Bye Felicia, Yoda are running for president… As Are Deez Nuts and Donald Tramp

According to the Federal Election Commission website there are 1,661 'candidates' running for president. Some of them include: Dot Com A Wanderluster Trippycup AK AKA The Prophet AKA Earl Santa The III Anna The Antichrist Lil Based God KC Matzo Balls Osama Bin Liftin 9/11 Bushdid Underage Candidate Eric Cartman Fidel Ruz Castro Buddy The [...]

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Dude caught trying to hook up with wife’s best friend

An Idaho woman confronted her cheating husband on camera after she found out he was trying to hook up with her best friend. The husband was talking to his wife’s best friend, Sam on Facebook. After Sam invited the guy over to her house, his wife was waiting there with a camera. After opening the [...]

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