METALLICA’s ROBERT TRUJILLO Says ‘Everybody Seems To Be Embracing The New Songs’

Sofia Samrad of The CW In Washington conducted an interview with METALLICA bassist Robert Trujillo prior to the band's May 10 show at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland. The show marked the start of the band's first full American trek in seven years. You can watch the full chat below. A few excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). On whether he is excited to begin the touring cycle for the band's 2016 "Hardwired… To Self-Destruct" album: Robert: "It's very exciting. For us, it's kind of like this first step. We haven't played in the States in this setting, like a stadium sort of tour, proper, it's been over ten years, so there's… I don't want to say 'anxiety,' it's not like we're nervous that way. It's excitement, but it's also unchartered territory because there's some things we haven't done yet that we're going to be doing tonight and that's exciting, but also makes you a little nervous in a good way." On a METALLICA song that stands out in particular for him: Robert: "I think with every album there's a song, or sometimes there's obviously more than one or two songs. With METALLICA, it's hard. I tend to like it all, but the older stuff, when we get into the deeper cuts, it really excites me personally. There's a song called 'The Frayed Ends Of Sanity' off of '…And Justice For All' that I really enjoyed playing a couple of years ago. It had never been played live before, maybe it will never be played again live in the future, but it was a moment for me personally. When I first joined, it was a song that I thought would be really cool that if someday we were to play that and we did that. So that was a personal goal, especially after spending eight years on it on my own and then having the guys embrace it. Other than that, I enjoy it all. There's songs off the new album that I'm looking forward to playing live, a song like 'Spit Out The Bone' is really cool. I like 'Confusion'. 'Atlas, [Rise!]'. Everybody seems to be embracing the new songs, which is always great when you have a new record. You want your fanbase and new fans too, to embrace the music, the new music. Rather than constantly playing the classics, the '[Enter] Sandmans' and the 'Master Of Puppets', it's nice to be able to get into some new songs, for us, at least. We like to challenge ourselves and having new material and presenting it to the world is fun and exciting and fresh. We're looking forward to that part of this tour as well. It's exciting for me too, because there's more vocal involvement for me. There's never been an album where I had to sing this much, so it's a personal challenge. That to me, makes it pretty interesting as well." On his son Tye recently filling in on bass for KORN in South America: Robert: "I was amazed at the level of passion for that band and also how physical that band is and how physical my son was. It was nerve-wracking for me because I didn't know what to expect. I'm thinking, 'I hope he doesn't get sick!' He's playing niniety minutes and it was a very, very new experience for me and he was fearless. They even have these improvisational moments in their show and he was doing stuff and I was, like, 'Wow, that's amazing.' I would never think of him doing that. He's not traditionally a five-string bass player and he likes slapping, but it's not totally his thing. He was just covering in getting into new territory as a player. He'd get off stage and he's still a 12-year-old. For me, it was a bonding experience, too. I was really, of course, his father, but also like a tour assistant. It's kinda humbling. You come into a situation like METALLICA, but you're on tour with this other band and you're there for your son and washing clothes by hand in the hotel room. If anything, it's a great statement for young people. I believe in rock and roll and heavy music in general. There needs to be a movement from the youth. He proved to the world that at 12 years old he could do it legitimately as good as any adult, and I mean even physically. I don't know if I could do that. I don't know if my neck could do that. I was impressed with him on a lot of different levels and the fact I didn't help him with anything. He did it all on his own. It was really impressive. It was crazy. Focus, dedication and hard work for him." On how he stays healthy on the road: Robert: "As we get a little older, we've got to listen to our bodies. We train. We have our thing that we do to get through this and dive into a tour like this. It's a big stage; it's very physical. It's nice to have fun and drink and all that, but you have to gauge it. That's kinda where things are right now. It's all transition and you have to figure out what's good for you and what works for you and what you need to do to get through a two-hour show at our age. But the craziest thing about our situation is I feel creatively, we're on a high. With this new record and the fact that we don't have a shortage of riffs or ideas. That's pretty good. Usually at a certain point in your career as a band you run out of ideas. We don't seem to have a shortage of that. Our problem is figuring out what we're not going to use. Usually those ideas are great, too. That's a good thing." METALLICA was joined in Baltimore, as they will be on most of the rest of the trek, by VOLBEAT and AVENGED SEVENFOLD. The North American run will hit stadiums in 21 more cities before ending in mid-August.

