTZ, CONTROL DENIED and ICED EARTH. THE OFFERING's self-titled debut EP was produced by guitarist Nishad George with engineering help from Grammy Award-winning engineer Mark Fuller, and mixed and mastered by Andre Alvinzi and Jens Bogren at the renowned Fascination Street Studios (ARCH ENEMY, AT THE GATES, OPETH). This fine five-track record is scheduled for a November 10 release digitally. Check out the EP's opening track "Rat King" below. THE OFFERING's first full-length studio album is scheduled to drop in summer/autumn 2018. THE OFFERING is: Alex Richichi - Vocals Nishad George - Guitars Daniel Martinez Del Campo - Guitars Yoav Ruiz-Feingold - Bass Steve Finn – Drums

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HEADCAT Pays Tribute To LEMMY At WACKEN OPEN AIR Festival (Video)

HEADCAT paid tribute to late MOTÖRHEAD frontman Lemmy Kilmister by performing the song "Born To Lose, Live To Win" at last weekend's Wacken Open Air festival in Wacken, Germany. Check out fan-filmed video footage below. In 1999, Lemmy, Slim Jim Phantom (THE STRAY CATS) and rockabilly guitar-slinger Danny B. Harvey (ROCKATS) teamed up to create a high-energy, take-no-prisoners combo to remind the world how rock 'n' roll was supposed to sound. For over sixteen years, HEADCAT (formerly THE HEAD CAT) continued doing just that to the accolades of fans worldwide. Since Lemmy's untimely passing in 2015, Slim Jim and Danny B. have put HEADCAT on hold out of respect for their fallen bandmate and have waited until the appropriate time to start performing, and recording again. Which brings us to the spring of 2017. Along with new HEADCAT bassist and vocalist — former MORBID ANGEL frontman David VincentHEADCAT recently recorded a heartfelt and rockin' tribute to their late friend Lemmy Kilmister, appropriately titled "Born To Lose, Live To Win". The song was released digitally worldwide on June 23 and was made available on a very limited-edition seven-inch single (only 300 copies pressed!). The seven-inch vinyl singles were available at the band's European shows this August, including at Wacken Open Air — where the band performed two sets throughout the weekend. "Lemmy was my true pal for 35 years," said Slim Jim Phantom. "The HEADCAT 'Born To Lose, Live To Win' track is a tribute to his spirit, image and love of original rock and roll. With his gang, MOTÖRHEAD, he made an everlasting impact on their fans, and like his famed Rickenbacker/Marshall spine tingling feedback, their legacy will continue to resonate for a long time." Danny B. Harvey continued: "This single is both dedicated to, and a tribute to our dear friend and fallen leader. As just about every Lemmy fan knows 'Born To Lose, Live to Win' was not only tattooed on Lemmy's arm but also the credo he lived his life by. Rest in peace, my friend." Track listing: A Side: "Born To Lose, Live To Win" B Side: "(This Train Is Going) Straight To Hell" * Digital-only additional track: "T For Texas"

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HEAVEN & EARTH To Release ‘Hard To Kill’ Album In September

Quarto Valley Records has set a September 29 release date for "Hard To Kill", the fourth studio album from Los Angeles-based hard rockers HEAVEN & EARTH. Founded by British-born, blues-rock guitar virtuoso Stuart Smith, HEAVEN & EARTH specializes in melodic, hard rock in the vein of DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW and BAD COMPANY. HEAVEN & EARTH's recording lineup includes Joe Retta (lead vocals, guitar, harmonica), Stuart Smith (guitars), Lynn Sorenson (bass and vocals), drummer Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp, THE ROLLING STONES, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars) and keyboardist Ty Baillie (Katy Perry, Robbie Robertson). On tour, HEAVEN & EARTH features musicians Mike Mangan (Hammond organ and keyboard) and Steven Wilson (drums, percussion, vocals). Taking "Hard To Kill" as a whole, the eleven original songs ring true and the melodies unfold like you have known them your whole life. The title track serves as the band's anthem, a testament to perseverance and the power of rock. "L.A. Blues" exposes the pitfalls of living in the City of Angels, while "The Game Has Changed" dramatically contrasts the past with the present. Meanwhile, "Til It's Over" will earn the admiration of longtime rock listeners, just as the attitude in "Bleed Me Dry" and "Walk Away" will speak to any modern music fan. The album is available to pre-order via HEAVEN & EARTH's PledgeMusic campaign. In addition to pre-ordering "Hard To Kill", fans can purchase a range of exclusive merchandise and special offerings from the band.

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