Listen To PAPA ROACH’s Entire New Album, ‘Crooked Teeth’

"Crooked Teeth", the ninth studio album from PAPA ROACH, can be streamed in its entirety in the YouTube playlist below. Released on May 19 via Eleven Seven Music, the disc is being made available digitally and physically, as a standard (10 tracks) and deluxe (10 tracks + 3 brand new tracks + 16 Live tracks Live at the Fillmore Detroit) editions (see details below). Written and recorded in a cramped North Hollywood studio, "Crooked Teeth" was produced by first timers Nicholas "RAS" Furlong and Colin Brittain, with the exception of "Born For Greatness", which saw the band collaborate with writer/producer Jason Evigan (Jason Derulo, Demi Lovato, Zedd, MAROON 5) for this positive, pulsating anthem. Furlong and Brittain, who grew up listening to PAPA ROACH, inspired the band to revisit some of the traits that personally endeared the band to them, most notably singer Jacoby Shaddix's remarkable rapping technique and the band's intense live energy. "The first time we met up with RAS and Colin, they said that [2000's] 'Infest' was on constant rotation when they were growing up and they wanted to bring back some of that fire," says Shaddix. Adds Furlong, "The whole idea was to take the classic elements of PAPA ROACH that everyone loved and revamp them into a modern version of the sound through the creative process, and we ended up with a bold, courageous and more adventurous version of PAPA ROACH." The Furlong/Brittain production team worked to bring in elements of music from different genres and parts of the world, and pockets of rhythm people associate more with rap or reggae, while still staying true to PAPA ROACH's sound. "The people who have wanted to hear me rap for years are gonna love some of the viciousness on this record," Shaddix proclaims. From the instantly infectious nature of the title track to the atmospheric sheen of the moody ballad "Periscope" (featuring Skylar Grey) and the acoustic/ hip-hop rock mashup of "Sunrise Trailer Park" (featuring Machine Gun Kelly adding a verse to Shaddix rap) "Crooked Teeth" displays the various sides of PAPA ROACH and illustrates why they've managed to remain relevant while other musical trends ebb and flow. "We didn't go into this album with the intention of trying to write radio singles," guitarist Jerry Horton explains. "This collection of songs was really about bookending everything that we've done prior to this album and reintroducing PAPA ROACH to people who didn't realize the depth that we have," says drummer Tony Palermo. In many ways making "Crooked Teeth" reminded Shaddix of the band's earliest days, well before they sold millions of albums and became a household name. "When we were in the rehearsal space I wasn't thinking about who I needed to impress, I was thinking about how much I love making music with the guys in this band." "It [the album] feels honest and pure and that’s all we could hope for," adds bassist Tobin Esperance. "Crooked Teeth" track listing: Standard Edition (Digital, CD, Vinyl) 01. Break The Fall 02. Crooked Teeth 03. My Medication 04. Born For Greatness 05. American Dreams 06. Periscope (feat. Skylar Grey) 07. Help 08. Sunrise Trailer Park (feat. Machine Gun Kelly) 09. Traumatic 10. None Of The Above Deluxe Edition (Digital + CD Only) Disc 1 01. Break The Fall 02. Crooked Teeth 03. My Medication 04. Born For Greatness 05. American Dreams 06. Periscope (feat. Skylar Grey) 07. Help 08. Sunrise Trailer Park (feat. Machine Gun Kelly) 09. Traumatic 10. None Of The Above 11. Richochet (bonus) 12. Nothing (bonus) 13. Bleeding Through (bonus) Disc 2 01. Intro (Live at Fillmore Detroit) 02. Face Everything And Rise (live at Fillmore Detroit) 03. Getting Away With Murder (live at Fillmore Detroit) 04. Between Angels And Insects (live at Fillmore Detroit) 05. Where Did The Angels Go? (live at Fillmore Detroit) 06. Broken Home (live at Fillmore Detroit) 07. Burn (live at Fillmore Detroit) 08. Forever (live at Fillmore Detroit) 09. Scars (live at Fillmore Detroit) 10. Lifeline (live at Fillmore Detroit) 11. Infest (live at Fillmore Detroit) 12. Kick In The Teeth (live at Fillmore Detroit) 13. Broken As Me (live at Fillmore Detroit) 14. Still Swingin' (live at Fillmore Detroit) 15. To Be Loved (live at Fillmore Detroit) 16. Last Resort (live at Fillmore Detroit) Photo credit: Bryson Roatch

Police Report: CHRIS CORNELL Used Red Exercise Band To Kill Himself

According to TMZ, Chris Cornell used "red elastic exercise band" to take his own life. Sources tell the site that the SOUNDGARDEN frontman secured the band attached to a carabiner to the top of his hotel bathroom door. A carabiner is a device commonly used by mountain climbers which they attach to a belt to keep them from falling. The device can withstand enormous weight. Cornell jammed the door shut with the carabiner at the top of the frame. The carabiner was jammed so tight it left an indentation in the door frame. A police report obtained by The Detroit News reveals that Cornell's wife asked his bodyguard to check on him in his hotel suite because she became concerned when her husband kept repeating "I am just tired" in a telephone conversation with her a short time earlier. The bodyguard, Martin Kirsten, went to Cornell's room in the MGM Grand Hotel just after midnight Thursday, and kicked two doors open— the front door as well as a second door leading to the bedroom suite — before finding Cornell slumped on the bathroom floor "with blood running from his mouth and a red exercise band around (his) neck," according to the report, which was filed by officers from the Detroit Police Gaming Unit who responded to the scene. According to the police report, Kirsten was in Cornell's room late Wednesday night to help him fix his computer and to give Cornell two Ativan pills, "which victim takes for anxiety." MGM medic Dawn Jones arrived at the room at 12:56 a.m., the report said. "Jones untied the red exercise band from (the) victim's neck and began CPR on [Cornell, who] was not breathing." At 1:30 a.m. on Thursday, Cornell was pronounced dead by a doctor who came to the scene, the report said. Cornell's family issued a statement Friday questioning whether his death by hanging was intentional and if "substances contributed to his demise."


The music lineup, along with food and beverage highlights have been announced for the third annual Monster Energy Rock Allegiance festival, set to take place Saturday, October 7 at the festival's new location at BB&T Pavilion and Wiggins Waterfront Park in Camden, New Jersey. The Northeast's biggest rock experience will feature over twenty bands on three stages, along with mouth-watering, Philly-centric food offerings, regional and national craft beer, band meet-and-greets, autograph signings, and more for fans from around the country to immerse themselves in rock and roll culture. The current music lineup for Monster Energy Rock Allegiance is as follows: ‪ROB ZOMBIE FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH MARILYN MANSON HALESTORM MASTODON GOJIRA IN THIS MOMENT STEEL PANTHER AUGUST BURNS RED BEARTOOTH STARSET RADKEY BLEEKER BADFLOWER DED WHILE SHE SLEEPS BLACK MAP GRETA VAN FLEET HE IS LEGEND BITERS THEM EVILS Zoltan Bathory of FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH said: "Rock Allegiance has become a staple on the U.S. festival circuit. It's one of the coolest festivals out there for fans to discover new music and see their favorite bands live. We are excited to return this year to see our friends and fans in Philly. Don't miss it! It will be another great one this year." Lzzy Hale of HALESTORM commented: "We are so excited about being a part of Rock Allegiance 2017! We've been busy writing new music for our next record and have been missing the stage. We cannot wait to see all of you and give a loud offering to the rock 'n' roll gods!!" Tickets for Monster Energy Rock Allegiance will go on sale Wednesday, May 24 at noon ET at and Monster Energy Rock Allegiance is produced by Danny Wimmer Presents in association with Live Nation. "We are honored to be working with DWP again as we welcome Rock Allegiance back to the area for its third year," said Geoff Gordon, Live Nation Philadelphia regional president. "And we couldn't be happier that they chose BB&T Pavilion and the Delaware River Waterfront as the festival's new home." General Admission and VIP tickets will be available for purchase starting Wednesday, May 24 at noon ET, starting at the following prices: VIP: $135.00 Reserved: $49.50 General Admission Lawn: $44.50 Monster Energy Rock Allegiance VIP tickets include: * Great seats in the 100 level of the Main Stage / Pavilion for the headlining four band performances * Commemorative Rock Allegiance 2017 VIP laminate * VIP entrance to the festival * VIP hang areas on the Battleship New Jersey, Blackbox and BB&T Pavilion lounge (space limited at each area) * Exclusive VIP restrooms, special food and beverage offerings (for additional purchase), and exclusive VIP Afterparty on the Battleship New Jersey (space limited). During the first portion of the festival, all seating will be general admission. For the headlining four bands, the Main Stage / Pavilion will be assigned seating based on the ticket purchased.

HEART’s ANN WILSON Pays Tribute To CHRIS CORNELL With ‘Black Hole Sun’ Performance On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

HEART singer Ann Wilson paid tribute to Chris Cornell by performing a cover version of the SOUNDGARDEN classic "Black Hole Sun" during an appearance on last night's (Thursday, May 19) episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Cornell apparently committed suicide by hanging on Wednesday night (May 18) after SOUNDGARDEN played a show in Detroit. He was 52 years old. Ann Wilson and her sister and HEART bandmate Nancy Wilson both issued statements on Thursday honoring their late friend. "It's important now to keep thoughts of Chris positive," Ann wrote. "He is on his way. We loved him well, now wish him well on his journey. He was and is a beautiful soul." Nancy added: "No one is ever prepared to hear about a death in the family. And today Chris Cornell my brother from my Seattle music family is gone. I thought his voice would forever grace the world of music. Devastating." Cornell's family issued a statement Friday questioning whether his death by hanging was intentional and if "substances contributed to his demise."

KISS Frontman PAUL STANLEY Recalls Ditching Makeup, Talks Frankly About GENE SIMMONS

According to The Pulse Of Radio, Paul Stanley has admitted that KISS shedding its makeup in the early 1980s was liberating for him. Stanley, who's prepping his second memoir, is currently out on the road with KISS and performs on Saturday (May 20) in the Czech Republic. He chatted with Classic Rock magazine and revealed that KISS wiping off the grease paint helped him grow as a performer, recalling: "The years that we were without the makeup [1983 to 1996] were fine for me. I found them very satisfying because I got a chance to be out there without makeup, which I craved at that point. I think it was easier for me because my persona wasn't really defined by the makeup — it was embellished. To me, the makeup was just reinforcing what you were seeing and who I was. But the day we put the makeup back on before the reunion tour was magical. To look in the mirror and see that face again was empowering." On his long-lasting — and sometimes rocky — relationship with KISS co-founder Gene Simmons, Stanley explained: "Gene's my brother. He lives right down the street. And we like each other so much that we stay out of each other's way. As sickening as it might sound, we're not beyond sending each other texts of appreciation. We both have the lives that perhaps we didn't intend to in the beginning, but we both made it possible for us to reach the lives that made us happy. If you would have told him thirty, forty years ago where he'd wind up, he couldn't comprehend it. But you have to keep moving forward. And you may find your destination is not where you intended." Although Paul Stanley has been vocal about his issues with co-founding members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, in his recent memoir, "Face The Music: A Life Exposed", he talks frankly about the problems in keeping a partnership going with Gene Simmons over the decades. He admitted to The Pulse Of Radio that it's taken a lot of work to keep the pair moving forward and on the same page. "Oh, sure," he said. "That over the years that's been an ongoing theme in our relationship. But time is the ultimate judge, and the fact that we've been together, at this point for, forty — my gosh — almost forty-four years says volumes. There have been times where I've been very angry and resentful — and I'm not saying momentarily, I'm saying for long periods of time. But, in time, everything falls in place and you get a better perspective — hopefully. If you don't expect from someone what's not possible, then you won't be disappointed."

ORDEN OGAN: ‘Gunman’ Video Premiere

"Gunman", the new video from German power metallers ORDEN OGAN, can be seen below. The clip was directed by Rainer "Zipp" Fränzen, who previously worked with the band on the videos for "The Things We Believe In" and "Land Of The Dead". "Gunman" is taken from ORDEN OGAN's new album, "Gunmen", which will be released on July 7 via AFM Records. The disc consists of ten songs and includes a guest appearance by former LEAVES' EYES and THEATRE OF TRAGEDY vocalist Liv Kristine on the track "Come With Me To The Other Side". "Gunmen" was once again produced by the band's guitarist/vocalist Seeb Levermann, who recently also mixed and mastered the upcoming RHAPSODY OF FIRE release "Legendary Years". Said Leverman: "The creation of the 'Gunman' clip was once again real team work. "The new ORDEN OGAN album, 'Gunmen', is set in a dark fantasy Wild West environment, so, obviously, we had to go to Monument Valley (Utah) to shoot there. There is no other place in the world that is more 'Wild West.' We shot at the classic Monument Valley scenery as well as at the famous John Ford's Point and also did horseback rides." The second extensive part of filming took place in Germany, where the band also tried something new. "A Western city in an adventure park proved to be the perfect location," Seeb said. "Things came full circle here, because we’ve also recorded the drums for 'Gunman' there — to be more specific, in the 'Western Saloon' of the 'Fort Fun' adventure park. We wanted to have this huge '80s snare ambience that you can only get from big rooms. "When the Wild West concept took form, we learned about the Saloon (in Fort Fun), did some test recordings there and were totally blown away. The hall sounds amazing and 'Gunmen' may be my best-sounding mix so far." "Gunmen" will be made available as on CD, as a limited digipak (including the "Live At Wacken 2016" bonus DVD), limited colored vinyl (red and silver), limited picture vinyl and limited "coffin" box set (including a limited digipak, a figure of the band mascot "Alister Vale" [approximately 15 cm tall] and more). "Gunmen" track listing: 01. Gunman 02. Fields Of Sorrow 03. Forlorn And Forsaken 04. Vampire In Ghost Town 05. Come With Me To The Other Side (feat. Liv Kristine) 06. The Face Of Silence 07. Ashen Rain 08. Down Here (Wanted: Dead Or Alive) 09. One Last Chance 10. Finis Coronat Opus Digipak Bonus DVD - "Live Wacken 2016" 01. Orden Ogan (Intro) 02. Ravenhead 03. Here At The End Of The World 04. We Are Pirates! 05. Deaf Among The Blind 06. Sorrow Is Your Tale 07. F.E.V.E.R 08. The Things We Believe In 09. In Grief And Chains (Outro)

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS Pay Tribute To CHRIS CORNELL In Indianapolis (Video)

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS guitarist Josh Klinghoffer paid tribute to Chris Cornell at their Indianapolis concert Thursday night (May 18) by singing the acoustic "Singles" track "Seasons". Klinghoffer previously performed a Cornell-penned song in November 2016 in Vienna, Austria when he played a solo version of TEMPLE OF THE DOG's "All Night Thing" in honor of that band's reunion tour. Cornell apparently committed suicide by hanging on Wednesday night (May 18) after SOUNDGARDEN played a show in Detroit. Some of the artists who paid tribute to Cornell on social media included PEARL JAM, Paul Stanley of KISS, Elton John, Jimmy Page, Perry Farrell of JANE'S ADDICTION, William DuVall from ALICE IN CHAINS, Brian Wilson, Lzzy Hale of HALESTORM and Joe Perry of AEROSMITH. The surviving members of SOUNDGARDEN — drummer Matt Cameron, guitarist Kim Thayil and bassist Ben Shepherd — have yet to make a public statement.


U.S. metallers SANCTUARY have recruited Attila Vörös (NEVERMORE) as their new second guitar player. Vörös will join the band on the 2017 European summer tour. Says SANCTUARY in a statement: "We are all very stoked to share the stage with such a great musician. Attila has always been at the top of our guitar player wish list." Attila added: "This is an absolute honor and pleasure for me that I'll be playing with the legendary and such influential band SANCTUARY over this upcoming summer festival season. Over the years, we stayed in contact with my friend Warrel Dane, and now I can't wait to share the stage with them again. It's gonna be hell of a summer for sure!" Tour dates: Jun. 16 - Loreley, Germany - RockFels Festival Jun. 17 - Dessel, Belgium - Graspop Metal Meeting Jun. 18 - Clisson, France - Hellfest Jul. 12 - Balingen, Germany - Bang Your Head!!! Jul. 14 - Gävle, Sweden - Gefle Metal Festival Jul. 16 - Tel Aviv, Israel - Gagarin Jul. 21 - Athens, Greece - Gagarin 205 Jul. 25 - Tolmin, Slovenia - Metal Days Jul. 26 - Munich, Germany - Free and Easy Jul. 27 - Berlin, Germany - Musik und Frieden Jul. 28 - Brande-Hörnerkirchen, Germany - Headbangers Open Air Jul. 29 - Erfurt, Germany - From Hell Jul. 30 - Aarburg, Switzerland - Musigberg Jul. 31 - Nurnberg, Germany - Hirsh Aug. 02 - Hanover, Germany - Musikzentrum Aug. 03 - Arnhem, Netherlands - Willemeen Aug. 04 - Wacken, Germany - Wacken Open Air After returning from the European festival/club tour, SANCTUARY will resume work on the follow-up to 2014's "The Year The Sun Died" album. SANCTUARY's last release was "Inception", the official prequel to 1988's classic debut "Refuge Denied". "Inception" contains presumed lost 1986 studio recordings, which guitarist Lenny Rutledge discovered recently and which were magically restored, remixed and remastered by Chris "Zeuss" Harris (QUEENSRŸCHE, HATEBREED).

TANKARD Releases Video For ‘One Foot In The Grave’ Title Track

German alcohol-soaked thrash metal act TANKARD will release its seventeenth studio album, "One Foot In The Grave", on June 2 via Nuclear Blast. The follow-up to 2014's "R.I.B. (Rest In Beer)" was recorded at Gernhart Studios in Troisdorf with producer Martin Buchwalter (DESTRUCTION, ACCUSER, PERZONAL WAR, SUIDAKRA). The official video for the "One Foot In The Grave" title track can be seen below. "One Foot In The Grave" track listing: 01. Pay To Pray 02. Arena Of The True Lies 03. Don`t Bullshit Us! 04. One Foot In The Grave 05. Syrian Nightmare 06. Northern Crown (Lament Of The Undead King) 07. Lock`Em Up! 08. The Evil That Men Display 09. Secret Order 1516 10. Sole Grinder This time, the album is going to have a serious streak, not only filled with humor but criticizing today's society. Even the traditional beer song "Secret Order 1516" displays some critical elements. But don't worry: fans of the typical TANKARD humor won't be disappointed! With songs like "Sole Grinder", the band hasn't forgotten their raison d'être. This song pays tribute to the band's manager Buffo (Gerre: "The funniest choleric person in Germany") in an ironic way. The cover artwork for "One Foot In The Grave" was created by Patrick Strogulski, who is a student of Sebastian Krüger, the recent artwork designer of TANKARD. He also created the cover artwork for the "A Girl Called Cerveza" and "R.I.B." albums. With this, the iconic band mascot, the TANKARD Alien, celebrates his return after about 13 years of absence. The alien was born in 1989 with the "Alien" EP and has already graced five album covers. The TANKARD fan club "Maniac Aliens" is also named after it. States TANKARD vocalist Andreas "Gerre" Geremia: "Mister Strogulski has once again created a real masterpiece and surpassed himself. Our first plan was that I would be on the cover instead of the alien... but, lucky me, it ended up being the alien..."